LEGO NINJAGO City Chase – The LEGO NINJAGO Movie set 70607 Features Time Lapse and Deleted Scenes

Hey guys, I’ve got one of those brand-new
lego ninjago movie sets. Don’t go anywhere I’ll be back in a second to build this. Hey guys, it’s Brent here at LucasTV Toys and today I’ve got a brand new set
from the Lego Ninjago Movie and it’s called the Ninjago City Chase. This is
for ages 7 to 14, the set number is 70607 and it has 233 pieces. and you can see all of the minifigures right here. oh yeah and don’t forget to support the channel by subscribing! That’s a great way to support it! because if you like toys then you’re like me and if you’re like me then you love toys! Well, let’s take a look at the back of this box. on the back it shows some action scenes and some features this set can do. Let’s open this box and see what’s inside. In this box we’ve got… Bag 1 The instruction booklet and we’ve got stickers and we’ve got bag 2. Well, let’s start building this! Here’s the complete set. We’ve got some street lights with signs We’ve got a food market and we got a police car! so first we’ll go over the set and then
we’ll go over the minifigures So, here we’ve got a police car. Oh, and by the way, make sure you leave me a comment and tell me your favorite police joke! But it has to be short or something related to police like going to jail. Here’s an example… Why did the picture go to jail? Because it got framed! Now, it’s your turn! Leave me a comment down below and tell me one of your favorite police jokes. Now, back to the Lego set. So, this police car has blue lights and it has red lights and it says “Police” right here. and it also says “Police” in the back and the it’s got red and blue lights red and blue lights in the front and then it’s got I guess a police symbol right there Its got 2 wheels in the back it’s got 1
wheel in the front and it can go very easily on track or something and then its got a seat in the back I guess for the criminal or something like that and it’s got some steering, a steering wheel or something like that to control
the car and behind the police officer is right here we’ve got some handcuffs here we’ve got the food market. The food market has some green apples and a sign with a fish and some fish right there and then there is some cherries and it also has a sign for the cherries and here we’ve got the guy working… behind the food marketplace And then right here it has a big sign probably the name of the place but since it’s in Japanese I don’t know what it says because I
can’t read Japanese but if I have to guess what it says… It probably says, “Subscribe to LucasTV Toys” That’s the best type of answer I can come up with. well maybe you can leave me a comment
down below and tell me what you think it says. And here we’ve got the street lights We’ve got a green, yellow, orange and blue signs so maybe these are directions and other stuff where you are got some red light those are actually
minifigure heads for the lights and it has more red lights, just as studs. Now, let’s go over the minifigures. here we’ve got Office Toque. so he’s obviously a police officer and he drives a police car and he has his police helmet or hat on and he’s got two white gloves. He’s got plain blue pants He’s got his walkee talkee right there He’s got his police badge, black jacket and some zippers. on the back you can see a wire that actually makes his walkee talkee work. Here we’ve got Nya. Nya has black hair with a ponytail she’s got a black jacket and the shirt underneath has black and white stripes She’s wearing some jeans with some rips in it. ans she has some pockets on her jacket and on the back there is some printing for her jacket and you can see her shirt right there She has two faces. One in happy and one looks mad. Here we’ve got Lloyd. in the movie the bad guy Garmadon is
actually his father and because it’s a last name is Garmadon, same name
as a bad guy so he’s got some his green jacket or sweater. He’s got a belt and he’s got his jacket zippered up and his shirt is kind of hanging over there and he has blond hair and two faces One is just happy and the other looks normal, just relaxed or something. Something like that Here’ we’ve got the shark army thug so he’s got brown hat on and he’s got looks like some protection for his knees right there. He’s got black gloves He’s got a mad look face with an eyepatch on then he got some lots of pockets with a belt and he’s got some straps and other stuff and on the back seat you can see
some straps too with a few pockets you Here we’ve got Ham. Ham has this traditional looking Japanese clothing and he’s got it very funky hat they wear and actually this hat is very functional because if you just flip it
upside down make him hold it, he can eat out of it So, it’s basically just an upside bowl or something like that, that he puts on his head So, this hat is very traditional in Japan it’s basically for us, like baseball hats Have you ever got your baseball hat and just taken it off and eat out it? Well, neither have I. That’d be crazy! of course you don’t do that but probably this guy does it. I guess we’ll just have to wait until the movie comes out so we can see it And his name is Ham. and I think that’s weird too. because some people may make fun of him and just say Hey, I want to eat him with some swiss cheese on rye bread! Now, let’s take his bowl off and see his face So his face looks very scared Like very very scared because someone is going to eat him That is my video for LEGO Ninjago city chase and look, Ham is eating out of his hat again I just can’t stop this guy! oh well Hey… yahhh Hey guys, I’ve got one of the brand new Lego Ninjago movie… Oh, why are you laughing? You made me laugh. Here, pull my finger for a second. Now, let’s take his bowl off Well, I hoped you enjoyed this video because it was a lot of fun to make it and I’ve got even more Lego Ninjago Movie sets to show you and I’ve got lots of other Lego sets to show you too and that’s a great reason why you should subscribe to LucasTV Toys Oh yeah, and there is one more reason because if you like toys then you’re like me and if you’re like me then you love toys! and I’ll see you next time bye bye Hey guys, here are some of my other videos and I know you’re going to love them, so go ahead and watch them!

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  1. His is actually the best set of the Lego Ninjago movie theme , good minifigures , lots of details and grat builds

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