LEGO MARVEL’S AVENGERS GAME – Level 1 – Avengers Assemble! Gameplay, Walkthrough By WD Toys

Wow guys great to see you again well come late adventures episode 1 guys this game is awesome aah LEGO MARVEL’S AVENGERS GAME – Level 1 – Avengers Assemble! Gameplay, Walkthrough By WD Toys this is my newer channel WD text boy up
this is going to be more my gaming and up new technology channel are my other
channel on WD toys you can check out the videos on there is
value in later videos on there but they’re mostly on your videos a lot of
them are focused on dinosaurian jurassic world toys well i hope you guys enjoy this one
because I mean I I really think this one is awesome and i’ll be doing our other
Lego warns I should be doing lego star wars on here pretty soon so
it’s kelly gonna be a mix i’ll be doing some of this some of all lego star wars
some drastic world so I have quite a few our games coming
up here so make sure you place the operations with me ok this is the first time i want to show
you a marvel Lego Avengers game and i’m not exactly sure what i’m doing haha
sorry about that having problems already are we cool it looks off some ok not what ok yeah yeah yeah ok yeah yeah ok l boy looks good really a lot haha i was cool I took them all down oh I guess there’s more yeah this one you get like these games with
this is slowly wow we just blew that truck up bad that was cool haha i was our love Oh get easy other gay woody Oh lost the element of surprise
you with that bunker Oh walk yeah I didn’t take long sweet now we’re hall I like to hawk also there’s a thing could stop this guy now guys eyes is it slamming him back
and forth that that was hilarious is using him at the club help how can I help ok yeah yeah yeah yeah ok yeah yeah sweet iron man blew it up and created a
bridge for the hall awesome let’s use these guys as clubs again haha
and so cool oh that was good wrestling move yeah where are these guys coming from there
just popping out of everywhere may be hard to take this shower down ok Wow haha that was cool yeah yeah yeah yeah God not allowed in the bar hot smash all smash you must put their
foot is smash hot smash 00 captain america’s sweet so far wow this is awesome up I want to be Thor my favorite part of these Lego games
matching everything yeah up what happened no surrender yeah claps those cool I could fly ok all ok yeah let’s put out these fires oh haha i fell right over the edge ok ups cool LEGO building time well it looks like a tank we supposed to do with this yeah yeah yeah wow us Oh blew up ok let’s throw his hammer sweet this game is cool there’s a lot of
critics as say it’s not that not that broad but i’m gonna let up better use the trench to get through I
like just smashing stuff haha yeah ok yeah up Oh yeah well that they’re downloading did and
now should be on your screen shield switches ok yeah yeah yeah it’s got a blow dad I want more for this yeah put the hammer down put the hammer dad put the hammer down on your head yeah yeah yeah yeah swing had to work together to blow that
thing up put the Hama dad put the hammer down low
so the city is taking 50 no strippers we can worry about civilian casualties send in the iron Legion straight this quadrant is unsafe please back away we’re here to help please go away we want to iron man’s oh they’re not
happy haha to attack your stalker you feel
ventures they have to be after the scepter we
will not you the Americans sent their circus freaks
to test us it was something back in banks north
right now I’m going to surrender if we give the Avengers the weapons they
may not look to find what we’ve betweens they’re not ready to take out no no I
mean the twins you didn’t see that coming ok you know he’s a blur Clint’s hit pretty bad guys we’re gonna
need evac I can get Barton to the jet sooner were gone the better even start
secure the scepter copy that closing just down people start to you copy we’re detecting a large number of
airborne threats about the fortress will need to get rid of them so Captain
Rogers can find his way in yeah yeah ah got it with the shield ok haha that’s not taking him down with his
shield yeah yeah yeah what you need help with this book yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah ok sorry guys it has taken me a little
longer like I set up this is the first time i played one of these Lego
adventure games and it is taking me a while to get used to all the controls
and everything yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah the sure is a lot of bad guys yeah that’s not going away anytime soon sweet Oh blue that thing up yeah ok yeah ok because these things you could push
there we go yeah ok ok ok yeah oh that hopes missile time bear Wow cool I could got the steps ok get the big guns up there Oh yeah good i have to run faster than that yeah I don’t destroy these big guns now good question sway well as our sub kick him brought man ok yeah yeah I guess you gotta climb get past that yeah yeah that’s the way we do it yeah yeah take him down ok yeah yeah ok yeah a lot of God then take this baby
down there we go that’s what I’m talking about sweet i’ll blew right through the front
door here we go into the castle sentry mode guys I got struck yeah I got it cool and oh thats plants following me uh how she hypnotized me oh wow that guy’s huge is that a ship yeah what was that just now yeah sweet that’s the end of the level guys
that was all some wow I had a lot of fun with you guys if you like these
adventures want to make sure you leave me a comment and I’ll do more of them well guys if you wait to this video ends
there’s and Carters a lot more fun videos drastic world and minions and
star wars and Avengers and peppa pig while will have a lot of fun together i
hope to see yes

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  1. Soon i will buy this game , you think that the people how make this games will do one of finding dori?

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