LEGO Movie 2 Pop-Up Party Bus reviewed 🚌✨ 70828

everyone here it is the pop-up party bus
from the lego movie to one of the more striking and different looking things
that Lego has made possibly ever not to say that that means it’s automatically
good but it’s unique and really stands out the process of building this of
assembling yet is something that you can watch in my build video over on my build
channel and if you like watching build videos in the way that I’m
starting to do them you can subscribe there and you’ll be able to see these
things before the reviews come out that build process I have to say was not
tremendously interesting to me it wasn’t like with the sistar starship from this
same series I didn’t feel like I learned much from it it definitely wasn’t much
of a challenge but it was interesting enough it was a good process a way that
everything went together the most striking thing about the Assembly though
was just how colorful it was mostly because of the introduction of this new
color this lower band of color this this warm color it is called vibrant coral
and it is indeed a new color when I first saw the pictures of this that were
unveiled I was worried that it was actually going to be just a re-release
somewhere to Teo up here of an older color in this case one called medium red
or commonly referred to as Salman or salmon and I really didn’t think that
color needed to be released it really didn’t deserve it this a really blah
color unfortunately you are not seeing just how vibrant the Capital V this
color is you have to see it in person it’s it’s almost fluorescent it really
really grabs your eye compared to the the older salmon color it really really
stands out it’s it’s a difficult thing I think to capture on film maybe unless
you use a higher color process that I don’t have access to at this time I can
definitely tell you that it is a worthwhile
addition to the lego color palette it really brightens up the lego color
palette and makes it seem much more fresh just with the inclusion of a
limited number of coat of pieces of this this color out of a what is it over a
thousand piece set yeah it’s it’s worthwhile it’s an interesting color and
they did include quite a number of them in here everything does go together
pretty well in the end and the size of it hmm a little bit a little bit
difficult to judge so let me get these mini dolls out of the way first
more people are familiar with the size of minifigures yeah I mean it doesn’t
really look like a thousand-piece thing and most of the pieces definitely went
into this main build but I can’t say that I don’t feel disappointed with the
end result even though it’s small there’s a lot of
stuff inside they really packed a lot of functionality into this thing so check
out how the pop-up party works this folds out this pops up these fold out
this folds out and then all this folds down around the back you also get the
option of folding these two things up as little winglets although you may want to
just leave those up while you are traveling around to make it look faster
or you can use them as platforms that’s entirely up to you and this largest
smoothest mass of trans purple ever can also be removed as one whole sub
assembly should you choose to get easy access to the driving compartment which
is fairly straightforward itself I’m actually gonna leave this front part on
because I think it looks really cool and there you have it this is your party
fully folded out with dance floors that can rotate it around you’ve got a DJ
booth up here you’ve got a singers platform up here you’ve got another
platform up above maybe you can see that as a special persons area or you get
your VIPs and have their their upper platform just to themselves
and it’s pretty cool-looking it’s very festive looking and it has a great
light-up feature with this engine looking thing back here there are two
things you can do you can push it in and you can turn it here’s what those two
actions do you push it in a light brick comes on you turn it and it turns the
dance floor and also spins a crystal egg piece a lower crystal egg piece from the
Lego elves line and that reflects and refracts light a bit which gives you
kind of a disco light effect that you can see even in the bright daylight or
in the infinite void room of my studio they do need to keep that pushed in all
the way I think you can tune it a little bit to work a little bit better than
this you see it does turn off from time to time for me here but this is just a
really nice little feature that you know it can last a long time that battery is
only powering a single small LED if you do run out eventually but it tends to be
months and months if not years before that happens it’s just a nice cheap easy
way to get some lights and action that move together you can also put a figure
on this it’s not a whole lot of space in there but there is some and then you can
have multiple people kind of working together on the dance floor
you also get multiple platforms out here so you can put two mini dolls or
minifigures out on the purple ones and then a very large character goes on the
vibrant coral gear there or you can put multiple figures on that and if you just
want to have regular sized ones now these gears are new very new brand new
they’re inspired by old gear design styles but these work with turntables so
this is on a standard four by four turntable base these two are on a new
two by two turntable base that’s a brand new piece for 2019 and you’ll be seeing
lots of those showing up in various different places they’ve got alignment
marks on these gears on each one so that as long as you have these ninety degrees
apart or aligned with other other studs on something that you’re
attaching them to then you can get them to stay relatively aligned to each other
very easily it’s just nice to have that a single kind of top dead center mark on
each one helps out a lot and yeah these these are nice things
allow you to bring in some action without a whole lot of hidden away gear
mechanisms and bevel gears and things that tend to have a lot of thickness in
a bad way and bump up the parts count and the price of things to get what’s
really a very simple action notice their speaker units around this they move
disco Kitty out of the way that’s a single sticker back there in the back
not too many stickers are used on this set actually it’s it’s a much smaller
sticker sheet sheet for this entire set then I would expect for something of
this size and for something this loud all the different colors this is a small
one there and it looks good everything looks pretty pretty comfortable they’ve
used the light spring green color for the one by one by one by one in 2/3
bricks with two studs on one sides the studs on the side brick that is two
studs or that has two studs on the side next to each other a stacked it just
allows you get a better grip without having to stack up a bunch of different
smaller pieces to make up the space it’s a pretty well designed thing they
definitely give you a lot of usable space for its intended purpose
setting up dance floors and having a party here only thing that’s really
missing I think just from the perspective of thinking of the figures
themselves thinking of the characters and what they would want a need here is
just a little juice bar you know just something to to get some refreshments
now they do include in the set a couple of refreshment bottles so this guy has
one and then there’s an additional one here because they know that these
parties are going to be very vibrant like the new coral color itself and so
you need to stay hydrated just need to have a place to dispense
those so that’s definitely something that I recommend that you add on your
own either from some other set or with a simple custom build to make this more of
a complete experience these two characters are on the Left melody and on
the right tempo Melody’s afro that giant hairpiece is brand new it’s actually
rubbery I originally thought it was just going to be the one that was originally
designed for the series one collectible minifigure clown but now it’s way bigger
than that and this was hard plastic here and this like I said is rubber it does
have a single mini peg hole on the top so you want to put a bow up there or
something you can get that magenta colored and silver printed microphone
here her skin tone is medium nougat compared to the light flesh color used
over here this is just a recolor for his hairpiece either of these hair pieces
work on minifigures just fine as a matter of fact just for the sake of
illustration I’m gonna do it yes you can take a screenshot of that and do
whatever you want with it have fun yeah these these are definitely very striking
looking characters it’s definitely always good to get another male mini
doll to be able to work with the existing friend sets and DC superhero
girls sets and and such and yeah they’re well produced I would say this is disco
kitty of course a brand new variant of unikitty with printed platform boots
there those are produces pretty nicely a new face for her I don’t know if that
that tiny little spot there basically were top lip ought to be I don’t know if
that’s intentional I don’t think it’s supposed to be there that tiny little
thing right there it’s a little bit awkward my favorite thing about this
figure is definitely the tail has a bit of our rainbow kind of effect in it that
is now I’m just very appropriate looks
looks very good and it is printed on both sides as are the boots I’m glad
that they didn’t cheap out on that and then this is ziba
Zeb II the disco zebra it’s killing me to not try to pronounce this character’s
name with like an Austrian accent or something and ziba but yeah it’s a disco
zebra there you go print for the front a 1 by 2 by 2 brick
has a couple of the relatively new curved pieces this 1 by 2 by 1 curve on
one side and this one by one I haven’t looked up the official names of these
just yet but you can see exactly what it is essentially you fully curved over
version of a cheese wedge or analogue to it cheese wedge also this is using a
couple of the relatively new 1×1 brackets very useful very nice those are
available both down like this and up and this is not that interesting of a figure
to me but it is very striking looking I wish that it had a little bit more
articulation or something and a mouth but we’ll see how this this character
looks and acts in the movie it might add a lot more value to this once we once we
get that the personality understood lastly here are the spare parts left
over after you build this set a lot of people will keep asking me to show this
stuff and I am sorry that I keep forgetting to do it no excuse doesn’t
take any extra time the parts are just there but here they are you can see that
they have a handful of the new vibrant coral colored pieces and you know some
of the more unique and interesting and special and recent pieces included in
the spares which is always a good thing especially for me get this dark bluish
gray stud piece with a hollow stud completely Hollow stud valuable this is
valuable this is valuable yeah some definite good stuff there in amongst be
the extras all told I’m gonna say this set is exactly as good
as it looks it’s definitely not for everyone not everyone is gonna like
looking at this thing in the first place but I think if you look at this picture
here and you look at this picture here and you like what you see then you’re
definitely gonna like what you get and even Lego in their own print they were
not able to properly capture just how vibrant this vibrant coral color is I
hope that every single person watching this video will get a chance at some
point in the near future to see these pieces in person even if you don’t buy a
set with with that color and they’re just so bright it’s like a day glow and
it’s somehow not overdone it’s a very difficult color to create requires a
real color Sensibility I think it was smart and I do think it
is a very good addition to the color palette and I hope that it sticks around
for quite a while I really think it’s it’s that good and that important at
least as important as media measure which was another really really smart
and good color to add added so much life to so many things the value here is an
interesting thing to to talk about the set has a great price to part initio and
it has some pretty big pieces included as well that typically make the price
part ratio go up in the in the in the bad direction and yet the set when it’s
complete the the bus itself especially when it’s not all folded out like this
when it’s in this form doesn’t look like a 1000 piece thing it looks very small
for a 1000 piece thing however once you open it up at least for me it feels like
it’s worth it it feels like it’s worth a thousand
pieces of build and I think that the price here is very reasonable for what
you get it’s one of those cases that is increasingly rare these days I think
we’re a set has a huge number of parts a relatively small finished product but
still gives you everything that you pay for and then some possibly because that
that light feature when it turns on and then the way that it refracts the light
and gives you that a nice full no facets that reflect that reflect off the sides
that’s really nicely done and the fact that it turns the dance floor there as
well it’s cool it’s it’s really cool for what it is for what it’s trying to be it
is absolutely a success again it’s not for everybody everybody’s gonna like it
what do you think you’re gonna like it you are gonna like it a lot
that’s it for my yappin about this thing again if you want to see the assembly
process I’ve got that build up you can check out more of my film videos as they
are made oftentimes probably usually in the future before the reviews come out
that’s over on my builds channel thank you for watching this I’ve got more
reviews to come and I’ll talked again soon as I can

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