LEGO Movie: Double Decker Couch 70818 Exploration

Hey everyone! JAYSTEPHER here with Double-Decker Couch by LEGO Movie. Set number 70818. Contains 197 pieces. Recommended building ages are 7 through 14. So here we have Emmet’s famous Double-Decker couch. We have Unikitty and President Business. This box has very colorful artwork. Let’s open it up and see what’s inside. Lots of elements. So there are four bags and one folded instruction manual. Let’s have a look at the Double-Decker Couch after it’s assembled. The Double-Decker Couch is an interesting build. In a moment, we’re going to take a closer look at the minifigures, Emmet’s car, and Emmet’s famous Double-Decker Couch. First let’s take a closer look at Emmet. He is obviously holding a waffle. So he likes waffles. That element is printed. Nice reflective print work for his torso and pants. The reflective print work does continue
to the back. He has a double-sided head. Looks like he’s ready to chow down on some waffle. Next we have President Business. The print work for his tuxedo is printed. He’s got the square-shaped haircut. Print work only on one side. He does feature a double-sided head. Now we have Benny. He is one interesting minifigure. The space logo on his torso is printed. It has the distressed look. His helmet even has a crack. It just looks like it has a crack. It’s not actually broke. He is even holding a hot dog. Here’s the rear with the oxygen tanks. He has a double-sided head as well. Looks like he’s been in a few space explorations. Next we have Ghost Victuvius. I’m hoping I’m pronouncing that correctly. He has a moonstone on a stick. I’m not sure what that’s called. He has a 1 by 2 by 2 brick for legs. Standard minifigure torso. He is wearing a cape. It does have a nice sparkly metallic finish. The bandana is printed. He does glow in the dark. Let’s see. It doesn’t quite show up. Well barely. This room is not totally dark, but he is still one cool minifigure. Finally we have a Unikitty. Her eyes and eyebrows are printed. Nice print work for her tail as well. She has a nice color scheme. The head does tend to wobble around and fall off. So she has a problem of keeping her head. In addition, there is a extra set of eyes and eyebrows to change her appearance. Moving on to Emmet’s car. It is a small compact coupe. Here we have some side mirrors. They look like headlights. It does have functioning doors. Here’s the rear with a hard hat. The top of the cab does remove. The inside consist of a steering wheel, and a spot in the rear for accessories. Let’s place Emmet inside. It is pretty compact. He has just enough headroom. It does roll smooth on a flat surface. Finally we have the Double-Decker Couch. This is one of Emmet’s famous creations. As you can see we have two couches. One on top of the other. Also we have some cup holders. Great idea to hold your drinks. We have the ladders on both sides. The couch is one nice solid build. For it being pretty thin, it doesn’t tip over very easily. That’s a plus. It is obviously scaled for minifigures. Let’s place some figures on the couch. Let’s place Benny at the top. It’s hard to place him on with his oxygen tanks. Here we have Unikitty. This is one nice set. It does come with lots of accessories, minifigures, and much more. Here are the spare pieces after assembling the Double-Decker Couch. There are a few plates, studs, slopes, and an extra horn. These pieces may come in handy for other creations. This wraps up the review for Double-Decker Couch by Lego Movie. Set number 70818. This is one nice terrific set. I think that every Lego collector should have this in their collection. It comes with lot’s of minifigures. The car is an added bonus as well. I had fun putting this together. It is also a great conversation piece as well as to display other Lego minifigures. Thank you for watching!

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