LEGO Minifigures Batman Series – My Thoughts!

Hello, just2good here, and today, I’ll be expressing my thoughts on all twenty
of the LEGO Minifigures – The Batman Movie series. These release January 1st, and I assume the US price will stick to $4. There’s twenty minifigures, which is quite
a lot. Alright, we’ll be taking a look in the order shown
directly on this image. So, first up is the Mime. This one… doesn’t really interest me. No new pieces, I don’t like her color scheme, and she’s not particularly cute or anything. Her accesories are just the common ligtning. Best part about her is her hair piece, which
is the mohawk in a new blue, but even that I don’t really have a use for. This one is definitely one of my least favorites. Next up is Zodiac Master. While I like this one better than the Mime, he’s still definitely one of the bottom ones. I like his medium blue coloring, but again,
no new moulds. I like his silver crab as well. After that is Catman. I do like Catman! It’s higher middle for me. Yeah, no new moulds but he actually looks
really fun. Keep in mind, Catman is not an alternate Batman
suit – this is a different character. I like the brown cowl and utility belt, and his stern bearded look. Alright, now to one of my favorites, March
Hariet. This one is adorable, and I love how it’s a recolor of the very
hard to find Bunny Suit. This version looks great, I love her smile, and it’s only lacking on a more interesting
accessory than a tommy gun. The next one is another one of my favorites, the Calculator! This guy is really fun. I love his visor with the classic calculator
trick of 07734 – which reads hello upside down, and his light purple and white color scheme. He looks cheesy but in a very fun way. Then there’s Comissioner Gordon. As a figure who only comes in a lot of the
higher priced sets, I’m so glad he comes as a CMF and that it’s
an exclusive variant. I love his hair piece and messy clothes. Looks pretty gritty. His 2×2 printed tile is neat as well. Clan of the Cave Batman is… meh. I was never really a sucker for Cavemen LEGO
minifigures in general. Him having the same accessory as the other
two CMF cave people really doesn’t help. Next up is the first Barbara Gordon in the
series. You see, Barbara Gordon is one of two characters to
appear more than once in this series. I think she’s a good alternate. I love her hair hat combination, but I dunno, her face looks a little bit different than
her faces in other sets do. Either way, it’s a great head piece especially with that
flesh color. Then there’s Eraser. This one is a favorite – I love his headpiece so much, it’s hilarious. Also, the 2×2 notepad print is dope. I wish his outfit was a regular yellow instead
of the orange yellow, but either way, the whackiness and creativity of this dude
makes me love it. Glam Metal Batman is next up, and, eh… I’m tired of the CMF rockers. I like how this Batsuit channels Kiss, which is a band I like a bit. The new gutair design is my favorite part, but I do like the batsignal printing on his
mask and his shoulder pad. Either way, I definitely like this sucker better than the Clan of the Cave one as he looks more interesting and comes with more
useful pieces, but this suit is still far from being a favorite
of mine. Then there’s Orca. I like this figure! She’s a reskin of the Shark Suit Guy which
is a lot of people’s favorite. The printing and everything is clever and
even a bit frightening, which I like. My favorite part of her is the head piece
underneath which seems to be the inside of a mouth. I’ll have fun swapping that underneath other
suits. Fairy Batman is hilarious. Not one of my favorites but I’ll have use
for the leg and tutu in other places, and the fact we’re getting a pink Batman cowl
makes me laugh. Nurse Harley Quinn is good as well. I guess Harley plays a big role in the movie
so it’s nice to have her in a cheaper set. This design is adorable and I especially like
the nurse hat up top. Her open mouth cheerful face expression is
too cute! The 2×2 clipboard is a neat accessory as well. I dunno, I’m a sucker for CMF 2×2 printed
tiles. Red Hood is cool. I’m not too into Batman lore, but this is apparenly the Joker Red Hood and
not the Jason Todd one. If you compare how he looks in the comics
this is actually a really good translation of the character, and there is a head piece underneath for those
wondering. My favorite part of him is the Tux and the
shoulder piece. Next up is the Arkham Joker. Look, this is one of my least favorites, because a very similair version comes in the
Arkham Asylum set. Either way, that set is $150 and this is only
$4. The face print here is definitely exclusive, you can even see an alternate one in the overhead
view of the series. The leaked CMF picture had a Chef Joker, which I really wish would’ve appeared in this
series, but oh well. Still, it’s a nice way to get extra Arkham
Suits for cheap. Then there’s Lobster Lovin’ Batman. This is one of my favorites, actually. I’m glad his cloth is printed on his legs, and the outfit is really silly with his six
pack popping out of his robe. You also get a new face print, which I have
to say, there’s going to be so many expressions for
Batman by the time this theme is over. I mean, it’s going to be great for stop motion
people. The best parts about him is the new lobster
piece, and as a lobster lover myself, I’m hyped for it. I also like how the plate piece included has printing of a salad underneath for lobster
thermador, which is incredible useful. Dick Grayson is included, which seems to be the only way to get his
casual wear version. I like this minifigure a lot because of his
jeans, which has a nice print to it useable in a
LEGO City, and his sweater is perfect for a LEGO Ken
Bone. I also like the Shark Repllent print, which is a nice nod to the 1960s show. Then there’s Pink Power Batgirl, who honestly, is one of my favorites. The costume is friggin’ adorable! Also, it’s a cheap way to get Barbara’s new
hair piece, and I like the pink skirt and batarang. There’s also Vacation Batman, another one I really like. The float piece will be super useful, I believe it slips on at the hip. That’s a great moulding, as is Batman’s new
cowl with the goggle moulded on. I hope the face underneath is for Bruce Wayne, as Bruce only comes in the Batcave set and this gives us a chance to get that neat
face in a cheaper way. Finally, there’s King Tut. Meh… no new pieces but it’s nice to get
him since he was a character made just for the
1960s Batman TV Show, so it’s a cool tribute to that. So, I will rank my top 5 least favorites and
then my favorites. My fifth least favorite is Glam Metal Batman. Fourth is Zodiac Master. Third is the Mime. Second is Arkham Joker. And my least favorite is Clan of the Cave
Batman. Y’know, I can’t even pick five favorites, I have narrowed it down to six and it’s hard
to pick an order. So, this is in no order, but my six favorites are the Calculator, the Eraser, March Hariet, Pink Power Batgirl, Lobster Lovin’ Batman, and Vacation Batman. Anyways, what do you guys think? Tell me your favorites and lease favorites
in the comments below! I’ll see you guys later, peace out, bye.

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94 thoughts on “LEGO Minifigures Batman Series – My Thoughts!

  1. thanks for the review- i love the lobster batman too , there are some great new pieces – action batman is hilarious

  2. My preferences, worst to best:
    20. Arkham Asylum Joker (Almost identical to the one from the Arkham set)
    19. Zodiac Master (Uninteresting)
    18. Mime (See above)
    17. Clan of the Cave Batman (Similar to the other caveman figures)
    16. Barbara Gordon (Not much different to an ordinary policewoman figure)
    15. Calculator (Nice elements but quite similar to other CMF mech figures)
    14. Orca (Excellent printing but a bit similar to Shark Man from Series 16)
    13. Nurse Harley Quinn (Love the figure but it's not so good when you can get Harley Quinn and Harleen Quinzel figures elsewhere)
    12. Glam Metal Batman (There have already been a lot of rocker minifigures)
    11. King Tut (No new pieces but his expression is hilarious)
    10. Fairy Batman (Adorable)
    9. March Harriet (Very cute)
    8. Catman (Love his head piece and Wolverine "feel")
    7. Eraser (Hilarious)
    6. Pink Power Batgirl (Extremely adorable although I can't tell where in fits within the movie)
    5. Commissioner Gordon (There haven't been many Commissioner Gordon minifigures and this one is awesome)
    4. Vacation Batman (Love the duck and ring)
    3. Dick Grayson (Much better than the one from the Scuttler set and great for replaying the trailers)
    2. Lobster Lovin' Batman (Has some great scenes in the trailers and the lobster piece is excellent)
    1. Red Hood (Perfect for a Batman fan. Plus, it's two figures in one!)

  3. A lot of people like mini figures that were silly costumes like the hot dog man bunny guy banana man
    Shark guy Mosley the costumes are just animals and food

  4. I feel like someone just yelled out DO IT ALL! SPARE NO EXPENSE! When people were pitching ideas for sets for the Batman Movie

  5. My only wish that we eventually get a Cassandra Cain Minifigure. For this series, however, I had hoped for an Eggman Minifigure; he was another cheesy 60s villain.

  6. my favorites
    1. March Harriet
    2.Lobster Lovin Batman
    3.Dick Grayson
    4.The Earaser
    5.Pink Power Batgirl
    6.GCPD Barbra Gordon
    7.Commissioner Gordon
    8.Red Hood

  7. in Germany the Disney series costs 3 euros and these cost 4 euros now ?! ARE THEY CRAZY !? THAT'S 5$ FOR A MINIFIG !!!

  8. Could be because I'm a guitar player as well as a huge fan of Metal & Rock, but I love Glam Metal Batman. Easily one of my favorites, I just adore every Minifig that hast to do with Music, especially the guitar accessories always get me!
    Loooove him!

  9. My favorite is Pink Power girl, Dick Grayson, and Vacation Batman. My least favorite is Cave Batman and Clan Metal Batman.

  10. when i went to target on xmas eve cost $2.00 but bought 1 (thought was normal price & got zodiak master :/ ) went to same target but cost $3.99 each and got 4 got red hood,harley,orca,and pink power batgirl (both had full box on those days.

  11. The pink suit Batgirl seems like a modified version of the Fairy Batman suit, much to that of the Reggae suit used on Robin

  12. Fairy batman is my sigfig! 😀


    Top 3 favourites!

    3. Orca

    2. The Eraser

    1. Fairy-batman

    Honourable Mentions

    The Mime

    Barbara Gordon

    Least favourite

    Clan of the cave batman.

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