LEGO Nicktoons Minifigures – CMF Draft!

LEGO and Nickolodeon’s relationship has been rocky over the passed few years, with the Spongebob line ending in 2012, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme
ending in 2014. But what if the relationship rinkindled, and we got a LEGO Minifigures series solely
based on Nicktoons? How would it look, realistically? Of course, this is assuming they had the rights to all of the original cartoon programing, and that no other construction toys had the license to Nickelodeon besides LEGO
– with 20 characters total. I have to shoutout Ashnflash, who did the incredible artwork for this video
– check his Flickr and Instagram accounts linked
in the description. Well, let’s start with the guaranteed characters. I think they’d release an updated Spongebob. None of the previous versions had dual moulded
arms and legs, so we have that here, along with an updated face print. The only new mould will be his fry cook hat, but his accessories would be a spatula with some nice black coloring at the handle, and a brick built Krabby Patty. My original concept was to use this smaller
design in the top righthand corner, but the final design looks better, which was thought up by Ashnflash. Of course, we can’t have Spongebob without
Patrick. And, he’ll also get dual moulded legs now, with printing that continues onto the bottom
half. For his accessory, I have the net piece and
a jelly fish, with a stand made out of a pole and cone piece. And, no this isn’t the LEGO Spongebob series, but the final spongebob character would be
an updated Squidward – with new dual moulded arms and printed legs. His accessories would be a new clarinet mould, and a bold and brash printed on a 2×2 tile. One of the first Nicktoons is one that appears in most Nicktoons throwback merchandise, The
Rugrats. And I have three characters I’m sure would
be made in this series – the first the main star, Tommy Pickles. This was a bit hard to translate into minifigure
form, since he is a very cartoony looking character, but the accessory I gave him was a new mould for his famous screwdriver. However, I’m really satisfied with how figure
five, Chucky, turned out. There will be a new mould for his hair and glasses pieces, which was inspired by
Robin’s in the LEGO Batman Movie sets, and his accessory would be a new mould of a Reptar toy, based off the old baby dino mould. And, I think an Angelica minifigure would
be guaranteed. We actually reused Harley Quinn’s hair mould from the LEGO Batman Movie, I mean they’d probably do a new mould but I like how much this hairpiece works – it even has space for her little hair bows. There would be a new mould for a Cynthia doll
accessory. And, for the last of the guaranteed characters, Rocko from Rocko’s Modern Life, another classic Nicktoon. The accessories I gave him was a new mould
for his dog Spunky, as well as a phone – maybe I was thinking too much of my favorite
joke in the show, when Rocko becomes a… special uh, phone
operator. They could give him a comic as an accessory
though, since he does work at a comic shop Alright, moving onto the 75% guaranteed characters, I have Danny Phantom. He would have a new hair mould, with a fenton thermos accessory – a cylinder
piece and a 1×1 circular tile. We chose the genie leg piece, maybe they would also include a regular leg
piece. The only reason this is not 100% likely is because the show has been off the air for
a bit, and some of the Nicktoons toys lines of today
don’t include him as a figure. That’s the same reason I have Jimmy Neutron
at a 75% – and for him, he has a brickbuilt hypno gun
as an accessory, and a newly moulded hair piece. I also had Timmy Turner, with a new hair mould that has a hole in it
– which you use to put his cap in. His accessories would be a bowl piece with Cosmo and Wanda as fish and a Crimson
Chin #1 comic. Ashnflash did amazing work with the artwork
for this – I mean look at it! Then there’s Cosmo, with a newly moulded
corn piece, Timmy’s hair piece in green, and a newly moulded crownpiece that sort of
pokes out. The wand piece is a recolor of the classic
one. Of course, we can’t have Cosmo without Wanda, and she has an exclusive hair piece, a wand
piece, and a minifigure book of Da Rulez. I also have Zim, from Invader Zim. The show targeted a different kind of demographic and is still popular with a lot of people
today, but it may be a bit too dark, which is why I didn’t put it at 100 percent. A new moulded head – which I’m not sure if his antennas would
be a seperate mould like Twitch or moulded with the head. The accessory would be a waffle printed on
a two by two tile. And, with Zim, there has to be Gir – a character whose merchandise is still incredibly
popular. Gir’s in the dog outfit, I’m sure a Series 2 would have the normal
version. Oh, and his accessory is a cupcake, of course. And, you know, we have to have characters from one of the most recent popular Nicktoons
– The Loud House. This show is a mega success and I chose Lincoln Loud to get a minifigure. His hair piece is a new color of Emmet’s
from the LEGO Movie, and his accesory would be the camera he found
in the attic – thanks Just a Kid that Rants for the idea. No new moulds required. And, the only other Loud House character for
this series is Lori Loud, who would have a new hair piece, and her phone as a 1×2 print. By the way, the reason they’re a 75 percent, it’s just because the Nicktoons nostalgia
merch tends not to include Loud House stuff, since it is pretty recent. Lastly, I have Ickis from Aaah Real Monsters
– a classic Nicktoon to many, but if I was being honest, I was never a fan of this show. I couldn’t even think of an accessory for
him, but with his elaborate head mould, he’ll probably be just like Stitch from
the Disney Series with none needed. I put him at a 75% because Real Monsters is one of the lesser recognized of the classic
shows, but it still has a big shot. Alright… to the fifty percenters, I have Aang from The Last Airbender. It’s one of my favorite Nick shows, and funny enough, we DID get sets on it before, and this update is long overdue. I still kept the regular legs – yeah, he’s physically 10 years old in the
show, but I think it works best since he’s pretty
lanky and it allows for more action. His accessory would be Momo, using the original moulding updated. The only reason Aang is at a 50 percent is
because I think Avatar is co-owned by Dreamworks now or something, and he’s never included in Nicktoons merch
of the recent days. I also have Ren from Ren and Stimpy – he was really hard to translate into LEGO
Minifigure form. His accessory would be a can of powdered toast. For Stimpy, he would have a head slash body
mould as one that LEGO does time to time. His accessory would be a pouch of gritty kitty litter printed on a 1×2 tile, suggested by im2awsom on Reddit, thank ya. The reason Ren and Stimpy are 50 percent is due to the show having a lot of controversy
around it, to the point where they even did an adult
version of the show. Still, characters like Batman and the Joker have appeared in media that was not for kids, so I think LEGO might do Ren and Stimpy for
a series like this. So, here’s the checklist of the series. Ashnflash did such a great job with the artwork
for this series – it’s crazy seeing my dreams come to life. But, many classic characters may be left out… so, let’s touch briefly on some glaring
exclusions. Characters like Heffer, XJ9, and the Angry
Beavers barely missed the list as I don’t think
they’re popular enough – but they would definitely be in a series 2,
if I make it. Characters from Hey Arnold would be in here because they’re popular enough, and trust
me, I wanted them to be because it’s my favorite
Nicktoon along with classic Spongebob, but there’s
a problem in which a character like Arnold requires
a newly moulded head, and it just wouldn’t fit in with the other
humans in this series NOT having a moulded head. It would completely clash, and there’s no
way there would be Gerald and Helga but no Arnold, so I had to make the hard decision to omit
all three. Oh, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are
technically a Nicktoon, but since they started as another property and have been this huge separate franchise
most of their life, I don’t think they’d put any in here since the series celebrates Nicktoons. Now, I want to hear from you guys. Who did I miss out, and what accessories would
you give them? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. And, five dollar up Patreon supporters can
vote on the next CMF draft, check out the card
to go to the poll. I’ll see you guys later. Peace out. Bye.

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Nicktoons Minifigures – CMF Draft!

  1. I like Lincoln loud, squidward tenticles, invader Zim, gir (robot version), Arnold from hey Arnold and Chucky finister!

  2. 4:23 Did you say “By the Ray” on purpose or were you trying to make a reference to “Henry Danger”? Also PLEASE make a series 2!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think that yu should just do a loud house series, be cause it would it is one of the most current popular nick shows ever. It would for sure have the whole loud family ( including the parents) and remakes of the Lori and Lincoln figures from the nicktoons series. Except Lincoln should have a ace savy comic accessorie. And other figures would be Clyde and Ronnie an

  4. Series 3
    1: eliza thornberry
    2: Debbie thornberry
    3: lola loud
    4: Lucy loud
    5: Cindy vortex
    6:Vicky the evil babysitter
    7:Susie Carmichael
    8:Donnie thornberry
    9:Nigel thornberry
    10:Marianne thornberry
    11:Luna loud
    12: Lisa loud
    14: Lynn loud
    15:Clyde McBride
    16: Ronnie Anne

  5. 4:20 is OK but I would put Clyde instead of Lori and the accessorie I would give him a ace Savy comic piece

  6. I would put that guy from good burger forgot his name welcome to good burger him e of the good burger oh yes Ed and I would give him a spatula and good burger

  7. Can you please make a SpongeBob big birthday blowout Minifigures series please and with the live-action characters

  8. I'm sorry ash but Timmy scares me… And yes ik this is just2goods channel but…scary OK NEVER MIND INKUS SEEMS SCARY BECAUSR OF ITS CARTOON DESIGN

  9. Im glad loud house isnt overdone it does need representation even thought its not my favorite and it makes sense that spongebob is represented the most

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