LEGO Minecraft Steve’s House

What’s going on guys? My name is ZaziNombies, and today I’ve built the biggest addition to our LEGO Minecraft world series yet This is a massive estimated 4,000 piece Steve’s house. Built from glass, stone Wood, all these are different textures I used a gray door to simulate an iron door Also the roof of it comes off and you can see he’s got lots of gear. He’s got a potion Stand a bucket full of water a cauldron a chest full of gold nuggets a creeper head jukebox tons of accessories too as well a diamond axe and And uh, it can actually be used to I guess chop trees Also some other features of this property are a pool and a horse stable for Steve to have his trusty steed To go riding around. An absolutely massive base-plate the base-plate alone is over 2 feet long It’s 80 studs by 80 studs So that’s 6,400 square studs for this base plate. Steve has an alternate skin as well as a sort of a house party Tuxedo Steve. You can see too he has a little pet Ocelot that sits on the bed. If you guys are looking to build this LEGO Minecraft bed It’s built on a four by six Brown base plate with a couple little studs for the legs and then just red and white for the pillow and blankets There’s a couple mobs included in this as well as a skeleton. For his garden You can see we have some melons, uh pumpkins I even use some Lego vines from the Friends series and a couple of Lego flowers Just to give it some nice decoration. If I was a Lego minifigure I would absolutely want to live in this shelter It was just based off a couple different Minecraft shelters But inside also Steve has a portal to the end that I guess he crafted in creative mode For the flowers you can see there’s a couple different colors. There’s blue pink as well as yellow. Also, we have a giant bug Moded I guess mob. There’s a couple of jack-o’-lanterns and a pumpkin as well So I use tons a little log bricks from the older sort of cowboys series They give the house a nice sort of wooden texture. If you guys are looking to build a lego minecraft house I would sort out your gray, brown, and green those are definitely the primary colors. Also if you have some clear Lego bricks They work great for windows glass panes, and then just go crazy with it you can have some fun, furnish it with whatever You’d like you can see I put a pool in there. I used a lot of pillar pieces as well Those are helpful when you need to cover a massive surface area with one color And it helps to conserve bricks. Also smooth tiles for the little path I used light gray and then just green smooth tiles to give it that nice Minecraft blocky look, but there you have it I hope you guys enjoyed wandering around in this LEGO Minecraft Steve’s house mansion pretty much But if you guys did enjoy I appreciate a thumbs up and let me know in the comments your idea for the next LEGO Creation. So as always thank you guys so much for watching my videos And I’ll see you guys in another video with another LEGO creation. A great place as well to store Some LEGO golden coins As you can see right there

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Minecraft Steve’s House

  1. Once when I was little I got little shoeboxes, built a house of legos and put it in them. I got more shoeboxes and stacked them to look like a museum. My brother destroyed it out of anger 🙁
    (He has anger issues)
    I'd love to see a video of a lego museum!

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