LEGO Movie 2 Rex’s Rexplorer review! 70835

hello everyone this is the lego movie to
Rex’s Rexplorer set and I have to level with you right from the start this is
definitely one that I was looking forward to out of all the initial wave
of sets for this movie that were announced this is the one that I
personally wanted the most but don’t worry I will not let that get in the way
of giving us a proper and fair critique including pointing out things that
aren’t good if I find any first a word about size this does feel a little bit
small to me kind of as I expected from the pictures for a set that has almost
1200 pieces you know quite some years ago if you’ve got a set with almost 1200
pieces we’ve been probably almost twice this this large overall but it’s a
pretty dense build and you can very quickly and readily see that they use a
lot of small pieces to good effect to give you a nice smooth exterior and you
know to fill in a lot of the smaller sloped areas I appreciated a lot of the
building techniques used throughout this nothing is really groundbreaking if you
want to see the full assembling of this of course be sure to check out my build
video which you can find on my new build channel and I’ve got links to that in
the card over on hopefully the right side of the video and also in the pinned
comment and in the end screen but it was enjoyable to put this thing together
and it felt like it was designed with care there are a lot of little things
that that are not too fancy but that just helped to complete it to make it
feel finished to make it feel like yeah just like the designers cared about it
and cared about what end consumers would think about it you know you don’t see
you don’t see evidence of laziness as you look around this you don’t see open
anti studs on on the insides of these engine pods the engine pods are able to
rotate forward and back and angle in and out all four of them the same a lot of
extra work went into the design of this area over here to get that lime green
colored streak going through thing I personally like this technique
here and this technique here the one towards the back the first one that I
pointed out just has a 1×2 cheese slope they’re offset a couple of jumpers just
that’s a nice little bit of puff texture in there and helps to continue with the
the slopes which change angle and then over here they used a 2×3 tile on this
side and the sticker the other side it doesn’t with the 1 by 2 cheese slope
down below and it’s just you know against a a hinge that fits right into
the space pretty well yes there is a gap behind there but for something that is a
mass-produced set that needs to be easy to build I like I like little stuff like
that it works out pretty nicely stud shooters are used good couple stud
shooters up here you got a couple stud shooters up here these are fake cannons
but they look pretty good simple as they are like that you also get some
spring-loaded shooters that are built into this and those have hidden little
well semi hidden trigger mechanisms which are not too obvious again I’m glad
that Lego seems to have really heard a lot of fan feedback about their about
their their action features they’re integrating them more nicely these days
so rather than having a giant red 4×4 round knob or something you know this is
relatively subtle and it works well enough to just be able to push there and
have a projectile come out they have a total of four of these included in the
set at the front even when you’re way down low like this which is lower than
most people will be at while looking at this it’s nicely finished you’ve got the
little grille texture down there this actually is able to come down as a small
forward ramp you can’t really do much with that but it’s the thought that
counts I think I was mostly done just to to angle this but you could potentially
hide something small behind there that’s sticker at the base there was totally
unneeded but I do appreciate it again it just adds a little bit to kind of the
the classiness of the whole thing and at the back there’s a matching texture with
the grill area there and all of this down together to give you just a little
bit of access to the the cargo space in there right now this just has a single
container and that has a single sticker on the top of it and this is for Rex’s
energy drinks just gonna take those two – I three tiles off a couple of those in
there those are printed and new I like those
the tops are not new but the bottles that you make cans themselves are new
and you also get a little bit of storage up here and these spots are used for
small things such as spare studs for all the stud shooters the sides open up very
easily that works well gives you a nice open space you can clip a couple of
small things in here as you know minifigure accessories or things that
you’ve collected out in the field you get two seats in there facing in this
direction rex does not need to be in a pilot seat he is just a passenger here
because this is acting as a transport ship and it’s piloted by the Raptors
we’ll see those in a minute I’m gonna open up the other side to let
a little bit of light through there just so you can see the rough shape of that
now there is a wrapped her tail and butt in the way very rude hopefully he has
not eaten any beans along the way but he has just definitely leave these doors
open just saying it’s a nice looking space in there and again there is room
for accessories they have a couple of stickered tiles over here all clear
enough and on the other side is another computer display in here we have some
more accessories for Rex to use he’s got a couple of comically oversized blasters
each one has a stud shooter attached to it and then the lower barrel does not
actually shoot but it looks pretty good and it will fit in the hand of a figure
it’s just gonna be very front heavy while holding that this one is different
I appreciate them doing two different builds not quite and there we go that’s
a little bit better again just a stud shooter on it on the top and a
non-functional barrel down below this is the unusual activity tracker or rex –
using all that in his two hands unusual activity
tracker shortens down to you a tea or what that’s a sticker there alright it’s
display and the last thing is a skateboard rather large and awkward
looking skateboard well it’s designed to be used by Raptors so the Raptors have a
small vehicle that they can get around on the Raptor in the upper seat is
stationed very awkwardly because it has to be for salt sticking out partially at
the back and also has to be almost laying down I mean it’s it’s basically
on its belly in order to be able to fit it in there and you’re not able to
easily open up this canopy which is a shame because there’s a sticker in there
with a heads-up display console which is pretty nice but you don’t really get
easy access to that I will go ahead and pull some of this off just so that you
can see that one piece just drop down that’s okay I’ll get it back there’s
that sticker there so it’s showing what needs to be done actually in order to
get the raptor in there and then the one at the front gets to be all fancy this
one has an open Abul canopy but you still can’t get the animal out from this
angle however you can pull all of this out and becomes a scooter you know a a
portable vehicle flying vehicle for this one to fly around on so that’s pretty
cool kind of looks like a step st AP from Star Wars kind of in a way you know
it’s floating repulsor lift platform I’m assuming you bring these down to get
easy access or you can just use those as winglets if you want and yeah this works
out pretty nicely and this also has an additional console there with sticker on
it so that’s pretty cool lastly there’s a little section back here that can be
easily removed to give you access to another accessory this time it’s a
weapon for one of the Raptors and I’ll show you that when I
actually show you the Raptors themselves up close looking at the figures of
course on the left is Rex danger vest and I just love that name danger vest
it’s so thoroughly silly galaxy defending not guarding that would be
cubby right infringement archaeologist cowboy and Raptor trainer specifically
blue Velociraptor trainer also voiced by Chris Pratt as is Emmett of course it’s
a little bit conspicuous that Rex is not also listed as a powerful miner given
that the character is derived from Rex officially from Power miners originally
Emmett here has a little bit of battle damage a little bit of wear on him on
the the print there which totally makes sense and I like a little nod to the
shared voice actor they share a little little hair elements a little bit of the
design of it the hair is just off to the side so you know you know that they’re
thinking about you a little bit also the design on the back of the door so’s is
very very similar each of these has an alternate face and you see some
parallels there as well probably that’s going to be explained in the movie has
image trying to act like Rex that was just it for the minifigures
though only two figures in a almost 1200 piece set is odd but these Raptors are
characters as well so let’s take a look at those they’re almost identical almost
between the two of them there’s one difference in the base build for the
Raptors themselves they’re just using the same molds that we’ve had for quite
a number of years going back almost a decade now I think they’ve been using
these which is perfectly fine with me because they’re great they look really
good you can make them angle down coming down
to the ground you can open and close the mouths the heads turn from side to side
the little hands function as Clips they can fit anything the size of a bar
within them and the legs move backwards and and forward it’s very difficult to
get one of these in kind of a moving action pose there is a little spot
where you can get it to balance but I’m not gonna spend the time to try to get
that right now I’ve done it in the past but it’s it’s difficult so for the most
part you gonna have him pretty much just flat on the ground and I went and went
ahead and put the the cannon pack on this one over here just to show you what
that looks like has a stud shooter on top looks like it’s supposed to be
remotely controlled and that’s able to angle up and down and also turn from
side to side which is good speaking of turning from side to side
let me turn one of these around so you see the one difference this really
surprised me one difference between these two I did not even realize that
they were gonna be different I didn’t notice it in the pictures I’m sure that
millions of other people did notice it but I didn’t they have just the
different eye so technically these are two different Raptors entirely the only
thing that’s different is the upper headpiece or the main headpiece the jaws
are the same bodies are the same but yeah interesting distinction then lastly
we get the two planta moles and i love the idea of plant moles in general this
is totally a type of thing that kids would invent so I support this this idea
and the fact that they have really gone pretty far with trying out different
designs this one has the elephant trunks that can be moved in and out to make it
look like it’s shimmying around and he’s kind of look like eyebrows up here it’s
interesting with the orange color for that relatively new foliage piece and
this one has a very nice little action feature originally I thought it was just
just this you know just to make it kind of look alive but then I read the
description and pulled out a raptor and tried to do this let me see if I can get
this to actually work properly sometimes it doesn’t work all the way but you know
if this Raptor is leaping leaping around you know going really fast and then
lands on this and it can get trapped if you do it right now if you get lucky
it’s not quite working for me right now edie the two comes together and trapping
it’s supposed to there we go just have to be not too hard with it yeah that
works out pretty well in it it looks looks kind of proper some
it’ll actually get it to be stuck there but yeah yeah it’s supposed to be just
trapping the or or a raptor in place a lot of interesting colors used for this
yeah it’s an interesting thing look forward to checking out more different
designs of these in other sets so my overall thoughts about this set are on
the positive side of mixed on one hand yes I definitely like the look of the
Rex ploor it’s very very nicely finished with a lot of care it was again an
enjoyable build and hey check out my build video if you want to see that yes
I am going to actually promote something that I worked really hard on for a
change but yeah the build was good the Raptors
themselves are cool the plant moles are a good concept this works decently they
don’t really add that much to this set to me personally the number of
minifigures is low and the size is definitely a bit small for what I was
expecting for its it’s about appropriate for the size of the box but for the size
for the number of pieces included it’s not that great and in terms of value
honestly I feel like this is overpriced got to go there sorry $120 in the u.s.
no it’s a note from me that price is too high I would want to see this sold for
no more than $100 u.s. am i dreaming there I’m hating a little bit
objectively it totally makes sense breast apart ratio yep the inclusion of
a couple of animals these are expensive to make much more expensive their piece
is much more expensive than any other pieces in this set or in most sets
that’s why sets that have large animals typically have strangely inflated prices
so objectively it makes sense subjectively to me this feels like at
the most of $100 7 wreaths reasonably realistically I would expect this to be
sold for $100 and then I would be you know wishing it was 90 or something yeah
always gonna ask for a a bit more a little bit better deal but
100 would make sense hundred 20 feels like too much to me even though again on
paper it makes sense so yeah a little bit of a mixed bag for me wish this had
I don’t know couple more minifigures personally could
have done without the plant moles but they’re gonna make sense in the in the
movie and I think the the theme needs them to be spread about the design of
the main ship is really good though and its action features its play features
are very good its storage accommodations are very good it’s a smart design that’s
right it for my thoughts though let me know what you think about this and also
what you think about its price and value leave a comments down below if you liked
you sure to check out that build video and I’ll talk to you in as soon as I can you

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Movie 2 Rex’s Rexplorer review! 70835

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    I'll be uploading a lot of builds to the new channel and working to continually evolve a new, warmer visual style over there!

  2. I'm hoping this is a predecessor to a high-quality remake of the LAAT/i gunship. Gimbaling techniques on the engine pods could be applied to the gunship's turrets, the storage and hatches, basic construction around the doors… I can see some techniques that would be useful there.

  3. Raptors definitely do push it's cost up but £110 is way too much for this. That's a 2015 millennium falcon price, too much! It's one of the most over priced sets for sure. It should be £80/£90 and I'd be willing to pick it up for £70 in a sale. Looks cool and no doubt its probably a major vehicle in the movie so quite desirable. Great review as always

  4. Sometimes you will expect the lego from the box because of the background later when you build it……well……it look smaller to you

  5. 120 bucks???? I expect a size and parts amount of an ATAT or Millenium Falcon. It seems a little bit expensive or bad parts/price ratio.

  6. I totally agree that $120 is too much. It will come down to $90 at some point, which is merely 25% off. I'm very sure about that.

  7. This set looks amaaaazing! Loooove this design, would look perfectly at home in a Blade Runner set. I really hope Chris Pratt plays Rex and Emmet in LM2 so there can be a ton of Jurassic World jokes haha

  8. I wonder what the link is between Emmet and Rex is. They are clearly connected as they are both voiced by Chris Pratt and have similar looks with the design on the torsos and the hair thing.

  9. I just realized this set and the Pop-Up Party Bus looks like modified Super Secret Police Dropships from the first Lego Movie and that makes me pretty happy

  10. I’m getting this set for my birthday and I’m so excited I love just love all the blue and especially the green stripe on the side. Love the raptors and rex is pretty cool cool as well, plus it also nice to get emmet as well

  11. I feel Lego has got a lot more overpriced for what you get. When I used to collect lego (I stopped about a year ago) it was all quite expensive but you got what you paid for. I've been watching a few Jangbricks videos of the new sets and seen the prices at the start and thought 'Gosh! that £50 set would've been £30 when I used to collect!' So I still think it's great but £110 for this and it's not even that big!

  12. I wish it would include a space suit Rex like the one from emmet’s dream house because that’s my favorite minifigure from the LEGO movie sets

  13. Set is cool but I would like an actual cockpit for characters and not raptors but luckily it's an easy modification

  14. Fun fact I don't think anyone has mentioned:
    this ship was designed mostly around that military dropship from Alien.

  15. My birthday was today I got this thing built and I love this thing. It looks so clean and finished and has good detail without going too over the top. It sucks I had to use extra pieces for it because I was missing a 1×2 reverse slope but other than that I was very happy with how it turned out

  16. Lego literally explose his prices ! 120 € for this set Whatttt ??! 100 € for the Disco Bus, 75 € for the star shape little drone…. I prefer buy a modular for 30 € more like the Parisian Restaurant… Deception 🙁

  17. I got this set yesterday and I finished it in the middle of the night while my parents were asleep and i love this set, especially Rex Dangervest

  18. 12:57 i am so tamped to play a clip from the movie where lucy's says: you and the scary mask and the stomping around….
    Why you may ask?
    Because i picture a scene in my head where emmitt makes a remote control raptor. And makes the robot raptor stomp around. Emmitt is wearing a mask while doing this. And lucy is yelling at Emmett to stop. By shouting: that it Emmett! I hed it up to here with you and your scary mask and the whole stomping around with your robot raptor.
    Emmitt: it because its the only way you will listen. You said you wanted me to grow up. And be my own man.and not to do the whole sunshine and rainbow thing jast for you. I did this all for you. You should be happy that i am doing this for you. Sigh….now i don't know what you want anymore. ( emmitt walks away sad.)
    My thoughts: your a sad strange little man.

  19. If I end up getting this I'm gonna modify the cockpits for minifigs so I can get some more interior space.

  20. Always costs more in the UK 🇬🇧
    I managed to get this set at a discounted price but it still works out at 133 USD
    Lego costs far too much in the UK

  21. Animals base on plants what kids will make

    Get reminded about what I built with my sister

    So my sister built houses

    And I built war machines base on animals

  22. i feel like lego is compacting small lego bricks more and more every year so it looks alot more realilistic / sorry for spelling

  23. Just imagine that you can combine the rex explorer some parts with the Escape buggy into a more cooler style vehicle.

  24. dont u think this set is kind of small for $120? because ninjago dieselnaut is twice as bigger and cheaper

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