LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 – Iron Man 2020 New Character Confirmed! (Out of Time DLC)

Hey going on guys HiddenBlade here and I’m
back with a brand new LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 News Update! So, if you haven’t watched my LEGO Marvel
Superheroes 2 Season Pass video, link in the description if you haven’t seen it, but
essentially there are going to be 4 character packs And one of those character packs are titled “out of time”, which basically gets different characters from different eras in the marvel
universe puts em all in 1 DLC. And one of those characters according to a
tweet by Head of Design at TT Games, Arthur Parsons is Iron Man 2020! So the tweet says “He’s in the out of time
character pack”. He as in Hulk 2099 “is in the Out of Time Character
Pack with Ironman 2020 and some yet to be revealed characters.” So upon doing some research because I didn’t
know anything about the character, he looks pretty cool! I really like the gear pieces around his shoulders I’m also really excited to see what his LEGO minifigure
is going to look like! I mentioned this in my Tactical Force Iron
Man video, but man I can’t wait and see how many different versions of Iron Man are in the full
game with DLC included. It must be a least 20. Because if you think about it, if we have
every version of his suit like the Mark 1, Mark 2, Mark 3 and so on just like in LEGO Marvel Avengers. and then including all the alternate earth
Iron Man suits like the Old West and Hydra Iron Man and on top of that all of the future
DLC Iron man suits as well! We’re probably going to have at least 20 or
maybe even more, who knows! Right now leave a comment guessing how many
iron man suits you think are going to be in the full game with DLC included. Nonetheless, some other character that I think
are going to be in the out time pack are an Alternate versions of Spider-Man, Captain
America and some other members of the avengers and maybe a few villains. but keep in mind that this is just speculation
and we’ll have to wait and see! The only think that’s confirmed are that Hulk
2099 and Iron 2020 are in the out of time DLC! But, regardless, I think Cosmic Spider-Man
would be a good fit in this game, so maybe he’ll come with this DLC if he’s not in the
base game already. Jumping back to Iron Man 2020. For those that don’t know his name is Arno
Stark and his first appearance was in Machine Man Vol.2 Issue #2 in November of 1984. Anyways guys, let me know what you guys think
of Iron man 2020 in the comments below! as per usual LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE! Thank you all so much for watching! I hope to see you in my next video! Take care! [LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Theme Music]

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31 thoughts on “LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 – Iron Man 2020 New Character Confirmed! (Out of Time DLC)

  1. I hope that rest of the Spider-Verse Spider-heroes (and one Spider-Villian) will come to DLC, these are including: Spyder-Knight (will fit in the Medieval World/Hub), Web-Slinger (will fit in the Old-West World/Hub), Web Beard, Blood-Spider, Spider-Punk, Six-Arm Spider, Spider-Bot, Wolf Spider and Spider-Girl (but not from the serie, from LEGO Marvel’s Avengers)

  2. now: oh wow cool Ironman 2020
    2020: oh, um Ironman 2020
    2070: uh, outdated ironman, great
    3117: oh, this ancient ironman

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