LEGO Ninjago City set full tour & review! 70620

hello everyone this is the lego ninjago
movie Ninjago city set and with over 4,800 pieces it is one of the most
complex sets that Lego has ever officially released it is based around
just a single 32 by 32 baseplate like a regular modular building from the
creator line but it’s extend it out a little bit on the sides and it is rather
tall it has a minimum of five levels five distinct levels it depends on how
and exactly where you count those levels you can see it being five and a half six
you can also kind of see it being four and a half depending upon how exactly
you take this apart but you can put minifigs at this level this level this
level this level here and then you have a roof level as well there’s also a
floor to this part of the building over here and then go up a little bit higher
beyond that the entire thing comes apart into three major sections with the old
city the modern one and then the B high-rise the rooftop level within that
there then additional smaller section that can be separated out to give you
even better access or to get to some of the kind of in-between levels notice
around the back it’s kind of hollowed out so the entire thing in cross-section
basically has an L shape to it so all the camera friendly angles from the
front that you usually see show you the grandest bulk and the largest size of
everything but around the back it’s all open up but they at least do have full
walls covering everything so nothing is opened up in kind of a dollhouse style
and they do actually have some access for minifigs to come around here and to
play in this space in addition to an elevator that allows a single minifigure
to go from the very bottom from the very lowest level all the way up to the very
highest rooftop level and that’s completely manual there is no mechanism
to work with that but since I’m already back here this is actually an
interesting place to start a closer look because it really
illustrates just how much effort and love really was put into building this
thing that around the back where you don’t get most of the photos that are
used to help sell the thing there’s a lot that has been done even down to the
point of having this canal that can be navigated just barely by this small boat
I’ll show you that in more detail later on but this also beneath it has a full
layer of plates that were alternated with colors we have black going down the
center dark green around the edges and then even moving into some regular green
and some lime green in some sections to give you a sense of depth like you can
see that you know there’s there’s a gradient along the sides to make it look
like there’s more there and then there really is and the whole thing is
completely tiled over with trance light blue tiles they’ve got nice detailing
around the sides even and sidewalks that can be accessed by the figures plenty of
space for those and then even access to some of the buildings from the back this
first section over on the left is actually a charging station for sweep
the maintenance robot I’ll show you the interiors in a minute but look at this
we’ve got a fish market over there with a really interesting technique that’s
used for its awning which is done with a ton of black crowbars that just very
nicely can be kind of curved around and there’s also kind of a balcony for the
upstairs small restaurant above that and you can even see a little bit of detail
on the bridge from the other side there is so much signage all over this build
that I have to give up on my idea of giving you translations of every single
sign because it’s going to almost double the length of this video that’s already
long as it is most of the decorations that you see are stickers there were
almost 60 of them or right around 60 of them but there are some prints that I
will point out and some of the prints are pretty interesting there’s just one
of this piece right here which is a classic inspired air
part which has been available in a similar form many many years before I’ll
point out other little interesting things a long way such as the recolored
paint palettes in just plain green that make wonderful interesting looking
little lily pads they’re Lego had previously made some really cool looking
lily pads in Minecraft sets using the quarter round tile pieces such as the
part that’s used right there that exact same one you use four of those in a nice
arrangement it looks good but they’ve introduced another color anyway of an
other part that does a very nice job of providing some interesting detail this
there’s just so much interesting texture all throughout this they don’t they
don’t go boring they don’t go lazy anywhere and they keep changing the
shapes and the builds and that really contributed to an enjoyable build
experience even though it took me about ten hours to build this thing not
including any breaks I didn’t count any of that just the actual time spent
building this ten hours and I didn’t get bored I didn’t get annoyed by it at any
time because things just keep changing you keep seeing new parts new types of
assemblies you know each of the individual shops and such is just a
small build that that is really compact and you really get done with it fairly
quickly even the terrain is pretty varied once you get past putting the
tiles on for just the water this is supposed to be Ninjago cities only a
public telephone right there and it uses the train bogie side piece and
dark-brown we’ve actually gotten that previously but just a nice little bit of
detail there this is a new railing piece or banister piece that’s in a couple of
sets for this season but it just looks really good repeats very nicely and you
know a little bit of kind of window detail around this side but for the most
part most of what’s actually built here has to be seen from the inside
you have to start peeling some layers off but you can open up like this is a
sliding rice paper style door there and I mean even this I mean you know the
fact that this is a different type of post than the one at this corner I mean
significantly different and it contributes to structure a bit though
it’s not absolutely critical let’s go ahead and take off a layer of this thing
and show you some of the interiors there’s not too much to be seen here
with first the charging area for sweet visit we just have a dock for him and
also a couple of clips on the wall where he can put his couple of accessories and
he just gets electrical power coming in from the side so basically while he’s
standing there he gets charged up and then there is no additional interior
detail for the fish market just space for a couple of figures to be used in
there but this gives you a better look at the crowbar system that they use here
which places actually the hooks of the crowbars onto a hard bar but then the
bar in the front that’s kind of setting the angle is a flexible piece a two
piece so that’s how it becomes very easy for you to create this nice little
curvature there if you want to or you could just make it straight above that
is what I call the small restaurant although it’s probably just a tea shop
and it also has a rice paper door different style of awning and inside is
a classy piano black table with a couple of cups teapots and and there’s a
painting on the wall back there coolest thing in here to me is the recolor of
Sabine wrens hairpiece from Star Wars rebels that has been made into just a
plain bright green color to use it as foliage for a little topiary in the
corner very clever across from that is just a small
apartment and that includes some of the eaves for itself and also the level
below there are some solar panels for charging up sweep there this is its own
small module and doesn’t have too much detail inside of it but it’s cool it’s
got just a place to sleep and a small drawer set
and also a TV in the corner which is showing good day Ninjago not Good
Morning America the next level up is a lot more complex and there’s a lot more
floor space that the designers were able to work with and as a result there’s a
lot more to see a lot more to do starting the comic book shop more
specifically let’s just start with the sign which makes a clever use of the
Marvel superheroes White Tiger headpiece that’s just attached on the side and it
introduces this one by one plate in white with the black rectangle print on
the side to give you some different shapes now actually every single one by
one plate that’s used here even these horizontal ones those are all printed
pieces that have the same black rectangle and they just have you turn
them around in different ways to either show or not show the print so you get a
bunch of extras which is really nice for folks who want to do custom signs I also
personally really appreciate the availability of the corner 1/4 round
tile here used in black and of course got it in many other colors but this is
the first time we’ve had a 1×1 sized piece that allows you to create kind of
a door handle that can be opened to the inside with these standard door pieces
because you can’t just put a round tile there or a square on this build has an
interesting way that it can be partially taken apart this isn’t really like an
attic or anything it’s just an upper section of the single floor store itself
she has some decorative items up there of various types and taking this off
makes it a lot easier to get access to the main floor itself and to put figures
in there this is a very compact space which has just barely enough room for
the employee to stand behind a checkout counter but I love the inclusion of 6
different colors of unprinted nano figures representing action figures
there you’ve got them in the dark red sand green white black down at the base
dark grey and dark blue and as usual when they
include those in set they give you an extra so you get one extra of each six
spare nano figures that are included here I was kind of geeking out over that
when I first saw it these are actually printed that’s a two by two printed tile
just attached to a 2 by 2 plate behind it four of those and against the
sidewall is a display of collectible trading cards thankfully that whole
stand is easy to remove and these all use stickers with references to a bunch
of different Lego themes in my opinion this is one of the better-looking
ATM builds that Lego has ever produced and it even has a working feature where
it will dispense $100 bills or 100 unit bills up to 11 of those the mechanism
around the back is a little bit bulky but it’s fairly well hidden away in this
alleyway between two shops the front of the ATM can be removed easily to let you
refill the stack of bills and the way the mechanism works is basically the ATM
face kind of holds back those bills while a one stud wide tile piece just
pushes one through the slot one at a time next up is a crab bar which has
some tobiko styled decorations on the sides and a brick built crab there in
the center with some slightly poseable pincers that you could move around if
you want to give it a little different personality make it look at you there’s
that same piece used again to give you a nice door handle although this door
actually opens out so it’s not a necessity it’s just there for the looks
and this looks pretty much the same on either side inside our 3 simple chairs
for customers to sit at using the newer two by two modified towels with just two
studs and behind the counter are some of the secret seasonings that this chef
uses as well as tools of the trade used for especially tough crab by far the
most important thing here though is the grill and also the inclusion of that
ten color for grab and if you’ve ever cooked crustaceans you know that their
shells gain color when you cook them so there you go
magic little swapping that they do they actually have both of those crabs in
there and they just flip them from one to the other it’s a really nice
mechanism built in very slick and sleek always works I’ve used this a bunch and
have not gotten it stuck the actuator is on the back of the building and it’s
really simple and foolproof one last thing for me to show you on this level
is the poster for the shadow of Ronin is what it says their upcoming movie says
Ninjago on the right but there’s also this sign
here which says film and if you push that door over on the side gives you
access to some additional poster options so here’s one says tired of walking and
then cars for 40,000 here’s gala door coming soon and this one is return of
the brick separator a little ongoing reference that I guess they will
continue for many years the funny thing here to me is that it’s rated for 18 and
up Oh while I’m here let me show you a new part the small black piece used here
this little thing blew my mind it’s basically a stud with a bar
sticking out on the side on the underside it’s just an anti stud that
the tip of the bar section of it has a mini peg style hole which can accept
accessories like this just an incredibly useful little piece next level this is
just a decorative element here looks pretty but doesn’t do anything also
there’s nothing inside there just has the elevator on the other side and then
move to another store this one has a lot of window space so you can see in very
clearly this is an especially nice very large curved
queer panel piece and we’ve not gotten many times this store has a lot of hats
in it in particular and it also includes a couple of the full training ghee so if
you want to use one of those or both of them with some of your ninja to help
complete P training set you can inside this shop has a lot of empty space which
makes it easy to get figures in there and pose them around so you can have a
lot of different shoppers but because of the empty space and because of the
windows there’s not a lot really to show you here that you didn’t already see
from the outside I’m assuming that these are supposed to all represent just
folded up clothes to go with that outfit that are you know just on shelves there
I like the display for the skateboard bet a bunch of hats in the middle there
but those are all in the same color looks like all the phones that they’re
selling over here are from the same brand as well
looks like more folded up clothes in a different color on this side there was
one thing that you couldn’t see it all from the outside the heart-shaped gem
there that’s available for sale or whatever that’s supposed to represent
maybe so we’ll display item or a paperweight or something and here’s yet
another Lego theme reference with M drawn around the back there’s access
from where the elevator comes up so this is a normal door just a different way to
get in and this is also a ladder which goes up to a higher level but there is
yet another door to get into this place and it’s barred off you can see it’s
just back there it’s barred off because there’s no bridge there’s no way to
actually get across to this next section because the next section was never
finished it was under construction just was never completed at all so he
actually ended up having a seed of a cherry tree that took root inside of
there and started growing in the building so all of this is just drawing
out of the building it wasn’t intentionally planted there but I’m glad
that it did grow because it sure looks nice and you can kind of change the pose
of this around there’s also introduces a fantastic
recolor with the flower stem piece there and dark-brown that’s going to be so so
very useful for a lot of custom foliage and other things as well I also really
like the look of this style of roof overhang which is all built upside down
that same style is used again one level up outside of misako and Lloyds
apartment which also has some decorations around this side and those
are done with stickers this apartment is difficult to see inside because it’s so
compact but it does have a good level of detail within it there’s a seat there it
looks like a dresser or a set of drawers I think it’s supposed to be a microwave
up above we’ve got a small TV there that’s once again showing good Ninjago
that’s about to come on budge stuff over here with a bookcase let stuff stacked
up some small decorative items there and this has a bunk bed set up you can place
minifigures at the base and the top misako sleeps down below Lloyd sleeps up
above you can remove one of these to get better access and you see she has a
photograph next to her bed it’s memorable to her that’s actually a
sticker that’s on a small window pane so here’s what that looks like from the
other side it’s a tan piece a new color meanwhile Lloyd gets an enter the dragon
movie poster next to his bed letters there do see edy and that’s kind of a
deep reference to the career of Jackie Chan and his connection to Enter the
Dragon in the movie and also to the lego ninjago movie of course if you think I
just made a mistake there and confused Bruce Lee for Jackie Chan I did not look
it up one last component of this apartment to show is the topmost roof
section which has a satellite dish and also kind of an attic area where Lloyd
stores his green ninja ghee finally we get to the uppermost levels around the
outside this uses more different roofing styles and also introduces some more
different decorations this built up squid design is pretty out of control
and uses a couple of recolored small catapult pieces in medium Azure and then
a lot of pieces in dark Azure as well it just looks great to me and it’s a very
clever build a difficult build was the pufferfish is one of the more difficult
things actually to assemble in this entire set interestingly you just have
to get everything aligned perfectly and kind of have to go back and forth a
number of times just to get get all these plate dish pieces to line up as
best they can to stay together as best they can
I think the end result is pretty cool-looking I wish it was a little bit
more covered up with fewer gaps but it was still a very advanced design and I
certainly could have done any better myself this is a rooftop sushi
restaurant up here which uses a nice compact kind of modern looking chairs
and tables plenty of room for a lot of customers and it has the all-important
sushi boat train that goes around a nice little build a nice mechanism it’s kind
of tall you know it really goes down pretty deep a much deeper than it
appears right here but it works pretty well every once in a while things get a
little bit stuck in some places I just kind of move it back and forth and it’ll
tend to get itself a little bit unstuck it’s not perfect by any means most of
the time it works sometimes it’ll just want to stay in one spot kind of go back
and forth a few times it’ll kind of work itself out but the whole thing looks
pretty nice and I think you look even better if you were to add in some more
dishes that look even different behind there is the bathroom but before I show
you the interior of that I want to show you something else this is a little
hiding spot for a disguise with a chef’s hat and a mustache that’s to turn the
crab guy into the sushi chef the bathroom has a couple of the rice paper
printed pieces on the back to let some diffuse light come in as a
japanese-style toilet over here and on the opposite side
very nice sink and an air freshener up above above everything goes this final
decorative flourish which is a pretty involved assembly with some interesting
building techniques used here to create some interesting shapes and textures
some cool recolored pieces used as well nice parts usage in general does not
look so great from the back because you have all of these undersides of pieces
but it’s not too bad I mean it kind of looks like it could be an intentional
pattern but at the very worst that’s just you know mechanical details of kind
of you know how how the whole thing is built and structured in universe for
real and then there are just some antenna and light assemblies up on the
top and that’s kind of inset a bit as it really would be all that fits snugly
right here and next to it is another antenna tower which includes another
Lego theme reference here’s a quick look at the fishing boat that I took out of
the scene early on in the video this was a pretty quick build but it looks good
it’s appropriately scaled you can put at least a couple of figures on there
and/or stock it up with some fish that have been caught
I guess that’s some sort of fan on the back I don’t know if it’s supposed to be
air powered or if that’s just part of the radiator system for the engine that
presumably would be buried down inside of there this is nothing else really
going on inside but kind of see some of the construction of it if you take a
couple of those flats up there are a lot of figures to go through so here is
casual Lloyd casual Kai not at all casual fully suited up J and casual
misako sixteen figures in total in this set get a little bit of arm printing for
Kai there and that’s on both arms mirrored from side to side there are
alternate faces for each of these and also Jays face was obscured at first so
as what that one looks like here on the far left is Ivy Walker who I’m assuming
is the sister of Jane we’ll find out by Severn black who is the crab guy who
also moonlights as the sushi chef the gala door fan is mother doomsday he runs
the comic book shop and on the far right is Tommy he’s based on the son of one of
the designers and the inscription on his torso print says pneumonia which I
believe is the name of the kiddies based on Ivy Walker his torso print looks just
amazing to me I am a little bit surprised though that they gave her a
print for her legs rather than including a cloth piece for that probably would
look a little bit better with cloth because the leg printing is not quite
opaque enough these have more of a bright white the citizen on the far left
here is named Juno probably one of the more uninteresting figures here just
because she has parts that we’ve gotten before guy with the pink top on the
other hand has that brand-new print the officer from the super secret Police
Service is officer Noonan and on the far right is Sally here’s a look at the back
prints on these and only one of them gets an alternate face out of the four
on the left here is a jamanakai village er who does not have an official name
but in the middle is a spear fisherman named Conrad on the far right another
unnamed character just a generic shark army
gunner who’s the only bad guy thing in this set at all so I guess he’s just
going to be a scout or something I like how they attached the Hat to the back of
the fisherman here pretty simple and with some stuff removed you can see the
remainders of the back prints the last of the figures unless you count the
outfits that have no heads on them that I showed you before is sweep a little
maintenance robot complete with his grabber arm for picking up trash and
putting it in the bucket on his back boom backpack there and he also has his
broom the headpiece is an existing part is well used here to good effect and
this was just an enjoyable very small build where have I seen a sweeper robot
before though please watch your step Guardian it’s a nice big fun set with a
lot of detail and then incredible price to part ratio but we all pretty much
knew that before the thing was released because we’ve seen pictures of it what I
didn’t know myself was how the build was going to go and I’m very happy that the
build was as enjoyable as it was with so many part recolors and also new parts
for 2017 that I want to use in custom stuff there were no serious frustration
during the build process the final product makes sense everywhere I get
easy access to get many figures into places where I want to pose them there
are sensible action and moving features that don’t be tracked at all it’s only
add while still looking good there all the great pieces lots of very nice
building techniques I really just can’t say anything bad about this set I would
like to to provide some balance but I just can’t
this really is as good as it looks it truly lives up to the hype and possibly
even surpasses it I’m practically dumbfounded I was so impressed by the
Destiny’s bounty set but this is two other large building sets what the
Destiny’s bounty is two other previous ships then again that might not be a
good analogy because Destiny’s bounty is not one of the largest ship sets of
history whereas this is the largest building not counting the Eiffel Tower
which was more of a static display sculpture and wasn’t even close to the
same class of detail really what I’m most puzzled about here is how they were
able to release this set at such a low price to Park ratio it’s not about
licenses because the regular Ninjago sets before the movie were nowhere near
this value and Lego City tends to have some of the worst price
depart ratios however they managed to pull this off I am thankful
and on that note it is time for me to move on to my next video hope that you
enjoyed this and I hope to have a chance to talk to you again very soon because
my next video is on the way bye for now

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