LEGO MARVEL’S AVENGERS – Level 9 – Ready A.I.M. Fire! Game, Gameplay, Walkthrough By WD Toys

wow guys it’s great to see you again i’m
so glad you came back we’re gonna have another all some lego marvel avengers
game today this is a iron man level and the actual
name of the level is ready aim fire ok let’s go ahead and head to space and
find the level LEGO MARVEL’S AVENGERS – Level 9 – Ready A.I.M. Fire! Game, Gameplay, Walkthrough By WD Toys so we’re going to press Start go to
space take our spaceship to space and the level is right up here it is like I said it’s called ready aim fire
is Iron Man level and it is cool let’s get going yes I’m sure you think that tony stark would be happy
that he helped save the world from the Chitauri but something about him is
different now he spent most of his time building new
Iron Man suit his mansion and is somehow managed to get himself in trouble with
this mysterious Menace known as the Mandarin I’d like to think he knows what he’s
doing but well is toning you see that lovely Malibu penthouse well that’s where i live with Tony Stark
normally it has a beautiful Vista of the Pacific but today it has a fleet of
gunships hired by the Mandarin to redecorate our lounge he’s the same villain that’s been
creating all kinds of chaos around town even putting our friend happy in the
hospital guess he’s not so happy now definitely
not Tony’s best decision giving our home
address to a bunch of love of blood villains on a positive note at least his
new Iron Man suit fits me snuggly the whole wall they blew this place up ok I think we’re going to have to get
into a suit ok this is awesome looks like we’ll be
able to play as Tony’s girlfriend Pepper Potts also sweet oh let’s see we’re going to go ahead and
build something now looks like it’s some type of a flying
robot but it’s just seen do sui it picked up that giant box as awesome since Tony can’t change it since Tony can’t get into suit now we’re
gonna switch to pepper potts we’re going to have to cut around this thing ok so ok ok looks like I could control it from my
side so let’s see yeah ok so I gets gonna grab that giant fire
hydrant and put out the fires sweet okay all the fire just their room
up i guess just the room ok maybe we could build something let’s see what’s here – is destroyed this big piano maybe not ok let’s see what pepper potts can do
with this stuff here anything else she could blow it up build
something well she rescued somebody oh not Tony took over her suit okay sweet we’re not pepper potts has no soup the more danger knowledge she ok let’s
get this puzzle done ok and it looks like that release some more
parts or I thought it did ok complete fire at this guy no I guess not but he sure could blow be
up a wall ok let’s see pepper could do something okay it looks like i’m going to melt
down the christmas tree here yeah yeah hey what’s this going to do it was a
building part yet cool something with grab bar maybe I since I
can’t get up there maybe pepper good let’s check that out Oh ok this is there’s a grab bar above the
ok let’s see that she grabbed it yes she could and what does that do just gave Tony a bunch of weapons I’ve been wanting to send the Mandarin haha think it through the piano at it that was cool oh wow blew up right in
his living room ok today again building parts here ok i could build something not sure what
it is but it’s definitely something let’s hope you’ve still got some tricks
up that I on sleep of yours Tony ok must be something was gone see yeah a gathering ok it has also ok sweet for a second we thought it was
over but a final missile slip past I watched in horror as the entire condo
sunk into the abyss thankfully Jarvis had managed to help
Tony escape a watery end with the suit had shorted out leaving him stranded in Tennessee
further adding to his troubles the hot-headed villains happen to be
visiting the area and Tony’s only Ally was hardly a local boy with a pretty
mean potato gun the pair were left with no choice but to
take on the flame heads together Tony really should start keeping the
rest of the Avengers on speed dial oh boy she’s evil cool I mean yeah you know it in a bad way to
me too much of a problem there transformers around here that will shut
the power off I accidentally did that happen twice ok let’s see I guess we could place Harley so looks like there’s something in here bad ok okay we’ve got some buildable parts here it looks like some type of switch which
raises the shutters were the bad guys are in there haha potato gun is awesome there’s some Hawk member of really in
here anything else ok maybe Tony could do something in
there ok yet when he could pick you definitely
build something here ok some type of drone ok jump on it or no offense but I think
you might be a little too heavy for this let me try ok let the kid try before school trip up here let’s go okay all right that’s one of them taken
care of now to find the other one yeah we took one Transformer down well
anything else up here yeah ok let’s see partly said it’s on the
other side oh here’s something ok let’s see what
this is ok looks like there’s some type of
target up there so maybe we can get that with the potato gun oh it’s not that melted particular
there’s something about vehicle here okay go ahead Tony picks it up take this
bag out let’s see if we take this thing for
arrived okay it looks like the kid’s gonna ride
it Carly’s gonna ride it and what’s going to do it Oh yeah cost him down there would it up area oh wow well he took that thing down ok anything for me to do here Oh looks like he busted the other
transformer which should take care of the power issue ok the powers off and get past now right sweet maybe I don’t know kid yeah Roy these things rebuildable pieces no there’s a guy with
the probe are trying to break into the store just catch my breath for a second
man and lady is evil will play okay good i get her with the hydrant
maybe no no ok tato done nope ok ok Tony is not going anywhere so let’s
see if we can help but maybe we can get in here maybe I can get her with the potato
again here this thing’s some assistance sure I
can talk you through this ok yeah and maybe not okay we’ve got her you have to shoot her from the back get
her from the front you can’t give her if I could target
knowledge yeah let’s take these back oh yeah ok yeah Tony do your thing oh she’s pretty mad now she broke into
the store let’s go after her oh man she was angry like really angry how has
she been going like that party was your English up ok do anything here ok looks like we’ve got the buildable
parts here let’s see if you put something together it’s a turkey Jace they’re serious turkey roaster haha sweet oh man microwave Tony defeated the remaining
extremists fueled agents and headed off to take down the mandarin then things
got complicated very quickly the Mandarin turned out to be a
washed-up British actor called Trevor and the real villain was actually
someone familiar not an ex neighbor but a nerd turn superhuman called Aldrich
Killian got to admit he was looking much more suave these days Kelly and only went and took me hostage
exposing me to extremist he also kidnap the president to and plan
to serve him up like a roast turkey Tony turned up to save the day this time
with iron Patriot by his side and his entire back catalogue of iron man suits
the ten-year-old the potato gun would have gone to but he had ideas room ok this is awesome okay sweet let’s see what we can do here like we got a save point here myself
save it always good to save ok Oh yeah what is this build now ok ok let’s see what’s over here okay we got a bunch of bad guys here yeah football Wow guys seriously strong ok we should be able to build this thing
down buildable parts or what is this elevator yeah ok let’s see what’s over this way ok behold that was not in that thing and here i think we’re gonna have to
burn through this thing yeah ok anything in here yeah ok click with yeah you can slide through
here okay go ahead and land x ok ok as moving that big flaming thing for
fuel audit here doesn’t blow us up see now let’s get back over there and see if
we could do anything ok let’s take a flight for us now good in here okay we’ve got some building pieces
let’s see what we can make yeah ok looks like we made the switch and move it man ok ok arts and elevators see yeah Wow yeah ok let’s melt these things down buildable pieces hey we got something here sign – so let’s go ahead and do that yeah maybe gotta go closer hey now this gives us a bunch more
buildable parts let’s see what we make that looks like
some type of a giant magnet let’s see if I’m right ok could be he that was awesome ok let’s continue on and what we got it
here Here I am I am the man really is a main redcar get him now ok if i gave you will need straight yeah Oh that guy’s yeah we even see them come in they just not
right in ok build in target him what this platform yeah love I think maybe dance ok I guess maybe just gotta keep fighting delaying the inevitable phony for happen
teaching nicer people Randy part yeah ok looks like you just fight the guys
until he comes down yeah yeah let’s do it the same does laughs and maybe I need a man here
starts yeah ok stark will have to build something
with this yeah ok let’s see what this does hey some typical left maybe here comes is all blue ivy that’s it was just like you failure yeah service doing a favor and go mark 42 even after being cooked in an iron man
suit Killian was still up for another round luckily for Tony I was in no mood for
any more nonsense combining my terrific Lee toasty powers
and an iron man repulsor I flame-grilled the big geek with that maniac out of the
way Tony celebrated by blowing up all his suits promising to spend the
holidays with me rather than with a screwdriver and an arc reactor with the
president now safe and sound Tony promise to use his super genius to
find a cure for the extremist enhancement straight after we had a
festive dinner oh and after he had a shop now removed
oh and don’t forget he is iron man okay well guys that was awesome that what would be what I would consider
level 14 and that was sweet guys don’t forget to click like it helps
me a lot and I really appreciate it if you wait to this video ends of Awesome
and card with a lot more fun videos wow we’ll have a lot more fun together and
we unlocked Harley Iron Man mk42 Iron Man Patriot pepper potts we and that’s all of them well guys i hope
to see you soon

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