LEGO Movie 2 Sparkle Babies & Systar Party Crew reviews ✨ 70847 + 70848

fact the two greatest things in the lego
movie – were the Rexcelsior and sparkle babies so in this video I’m going to be
showing you two lego movie two sets the first one here is the sySTAR party crew
featuring The Ultimates most fabulous version ever of metal beard and the
other is good morning Sparkle babies well I’m not gonna make you wait I’m
gonna get right to the good one the most important one good morning
sparkle babies this set is small and compact pretty simple and very very
colorful the main build is more or less your typical terrain based side build
not a lot to it not a lot of space taken up by it but this one in particular has
some interesting colors of foliage I particularly I’m interested in these
palm or Palmetto leaves in the school bus yellow color it’s the flame orange a
shell or yellowish orange color also this little foliage bit in just a
regular orange this is actually a catapult it’s like a built up
custom-made catapult with just the simplest a little bit of action there
it’s it’s a shovel that’s in there and it’s just able to give a little bit of
lift to the center and the idea there say you put star with a little add-on on
the back into that spot and then you can launch it up from there very
enthusiastically it pops up actually pretty nicely it’s kind of a fun feeling
to do and I appreciate the fact that I actually had to build that up doesn’t
just use a preformed catapult piece you know they’ve got those they’ve used them
before hmm so that’s that the two minifigures
are Emmet and Lucie aka wild style and it’s a wild style with the cooler
version of hair with the second layer of dye washed out of it so this is the way
she used to be and that’s just a cool hair piece to to get you know different
color pretty nice style as well and it comes with that printed yep it’s a print
not a sticker thank goodness printed Dubai – tile that represents the record
album the the 12 inch pressing of everything
awesome from her own popular band so two very good things to get as for alternate
faces yep we get them and they’re pretty compatible very similar expressions
these are these stars of the show though of course the sparkle babies themselves
the one on the left is not printed perfectly with the black ink or paint
application to it you know just smudged a little bit it’s a little bit difficult
to see that in real life when you’re not super zoomed in like this just because
these are just so tiny I mean relative to the size of a of a minifig yeah it’s
these are really tiny they’re just the most recent version of official minifig
scaled babies that Lego has made would be the two molds with the extra thin
neck to make them a little bit more minifig like the heads are separate he
actually had to put them on when you get the set so you can rotate them from side
to side the hands are the sizes of bars so things can be clipped to them I’m
just randomly grabbing a piece here just to demonstrate you know you can actually
use those hands for or something and they have printed torsos as well and I
think they will be exclusive to this set I think they’re just great because
ultimately they’re just different designs of babies you know we’ve gotten
them in what is it a few I don’t have the exact count not too many
now we haven’t gotten a lot of them most of them in the world right now are just
white with generic heads but yeah it’s just great to get more options the arms
do not go up and down if you’re wondering about that and the hands do
not turn they are a dual molded though with the yellow being also plastic not a
paint application these are smoothies for the adults or if you want you can
use them as baby bottles and then there’s this looks like just two spare
parts kind of is but actually is intended to serve a purpose with star
here so that is printed also but the idea is that you take the part with the
invert inverted tuile and also plate off and you stick this on there I don’t know
what the orientation is almost almost there we go like that that’s able to
kind of stand up almost but really the idea there is it it acts as a platform
or a sparkle baby to use this to fly around it’s a personal transportation
device and it is absolutely perfect I mean just look at the height there
it’s just lined up just right the aerodynamics are amazing this yeah
fly your sparkle baby around if only they had more of these stars included in
this set and now I must move on to the other set the sISTAR party crew which
probably ought to have had metal beards name in the title of it usually when
they put metal beard in something they you know give him proper credit but here
they didn’t it’s all good it’s still a wonderful version of metal beard with
some great parts my favorite item by far is the new printed 1 by 4 tile
representing a keyboard it is something that can be repeated so if you want to
make a huge grand piano you can or you can just keep it nice and small like
that like I mean you can just imagine that being a small simple look you know
electric keyboard like a home one just a basic one there’s another one right here
so they do include 2 in the set which is fantastic usually when they come out
with something new and cool and in a unique color a new color or with a new
print they give you one with a set so now they’ve given us two I’m very
thankful for that very very thankful the golden metal beard is included here a
bunch of different curved tiles in purple you get some articulation with
the arm that’s able to move all around and also has a suggestion of either a
either a vinyl our record disc there or a speaker I’m gonna go with a record and
this can move all around it’s not all that much you really will do with this
but yeah I’m just proposing it maybe you can give them a drink or something have
them doing different things waving different stuff these little
hooks down here can be used to play the piano you just imagine those
are extra appendages specifically for that record player up here he’s just got
all kinds of stuff on him I actually well heard that there they go okay there
we go I actually think that his his peg leg is
not the most ideal on this set because it has a gem at the end of it that’s
just gonna be scratching the dance floor up terribly I mean it looks nicely
cutting everything so that’s not the best idea and he’s got a horn over here
which is just his hand I get it he’s not even holding it it is his hand and he
has enough articulation that he can bring that up to his I’m cheating a
little bit there we go something like that so you can actually bring it right
up to his mouth so you know turn his head to the side and it looks like he’s
actually blowing into the thing so that’s pretty good this is able to be
angled up and down which is a little bit awkward but just roll with it
you know angle it wherever you need it to be it works out just fine so that’s
pretty cool he’s got just a random drum around to
one side you can see a little bit of transparent purple in there with the
inverted 2 by 2 round tiles and the big gold colored large shell they’re just
one single half not enough to to make something complete but still pretty
cool-looking and you know his legs just move back and forth and in and out just
a bit so there’s not a whole lot that you can do with the legs but you know
you can pose him a bit and he is able to balance quite well on his is a keyboard
leg there so does its job and lastly you got the golden chest there which you
know his his chest literally and figuratively and inside it just the
usual things for him the bone and the single organ represented they’re just
what they’ve always included and that’s pretty much it for this there’s no
alternate face for his head or anything we’re just fine just has his standard
printed hat captain’s hat and yeah I think it’s pretty good but to me to me
it’s it’s mostly just a parts pack this whole thing this whole build is just a
bunch of great parts I’m happy to get here are this sets I’d
builds just using up the remainder of the parts budget for the set it just has
a little floor speaker there this is a bit of a dance floor which has some
lights reminds me a lot of the Microsoft Windows logo the way it’s set up but you
know it’s small but colorful and then just a small table with some drinks
again smoothies or if you want you can use them as baby bottles if you also get
the sparkle baby set this disco Kitty variant of unikitty is absolutely out of
control with her 70s disco boots that are ridiculously tall and printed on
site including a little bit of a bit of silver there to give it a little bit of
shine and it’s printed on both sides thankfully as is the tale I think that
her her glasses are a little bit more 60s styled it’s just just a bit the
fanciest thing here by far is the feather boa which is some really good
material it’s able to hold its its shape without having a solid core like it’s
it’s not a pipe cleaner it’s just fabric and it’s just done
really nicely it actually almost feels like a cloud like it’s it’s very soft
and able to bend easily and yet it’s able to hold its its own shape just from
the fibers sticking to themselves so that’s all great stuff I think I mean
this is just it’s just cool just well designed and it’s the most modern
version of a unikitty design where they actually use they specialized inverted
while not inverted with a specialized yeah it’s inverted tile yeah with the
bar sized hole in it and they also give us an option to put a different face on
unikitty oh it’s nice to get options the print there is not perfect and I mean
this color here is supposed to be white it’s supposed to be the same as that
down there but this is pretty much par for the course for unikitty
again at least we have prints on both sides of the boots and most importantly
the tail and finally here’s one more variant of Benny this is Stardust Benny
with dual molded legs they are notice and I love the printed shades goggles
visor what would I even call that at this point glasses I guess no no but you
know they’re able to to flip up just fits on like a visor he also has print
on the back of the torso we will see in just a moment but first I mentioned
flipping this up I got a misprint no that’s too bad
well I mean unfortunately this will be down most of the time for me so yeah
it’s just too bad some people say oh it’s a misprint it’s gonna be worth a
million dollars on eBay I don’t think so it’s just a misprint and not even and
not even an interesting one at that and he’s cut his alternate face and there’s
the print on the back of the torso here are the leftovers the spares for each
set have kept them separate and yes the two by two metallic silver painted dish
is an extra for the party crew set a lot of cool stuff a lot of nice small pieces
in interesting colors or you know just useful things given how small the sets
are this set is $20 u.s. and honestly it doesn’t feel like $20 u.s. worth of
stuff to me sorry ah it just it just doesn’t you know the price support ratio
looks pretty good but doesn’t feel like a $20 said to me yeah and I recognize
some exclusive prints and everything don’t hold it there and stuff but now I
just doesn’t feel like $20 worth to me I’d love to see this on discount and
unfortunately you can already get it at a discount some place is a little bit of
a discount anything anything is good $15 maybe is asking too much but you know
something there’s 17 dollar range thank you yeah it’s not that big of a
difference but still that’s just my opinion 20 feels like too much a great
parts pack though a nice version of Benny and I personally love these
keyboard prints and also the feather boa good morning sparkle babies is $10 u.s.
and – worth every penny if you don’t buy
this and you clearly are a person who hates fun and joy and color and sparkle
babies so yeah don’t not buy this not sponsored by Lego okay I ice things
great I had to get it actually got more than one for myself so that I can use
extra Sparkle babies in different places and possibly play around with different
uses for the odd color as a foliage it’s just good stuff and I do think that
price it is fair for the stuff that you get here the the price the volume of
stuff ratio is not great here but I feel like the value is good with two full
minifigures two babies which are just so rare that’s a print and it’s a cool
thing and the foliage pieces it feels worth it to me so I have reviewed these
two sets in one video I also built them together in two videos one of them is
the real time build which has both sets in it the other one is the speed build
which is the same thing again just sped up so depending upon your speed in life
pick one of those from the end screen if you’d like to and if you haven’t seen
them already I’ll talk to you again soon thanks for watching

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    I'm on the fence about getting the Systar Party Crew; for its usefulness as a parts pack, I'm already having trouble getting Catchy Song out of my head as it is.

    I have no interest in the Sparkle Babies, but I like the minifigs and unique Star face print.

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  14. Jang… you say you have a miss print.. why not call lego and ask for a new piece? They do that here in the Netherlands for free. Already had it like four times. Best service ever.


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