LEGO MARVEL’S AVENGERS – Level 12 – Anger Management! Game, Gameplay, Walkthrough By WD Toys

use the internet as an escape if he
decides to access something a little more exciting clear cuz nuclear codes Ultron’s calling us out the world’s a
big place to start making a small yeah LEGO MARVEL’S AVENGERS – Level 12 – Anger Management! Game, Gameplay, Walkthrough By WD Toys I’ve come to save the world what’s this the message I know that guy operates off the African
coast black market arms where is this guy now yeah chickens a lot of chickens they taste yummy according to start Ulysses Klaw should
be on a ship called the Churchill stay on the lookout okay guys here we go and this is the ship here we’re gonna
follow the blue block road aah brakes of stuff on the way cool
she’s got like white Sabres or something at least that’s what it looks like ok so
this is the side of the ship here let’s see what we could do looks like some type of climbing
platform ok and here i think we’re going to need
iron man to cut this open so let’s go ahead and get him and we’re going to
have to cut around this thing which is in the shape of an anchor which is kind
of cool we ok looks like we got some building blocks
now well okay maybe not let’s see what we do
have okay we got some parts here but I think
we skipped something we are missing something let’s go back and see all there we go okay looks like we’re going
to have to follow this so and let’s see what that did many
parts anything we can break okay we got silver
lego object so let’s go ahead and take those out shoot him with some lego explosive
arrows and I think we got parts here let’s see what we could build ok looks like we could push this open
here wow that’s a lot of parts sweet let’s see what this will do to get
some type of a giant band also some okay looks like we’re going to have to go
ahead and add the electrical components to it so let’s go ahead and put those on that’s weird you did it doesn’t want to
pick them up ok now she should be to charge it
because she’s got those electronic batons every doll call it is a giant fan haha it’s blowing rust or something right off
the ship as cool oh there’s the name of the church l
great britain somebody’s laughing and evil laugh back up here comes the bad guys it’s
time for you to kick some butt that is a big ship are cool there’s a platform we could climb
electrical protons are awesome ok so now go ahead and climb this ok so we have one of these puzzle things ok let’s see what that does okay what
exactly they do ok then i think i’m going to need to
switch to iron man blow some stuff off up I guess you could just fly right up ok now target these things and then I’m
going to need to fly across so let’s go ahead and fly across whoo little too high haha go ahead and assemble these things
so the other guys to get across ok that’s cool created a bridge ok now they could cross
and let’s see what else we could do ok looks like i’m going to have to
switch to black widow here so she’s gonna have to cross this thing without
falling hopefully you haha post well there ok so i think we can climb this ladder
here and then let’s see here we are ok so up down left up down left ok cool would that do Oh opened up the big doors i bet you
there’s a bunch of bad guys in there let us go and okay let’s go see what was
in here smooth all moving on to part two of the
mission dr. Bruce Banner was understandably a
little hesitant to bring the Hulk into battle of the Avengers so he and tony stark developed a few
safeguards in case the green guy decided to go on the rampage the specialized
Iron Man Hulkbuster armor can be dispatched to tony’s Veronica satellite
anywhere in the world as a last resort sounds more effective and mellow jazz
bongo drums or a big bag of jelly beans Hannah meaning they have to call off
down lights disco lights now minister where
were we yeah and chickens to have a prize pupils
that I got my hand in charge let’s talk business all drawn on the guy
sure likes his chickens I bring you it’s worth billions now so are you and
your friends rich and your enemies rich should wait to find out which is which don’t start used to see that you’re one
of his don’t compare me with stark jr. you’re gonna break your old man’s heart
if I have to shoot which wine all of them haha you is
going to say there okay let’s see what we could do up here
up to save the game first yeah anything here now okay let’s see wallack is the fast track to picking up
your hammer haha remember what happens and that
happens you’ll be slowed down with your trick submit grabbing his hammer because
only Thor could well they wield it yeah ok anything I could do okay I think I got a target that thing
behind him Oh stunned him oh I thought is stunned him are here
stunned yeah okay i guess they got another puzzle to figure out now let’s go see what we could do with those
okay i’m going to use Blackwood all done here assemble these parts oh I guess I gotta
kick butt first okay I’m gonna have to charge this thing sweet ok looks like I’m gonna have to go ahead
and get up there so let’s see how we do this so there’s a lighter ok let’s climb the
lighter avoid Quicksilver in I think I could jump on this yeah there we go okay solve this puzzle okay that looks like i’m going to need
tore up here to break that so let’s get store up here ok maybe I could forget it from down
here nope okay here we go sweet it’s going to slow down our is going to
try it oh he couldn’t resist the hammer haha you couldn’t resist that yeah ok so
what’s our next puzzle let’s see what he does just can’t resist
grabbing the hammer even though he knows it’s not good for
him he just can’t resist it ok let’s go ahead and get Blackwood all
down here let’s see what was here it looks like we’re going to need cap yeah throw the shield up what happened there haha cool ok that’s sending power up there see
what that does up we’re going to need door again ok have a time again and see things guy
takes the bait again third time he didn’t learn the second time all right said no all he couldn’t resist he took the bait let’s go knock his head
a little bit okay oh boy she burns me up man ok come on like we could build something here okay looks like we’re going to need cap
here ok let’s see it for you this will take
down Scarlet Witch help maybe I gotta cut this thing open no shoot her nope okay see what do I shoot ok we melted it
down this is a code three the hawk time it’s time for some games status haha knock some heads together Oh No she’s controlling door now and Captain America while this is not
looking good guys oh man I think they got the whole team
now my guess is going to be up to hawk oh they’re in some type of alternate
reality okay this must be in black widows mind
breaks only the breakable ones ok which ones are breakable Oh target practice cool yeah yeah okay looks like we’re in Captain
America’s mine now haha like a dinner show are you ready to dance it looks like I’m gonna have to dance
with them do the Dodds and here we go to trial to step left right now looks fun oh wow serious flashback man wow what was all that Oh looks like now we switch the
authorities mind ok this is kind of freaky looking what is he thinking ok and here comes door see everything they
see you leading ok he’s backing up by himself now ok looks like you’ve gotta push be some
type of a dance haha wow that’s some serious destruction oh man is destroyed everything wall was pretty cool shoot the birdies Oh plunger in the face that was cool haha i want the big one oh uh I think it’s green time the vibranium is getting away you’re not
going anywhere of course not I’m already there good job but first you might need to
catch dr. banner uh yeah he is not happy Natasha I could really
use a lullaby and that’s not gonna happen for a while the whole team is down I’m calling in
Veronica Veronica haha that’s got to be the hawk buster this is gonna be a serious sleep awesome bad all from her you’re Bruce Banner don’t mention puny banner awesome we’ll
be getting any time soon guys better suit up should be able to help you haha all wow they’re really going to beat the
hawk this is awesome guys Oh men that is cool some serious face punch it haha yeah but they’re really going to take the
heart pretty cool it does ok what now shoot him now ok looks like i’m going to shoot this
traffic light here ok then let’s try shooting walk again Oh looks like i can melt the platforms
on oh he wasn’t happy about that ok what is this like I could target have all something
is deploying a chicken oh ok haha he grabbed the chicken right
before the cage completely surrounded him oh he is our chicken got away all he’s not happy now Oh men that was
serious yeah this is a seriously awesome battle guys haha get a suit really beat off that guy’s
almost indestructible all maybe I’ll bring him to his senses yeah yeah ok yeah Oh it doesn’t look good okay where is it should I shoot him up yeah okay go ahead and forget him what are we supposed to target here ok now we’ve got to repair my soup
because he ripped the arm off killing okay you’re flying do sooner you are on to arms sweet oh I took them down Oh above all rooftop battle sweet oh then that was some serious
wrestling moves Oh men this is seriously awesome battle I thought the door battle was good yeah this is a sweet sue you could actually
take on all ok all these climate are like he’s pink
longer something ok so i got a target something maybe I
could target them yeah that doing anything Oh made a bad there we go I should really make him bed ok oh he’s throwing the rock at us and just
got it why he’s taking some serious damage here what he fell asleep ok shoot myself or ok looks like I sit
back to the suit not as this one haha all just knocked him right on the
head looks like I put him to sleep it’s gonna work we’re going to get you wait on that way all he took the suit
down wow that was a serious fun that’s a buyer be serious oh now we’ve made him really angry man
he cracked our lands alright done through the building how sweet is there we collapse the whole
building Wow are he’s still alive me and that’s serious damage 00 we took him down Wow guys that was an awesome level that
was some epic battles with hawk well guys I had a lot of fun making this
for you guys if you wait to this video ends there’s a awesome and card with a
lot more fun videos as Star Wars and drastic world and lego games and will be
awesome sweet we unlike agent Carter I’m dole
madam be and anybody else okay well guys i hope to see you

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