LEGO MARVEL’S AVENGERS – Level 13 – Korea Prospects! Game, Gameplay, Walkthrough By WD Toys

oh ok guys we are moving on to level 10 LEGO MARVEL’S AVENGERS – Level 13 – Korea Prospects! Game, Gameplay, Walkthrough By WD Toys welcome back is great to see you again
and jurors so far this game has been totally all some guys you gotta check
out the other are levels i have videos of all of them and it’s a lot of fun
whew it to this video ends there’s a awesome man card a lot more fun videos well let’s get started stay in stealth
mode and stay away from here so running on until we can find altron I
don’t have a lot else to offer if you want to get some Kip now’s a good
time because we’re still a few hours on two hours from where safe house chickens playing cards we a safe house somebody was hiding time go ahead haha you should have told their fun here it’s
gonna get it he’s gonna get guess you guys start to
get a little cold out huh I don’t suppose you’d mind chopping some
firewood for later click hit the axis around here somewhere
so the kids wouldn’t find them that’s all the kids wouldn’t find the
axes yeah it’s not a good idea kids and acts
is not a good mix ok let’s go find these axes follow the
blue blocks ok looks like once in a while not that I’m questioning skills as a
builder or anything but you might need to force it off ok so the door stuck it’s showing me the tree so i’m guessing
i used captain america to climb the tree let’s see ok ok tippy toe tippy toe tippy to see the
jump over this oh I guess I keep walking how far or do I take this down every guy
just kick it oh man we knocked the whole shall depart don’t
think they’re gonna be too happy about that but we found an axe so okay maybe we’re going to chop
something down with the axe is showing us that stumped so let’s go see what we
could do there Earth’s Mightiest Heroes pulled us apart
like cotton candy like you walked away all right no problem ok trust a guy without a dark sun call me old-fashioned looks like we’re
splitting wood here well switch ok ok you have to wait to
all the symbol is inside the circle and then you swing you have to push the button that it
shows inside the circle ok that’s pretty cool that’s kind of fun haha Quinn said you wouldn’t mind our
tractor doesn’t seem to want to start at all I thought maybe you might notice in my
file so in their down time they’re farmers that’s pretty cool when I Earth’s
Mightiest hero farmer and his downtime odds awesome ok let’s see I think we’re going to need
some target practice oh not looks like we’re going to need a
cap here I mean stark okay i can unlock it ok so we’re going to have to our change
into this suit here which I didn’t think you could but i guess you could and then
we’re going to have to melt the lock there we go ok let’s see what’s in here
is you okay let’s see looks like sharks got to fix the track
there oh ok ok yeah ok looks like it’s still missing a tire
so where do we have it up there’s a tire sweet ok ok looks like we got this thing operational
I think so what do we do know ok let’s see we are miss up ok start this thing ok looks like we got some more pieces
here what is that Oh fuel okay we got to fuel it up that makes sense ok could I Drive it get up there we go okay that’s the end the mission 1 continuing on world renowned geneticist dr. Helen
chose research into cellular regeneration is second to know her
latest creation located at the eugene genetics lab is known as the cradle
which is apparently capable of synthesizing repairing damaged human
tissue by the way the image that you’re seeing
is a huge in genetics truck not the cradle they kind of look a little different if
Ultron got his hands on the cradle then there’s no telling what he might be
planning to do with it ok cool yeah chickens and pigs that haha your neck
hesitated you’re not the director of me I’m not
the director of anybody just an old man is very much about you start is hugging
it chicken whoa show up so what does you want to become a better
better than nice butterfly has anyone been in contact with Helen show cellular cohesion will take a few hours
but we can initiate the consciousness stream we’re uploading your cerebral matrix I
can read him he’s dreaming you’re a madman was in coming you’re a mad men really is a madman two minutes stay close cool yeah yeah yeah our Slama voice that is sweet Captain Rogers do you read me Romanoff
should be tailing you with your shield continue to engage Ultron and cap try to
avoid explosions that gem could level the city cap is gonna need that shield stay in
pursuit sweet cradle the power to make real
change and that terrifies me yeah yeah yeah okay without the shield battled
definitely is a lot harder as shield helps a lot and now maybe I could switch over the office was like I gotta take down
seven more of these guys ok I can’t switch back cap so much have
to take them down Black Widow ok I think I’m gap again now yeah ok looks like he’s taking them down I guess my job is to keep up the number keeps going down going down
three drive in here upside down to this one
now I guess her job is to keep off walk app
takes down the guys ok looks like a gap again that take down
this last guy ok take down the bad guys now what yeah very well mine give his shield there we go that’s
what I needed now we’re gonna kick some plot with this
shield sweet ok now we gotta count down again seven
six five three three more guys that got take down to like just one yeah up one more yet we took him down okay what do we got ok looks like down to three hearts so maybe i just keep battling okay we
got him down to one heart I think we’re about to take them down
here if I was pretty cool ok yeah yeah ok ok yeah yeah keep it that way ok let’s see if we could build something ok ok you’re definitely building something
serious here okay looks like we’re gonna have to
right above the cap ok haha all you whoa that is seriously awesome 00 civilians in our path can you stop this
thing I even saved a big train brakes on this
thing ok looks like we’ve got to get to the
front pull the brakes so let’s get going did I get it jump out no I don’t know ok now we got control of scarlet witch –
let’s see what she could do oh man she’s like bending reality or
something that was cool ok Oh some serious firepower let’s get out of here oh then that was seriously cool yeah ok I think we’re going to have to melt
some slide the iron man but first let’s blow these guys up that is cool man she’s powerful ok put the fire out I think we’re going to need Scarlet
Witch again here while she could like Ben reality or that is totally awesome wow there’s something here yeah ok haha wow that is seriously cool why you don’t mess with her that’s cool how she could take down so
many enemies at warren time here we go yeah Wow haha up looks like we’re going to need
cap again here for the fire come on cap got to put out the fire man
and Scarlet Witch to stop the train yeah don’t mess with her he’s seriously powerful up here we go
again be in time ah well one way to stop the train I just need to take a minute did you get
it startled take care of it now you want
you know what you’re talking about stocks not crazy on that side leg man are you
experimenting on pigs Oh flying pig Jarvis in two distinct seriously awesome
inside come in anyone comes yeah it’s just finding a way to get airborne
try to sell some of the vehicle parts not mess with her ok we plan to pick silver sweet wow these guys seriously fast look at him yeah haha so cool yeah yeah is everywhere want the hard as the
awesome combo okay what are we saw some good here
opposite sex we’ve got another bad guy it looks like we could target this here
so what’s that gonna do yeah ok anyways looks like we got a safe . here
let’s go ahead and save the game yeah okay looks like we have to rescue her we
build anything you have to open that door some yeah yeah ok so you use Scarlet Witch is mind
control here to get this lady to open up the gate from the inside there we go ok he threw the switch to open the door
there we go okay so we got the pieces now go ahead
and put it together ok would but didn’t build sweet build something here okay let’s see what we have to do here ok while she just picked that far off oh she broke the tower suite ok let’s build this thing up wow what is this thing looks seriously
cool ok let’s see if there’s anything over
here up looks like we do something here and cap
shield ok let’s take these guys out yeah and you build the whole part okay there we go he’s building it up now and now we should be using shield ok nope there we go ok actually open the door I think okay let’s see what we got in here while
we got a lot of stuff here let’s see what’s in here sleep combo ok let’s see if we got any part usable
parts here ok we could build something here let’s
see what it is ok this is one of those pics silver
arrows that we weren’t able to use earlier and see what he could do with
this ok said be sweet all fast and running while you ran right
up the building that was all solved ok let’s see can we do anything up here ok looks like we got some buildable ok
so now he’s building something at super speed all the latter cool as awesome okay let’s see yeah we’re gonna have to get cap out
here we’re getting out to climb up this thing and put that fire out of top that’s very cool ok of course you got a bunch of bad guys ok well i think let’s take care of the
fire first maybe not okay there we go ok Oh Stanley okay we’re gonna have to switch
characters here yeah ok hello wow just through that whole thing down
on the street that gives us a bunch more buildable parts it needs Quicksilver
here put these things together quickly ok that is cool why was awesome ok let’s put these
things together super speed let’s see now we use think we got to use cap hear the words
that are you still up top ok so what do we do it here see ok now i got you get the complex
operation very golf operational and it’s calling the good guys sui ok guys that is the end of level 10 that
was totally awesome I had a lot of fun doing that with you
guys if you wait to this video and there’s a awesome and card with lot more
videos jurrasic world and minions and Star Wars lot more lego games have a lot
of fun while i hope to see you guys soon

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