LEGO Minecraft: Creepers COMPLETE Vol. 1 Movie (Parts 1 – 4)

Hey sheep ! How is it going, cow ? Hello pig ! What’s up ?Uhh… Creeper ! What’s up, friend ? What’s floating ? Tree ? Wow ! That’s… I’ve never seen anything like that ! I have to talk to him ! Stay… Stay… Stay away ! Wow! I hope you weren’t trying to hit me ! Hey ! Watch out ! Are you okay ? Yeah ! I’m… Fine ! Thank you. Cool ! Too bad about the cave. My name’s Niko by the way. I’m sorry I scared you before. Well I’m glad you’re here, Niko. I’m Steve, and this is actually a mineshaft. A… mineshaft ? Yeah. Someone from my village probably built this. And a very long time ago by the looks of it. Listen.Thank you for saving me and all.But I really need to get back home before sun down. If I’m right, then this minecart track should take me back there. Minecart track ? You’ll see. That’s amazing ! Can I come ? I don’t know about that Niko ! People don’t like creepers much where I’m from ! Well, I’m not an average creeper. Hah ! It worked ! Steve ! Where have you been ? Farmer ! I… I almost died !There was this guy, he saved me ! I wouldn’t have made it if he weren’t for… Niko ? Well, we’ll have to give him a proper thank you and invite him in for a bite then. That sounds awesome ! Oh. You must be… Steve ! You brought here a creeper ? And you named it ?! I named myself ! Niko ! I told you not to come ! Look, Farmer. He’s not like other creepers. He blew himself up to save me. And he talks ! Please, don’t tell Blade. Just… trust me. Well…Oh, okay, I guess I did say I’d invite him for a bite. No exploding though ! Of course ! I promise ! Hmmm… Blade is gonna hang me out to dry for this… Who’s Blade ? Bad news for you. Come on. What is all these ? Farmer’s a provider. His plants feed the entire village. I’m a provider too. Although, my job tends to be a bit more… well, adventurous than I’d like. So let’s say mister creeper. Steve here says you saved him. It was nothing, really. I just wanted to help. There was a spider, and he blew it up ! Huh, yeah ! Niko, you’re not safe here. You have to leave. Steve ! Show some respect. We thank you mister creeper for saving our Steve. Would you like a carrot ? Thanks ! But, uhm, no thanks. Well then. It seems we still owe you a debt. What would you have us do mister creeper ? Well, do you have anymore of these plants ? I’d love to see more ! So… You like plants then. Well, as a matter of fact, Steve here was gonna go work on the farm tomorrow. Plants as far as the eyes can see. Wow ! Farmer, this is not a good idea. Wha- what is someone sees ? Don’t you worry. If Blade is here, I’ll take care of him. I guess if Niko here is willing to protect you, why should I not do the same for him ? Rise and shine ! We’ve got a town to feed. Niko, would you kindly get the door ? Sure ! I’m sorry, I don’t have any hands. Oh, okay. Uhhh… You go ahead, I have to check something. Blade ! Wait ! Niko is not doing any harm ! I’ve seen entire villages destroyed by these things. He’s not like that ! He’s… It is a creeper. And I’ve lost enough to creepers already. I will not lost this village as well. Blade, I know you don’t trust him, but you have to listen, Niko is just- STAY OUT OF MY WAY ! Ah ! My legs ! No ! Blade ! NIKO ! What’s it like… to explode ? Well, I’m in one place, and at the next moment, I’m in a different place ! And I feel more relaxed. It doesn’t seem like I’m exploding, just…jumping between spots ! So…You gotta be all stressed out to explode then. Yeah, I guess… I save it for when I need it. You’re… very different from other creepers. Some people saw you today. I think Steve is worried, but… I wouldn’t be worried. You’ve got self-control… Heck, you might even get a proper role here. Thank you ! I’d like that ! Well, we’d best get back inside now, it’s getting late. Niko, get behind me. That creeper… is a threat to the safety of this village. Stand aside, Farmer. I gave him my word. No ! Farmer ! How could you ! You’ll pay for that ! No… Niko… Wait… Blade ! Wait… Get the villagers… Farmer… is gone. Steve… I know you were close. I’m sorry for your loss. You should know that Farmer died because he made the mistake of trusting a creeper. I’m tired of these walking bombs, causing us grief. If you can take down a creeper before it explodes, it will not come back. I say that is exactly what we sould do tonight. They have taken too many homes, too many treasures, too many people. The only good creeper is a dead creeper ! Cree… Creeper ! What’s… What’s going on ? No ! Oh ! It’s you ! Look, you… you have to help ! They’re killing us ! We… are… unable… You… can only help…. yourselves. Wait… Wait up ! Creeper ! I need your help to stop this. I know what to do. The hunters have retreated ! Everyone to the wall ! Ready ? Draw ! Aim ! Stop ! Hold your fire ! Hold ! We don’t want to fight. But we will if we have to. March 10,000 blocks away from our village and never return. And maybe we won’t hunt down every last one of you monsters. The forest is our home ! Why sould they have to go ? Creepers are murderers destructive monsters ! Walking bombs ! You are a threat to our village, and a threat to us ! Niko, you killed Farmer. I didn’t mean to… Leave… Now ! We came here to talk. Maybe… we can compromise. Please, Blade… No one else deserves to die… You… do… NO ! Steve, you blockhead ! Archers, fire, fire ! Stop ! Stop ! No… Stop ! What have I done… ? Hold the lines ! Hold the lines ! Why did you kill him… It – It was an accident ! Blade attacked us… He attacked both of you ? He… stabbed… Farmer… Oh. I’m sorry Steve. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have followed you.. I souldn’t have stayed here… I shouldn’t have… killed… Farmer… And bringing the others creepers back with me… That fight out there… I didn’t think we’d really fight ! That’s defintely my fault… The one who actually shot the arrow was me. You know… If Blade wasn’t around, maybe none of this would have happened. That still doesn’t change what did happen. It’s my fault… I have to stop this. I’m sorry about Farmer. I know. Everyone… get back. Shall I also step away, creeper ?! Nope. Let’s go.

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Minecraft: Creepers COMPLETE Vol. 1 Movie (Parts 1 – 4)

  1. If you have a castle in minecraft with huge wals and if someone tries to siege it and comes to close to the wals, pour them over with a lava bucket

  2. Imagine coming back from nostalgia to see this, read the comments, and put on newest first just to see "CrEePeR, Aw MaN".

  3. It would've been cooler it's the creeper got struck by lightning and then blew up so he would be a charged creeper

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