LEGO Movie 2 : Un Set GIGANTESQUE Révélé ! 70840 Welcome To Apocalypseburg ! [NEWS]

Hello everyone and welcome to this Brickin’News
the fast-paced LEGO NEWS. After the publication of the first pictures
of the LEGO Movie 2 sets, a question remained:
“Would we be entitled to an exclusive LEGO set kinda like the MetalBeard SeaCow
of the first movie? ” An eBay seller has posted photos online
of a future LEGO Movie 2 set and it’s gigantic! Called ‘Welcome To Apocalypseburg!’ the 70840 set contains 3178 parts and a
big handful of minifigures. It represents the city that could
discover in the trailer in a “Mad Max” vibe with one technical prowess: a collapsed Statue
of Liberty, that is very detailed, especially on the face. This set is really reminiscent of a modular set,
with a ton of architectural details both in front and inside. And for once, in the back it’s not
than a simple movie set. We are entitled to game features
at 360 ° around the central axis which is the arm of the Statue of Liberty carrying
his torch and which can be accessed through by a series of stairs and ladders. On a gameplay level, it’s really good !
For the minifigures, we’ll get an excellent selection!
The return of Scribbled Cop (it’s the good cop – bad cop from the first movie),
Larry the Barista, Fuse, the “Where’s my Pants ?” sitcom guy who kept his hawaiian shirt
and who still has no pants, Roxxi, Dave the surfer who became
Chainsaw Dave … We are in a post-apocalyptic universe
so why not, Mo-Hawk, Harley Quinn – that’s a new Harley Quinn figurine that
will be very successful, Green Lantern, Batman in post-apo mode, Lucy and of course Emmet. We do not have any specific info on the price yet
for this set, but based on the average of 9 cents / part of this kind of
exclusive LEGO big set, this brings us to a price of 299 € (or around 250$).
Tell me what you think about this set in the comments section, and if you want to know
more about what’s new in 2019, you can find a playlist with the best
upcoming sets for 2019, click on the video next to velociraptor to find out
more ! I’ll see you very soon, my friends !!

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15 thoughts on “LEGO Movie 2 : Un Set GIGANTESQUE Révélé ! 70840 Welcome To Apocalypseburg ! [NEWS]

  1. Une boîte complète des nouvelles minifigurines #TheLEGOMovie2 à 188.99€ (livraison incluse) chez Minifigure Maddness en précommande ?

    Entrez le code promo BRICKINVEST1 après avoir cliqué ici :

    Ca fait 3.15 € la Minifig !

    Offre sponsorisée (évidemment), c'est une précommande, les boîtes partiront fin-Janvier

    Que pensez-vous de cet ENORME set ? Moi, je suis un peu comme ça 👉 😍
    Il va falloir économiser un max pour ce début d'année… 💸

  2. C'est un set très intéressant je trouve, par contre je m'attends quand même à un prix proche des 300€ voir plus, vu le nombre de pièce

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