LEGO Nexo Knights 2017 Summer Sets Pictures Review

What’s up guys – it’s Brick Corner here with a quick look at new Lego Nexo knights sets what were revealed at New York Toy Fair These are Macy’s Bot Drop Dragon featuring three minifigures Stone Stomper, Macy’s Bot and Macy The Heligoyle for 30 bucks featuring three minifigures Stone Stomper, Harpy and Clay Axl’s Rumble Maker for 40 bucks featuring three minifigures Rogue, Axl’s Bot and Axl itself Aaron’s Rock Climber for 60 bucks featuring five minifigures Lord Krakenskull, Stone Stomper, Brickster, Aaron Bot, Aaron The Stone Colossus of Ultimate Destruction for 70 bucks featuring five minifigures Jestro, Brickster, General Garg, Macy, Stone Clay Last one is Knighton Castle for 130 bucks it is the biggest set in this series featuring eleven minifigures Two Stone Stompers, two Bricksters, White Stone Statue King Halbert, Fancy Pants, King’s Guard Robin, Lance, Aaron What is my overall impression from new sets? Well, glad that Lego is trying to utilize mechs like Stone Colossus of Ultimate Desctruction they should try something besides vehicles I still do not have rogue minifigure what I really like but I don’t want to purchase that bulky Axl’s vehicle just because of one minifigure I would recomment to buy Knighton’s Castle if you are still not in Nexo series as for myself – I really like Stone Colossus of Ultimate Desctruction he looks really intimidating What do you guys think about new sets? Please share your thoughts down below and I will talk to you later. Bye!

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