LEGO Nexo Knights 2017 sets pictures!

Hello just2good here, and thanks to Hoth Bricks and the Russian
site Baby Joe, what a funny name, we have pictures of all the LEGO Nexo Knights
Winter 2017 sets, which in total, is seven sets. These also include the five Battle Suit sets, but we have no pictures of the Nexo Power
blind bags. For the most part, I’m not a fan of the vehicle
on the main sets, but the minifigures are darn good. I’d say it’s worse than 2016’s, but not by much, as a wave as a whole. I think the Knight vehicle suffer the same
problem, where, many of them look the same… which was something I started to feel with
the Summer 2016 sets. My favorite of them all is the one exclusively
revealed by Hoth Bricks, Lance vs. Lightning. I like how it has that big fig in a small
set, as well as the best looking figure of the
wave, the Gargoyle. Also, Lance’s Skeleton Horse looks dope. I also love Ruina’s Lock and Roller, as it has a fantasy Castle style to it, and Runa is my second favorite minifigure
of this wave. My third favorite is Rogul, which I might get the smallest set he appears
in, Lance’s Twin Jouster, but then again, that
set is… ehhhh…. The Battle Suits look weird. Dunno if I’m getting of those. Well, besides the Axl One. I think the Axl one looks the best as he’s
clearly standing. When you have them sitting like the other
four it looks very awkward. What do you guys think? All links are in the description below. I’ll see you guys later, peace out, bye.

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