LEGO MARVEL’S AVENGERS – Level 10 – Lost In The Aether! Game, Gameplay, Walkthrough By WD Toys

wow guys it’s great to see you again i’m
so glad you came back we’re gonna have another also marvel avengers lego game
level today that is called lost in the ether LEGO MARVEL’S AVENGERS – Level 10 – Lost In The Aether! Game, Gameplay, Walkthrough By WD Toys it’s a Thor and Loki team off level and
it’s going to be awesome guys make sure you click like it helps
me a lot and I really appreciate it if you wait to this video ends there’s an
awesome and card with a lot more fun videos ok so right now we’re going to travel to
space and i will show you where you could replay the levels and we’re going
to find that level so you go you click start you click go to space yes and we are in a space ship headed to
space and this is that the ship you see is as actual legal set you could buy and
put together it’s a lot of fun and guys the levels
like that they have the weird white lights around it are ones we haven’t
played yet so lack of insight is one of them but today I’m gonna head to the
thor one which is lost in the ether so let’s go ahead and get that started
story mode and yes sweet this is gonna be a lot of fun guys well for was helping us track down low
key we asked about any potential threats to admit garden sorry earth one of his stories was about
an ancient race called the Dark Elves led by melica who attempted to use
something called the ether bring darkness to the nine realms it sounds kind of serious but thora
should as it was all settled thousands of years ago why do I still have a bad feeling about
this ok let’s get started long before the
suite with stars and from that darkness came American a dark elf who millennia
ago Saturn Return our universe back into one
eternal night using the power of the either an ancient force of infinite
destruction my father vanquished medic in a mighty
war it was a tell he recounted so often that he truly lived up to the name king
bored haha bad King boar was at the ads are slow or so we believed until Jane
faster Thor’s girlfriend from the wrong side of
the Bifrost somehow managed to stumble upon it waking an ancient evil from his slumber
with only one layabout to defend her and my favorite son in prison as God was in
more peril than it had ever feast that was cool enjoy yourselves come you have my word while this looks
like a tube greater level suite is presented ok let’s see who else we’ve got here okay we’ve got boss trill and fan drill
are some this game looks a lot like lord of the rings this is awesome looking wow ok can we get in here anything nope ok well let’s get rid of the bad guys in
any case ok I think we’re going to take door up
here let’s get rid of some of these guys
first fastener smash we wow that’s a lot of pieces ok we can
build something here you want me to put the hammer dad you
don’t tell authorities to put the hammer down you’re in trouble is he will put it down
on your air sweet okay looks like we’re going to have to
go ahead and power this thing up yeah sorry my friend never thought I’d have to break myself
out of the dungeon as a serious gay wall okay before we go on let’s see if
there’s anything over here okay what is up here besides more bad guys cool what is this all so this is one cool level guys ok let’s see what’s up here Oh lot more bad guys ah the whole entrance is blocked by a
scarred is being destroyed what is going on within this time for you want me to
bring the hammer down ok let’s see if we take this thing down there we go you’re clear an entrance sweet its it she looks awesome up ok let’s see what’s on here ok sweet i could bless her Oh looks like I got it by 23 25 of the
enemy ok glory sweet okay we’re down to 15 it’s a water you made it yeah serious fighter yeah we’re down to six five four three
two one where’s the last one right here okay we got all 25 we wow that was cool whoo-hoo reason just floating through
the air in danger come we must take the place of these
intruders identity ok looks like we’ve got more bad guys
take out yeah ok guys out first before I don’t want to
be four no dark Al’s wow you guys serious that is one serious looking door I gotta get through there yeah yeah poor bores wall okay what are we making
here I’ll sweet two battering ram also old Arkells these guys a serious while they’re destroying as guard okay what are we gonna do here I think first we gotta go anything we could build ok oh we got more building parts okay we’ve
got to finish the battering ram ok Oh another dark Bell wall what to do now yeah okay are we done with this thing you use
it yeah looks like we’ve got more part ok like it’s not finished putting we’re not
done putting it together yet ok looks like we are now so now we have
to push it ok I there we go all right through the gate sweet Adam allocates escape to his
considerable list of heroic failures his only option was to seek the help of
his brilliant brother cruelly locked away and forgotten in as God’s dungeons
defying my borders they played as God through secret waves long for God and
together as brothers they stood to face our greatest full of
a wall that is cool no man’s place looks scary wow he’s throwing the whole top of a
mountain that us ok I think we better save this where we
go any farther ok let’s take care of some of these guys
here looks like love he’s doing something
here would it make us in giant hammer and
chisel ok haha we make it locally lucky stacked
you he made a statue of himself it’s hilarious okay looks like we’re
going to need door over here to break this thing open oh he destroyed Loki statue Oh hit the guy in the head that was
three still trust me brother I wouldn’t definitely not i would neither this guy’s angry now ok strange sucker said Wow created like a black hole in the wall ok looks like we could build something
here let’s go ahead and do that see what it
is ok what did you want love me to do now ok looks like we gotta go activate this
thing you’re going to need low key here there we go oh it’s a giant show all it’s going to
be something used to attack curse maybe versus the bad guy that was attacking us
earlier ok so i got one of them up with making
out something else here the old shovel look we’ve got one more ok we’ll get if i can get away from
these guys yeah okay Wow okay let’s take care of these
guys worse ok and now what do hey let’s see maybe there’s something
hidden in one of these build the ball hey this is my house isn’t everyone would do it okay there we
go now would you build something wow that’s
a shift up like it needs powering up well I think we’ve got door here you
doing brother i suggest you do it pasta they got me ok yeah yeah ok let’s share these guys out yeah very well let’s see if you hit Kurtz yeah always yeah we nailed Kurtz is going to
come back okay let’s oh he’s back again oh maybe we can battle and 1 on 1 i’ll
be fun haha oh man hammer to the head is my favorite son cool man yes but a giant in his will gave his very life for Goldilocks the
hammer number by more locked and design my letter son and his girlfriend managed
to return to Earth and regroup with the rabble they call friends they hatched a
plan that held the very future of the universe in its ballots the war are you there you’ve been off the grid a
while now our sensors are detecting abnormal
energy around her station are you triggering that okay sweet that just means we have to keep Malik
busy ok we need some way of putting this fire
out let’s see we have our Jane and it looks
like that Eric let’s see if there’s anything in
here okay we got some buildable pieces here oh wow haha he made the ground swallow
the guy that was lost Bob what are we going to build here up looks like some type of a sprinkler
that’s cool well I guess you gotta get past the Dark
Elves to activate it so let’s take these guys out actually
maybe I could just run for it oh there we go oh it’s activating that’s a serious
sprinkler I’ll put out the fall fire and made the
flowers grow haha well let’s take out these Dark
Elves now well it took me up now I had so cool making the ground to
swallow them ok what could we do with this helicopter
will probably destroy it for parts there we go devices will make you text
him ok let’s see what is this thing gonna do Oh some type of the staff sending off
some type of signal sweet ok could any of these guys do this huggle here ok maybe Jane could do it ok i’m trying to make me turn now ok
there ok let’s see what that is wow you’re never meant to be to learn Malik waffle bowl your universes never meant to be like
Arnold Schwarzenegger it’s not a tumor oh they got destroyed
the flowers for what purpose ok what now there’s something in here yeah yeah well he sure is sending a lot of
Dark Elves after us oh ok so far as I thought yes would have come to you not by your hand haha oh man check this thing out that is also the store gone looks like Thor has gone ok but it looks
like we could build something there take this guy out first ok let’s put
this thing together we will bring Thor back ok yeah I just keeps punching me in the back of
the head oh sweet ok looks like we’ve got
something back here up Jane for this one and she fell to pieces see what we got here haha apples cool ok ok core is back was guys power poles is
scary well I guess you gotta get up there and
get him ok we’ll probably need to figure
something else ought to get him try this again and we can be targeted
him maybe I can’t target him maybe we’ve got to build something let’s
see Oh looks like we got destroyed 24 dark
out yeah that’s what it is ok so here’s some combo moves here yeah a bunch of these guys at one time ok 12 more that’s so cool when you can get so many
of them at one time with your hammer and then you can punch the other ones
your hammer doesn’t get swinging surrender you can what you can sweet there we go oh now we got his done let’s take a mile Slough be everything the big loved one the day with a
considerable sacrifice of his brilliant brother what a shame for waste if only low key
had lived to rule one the King you would have made glorious and burdened with
glorious purpose well guys that was an awesome level lost
in the ether that was one of the bonus levels I would probably consider that level 13
that was a lot of fun guys make sure you click like it helps
me a lot and I really appreciate it you wait to this video ends there’s an
awesome in card with a lot more fun videos wow and we opened up Eric Eric sell big
untidy and Fandral Wow Jane Foster we opened up a lot of them Loki no helmet set of football man ball stag Malik it may I was a lot of
them what guys I hope to see you soon

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