LEGO Mini Builds in FIRST LEGO League Jr.

This video is about short inspirational activities,
that we call Mini Builds. Mini builds are a great way to encourage kids
to talk about themselves and their ideas. All of the LEGO elements you need for the mini-builds
are in the Inspire Set. These are quick 5 minute activities where the kids will
build individually and then share what they built. Here’s how you run a mini-build activity. 1 – Give the kids easy access to LEGO,
including mini-figures, bricks, and base plates. 2 – the kids respond to one of the activities layed out
in the Team Meeting Guide. For example – show a skill they bring to the team. 3 – Each child will share what they built.
Remember – there is no right or wrong answer! It may look chatoic or unfinished,
but the kids know what to do. 4 – Your role is to guide and ask questions. Key points to remember: Your hands know more than your brain thinks they do.
So, trust the kids’ creativity. Speed and simplicity are key. Your don’t have to have a finished model,
and there are no right or wrong answers. Remember to use the Team Meeting Guide
to help you through the process.

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