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(dramatic action music) (crashing) (electronic whooshing) – Hi guys, we’ve a really
cool video for you today. We have been sent these Lego
Marvel Super Heroes sets. Lego Marvel Super Heroes Infinity War. Lego Marvel Super Heroes
has sponsored this video. So we’re going to make these. – Yay! – High five! (smacking) We’re really excited for
the movie to come out, because all The Avengers,
Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange are teaming up to defeat the ultimate
super villain, Thanos. Trying to stop him from collecting all of the Infinity Stones. (bags crinkling) (bouncy electronic music) – Whoa, yeah. – Oh, Legos! – Legos! Legos.
– Legos. – We got instructions. – And we got stickers. So Harry is going to build
this amazing Lego set. And there’s also Hulkbuster set. So see you in the time lapse. (pieces clattering) (bouncy upbeat music) – [Harry] These Lego sets
have literally just come out, and it’s a great series of Lego
sets that are now available. Based on the upcoming movie,
Avengers: Infinity War. (energetic cheerful music) (bouncy upbeat music) This is the Sanctum Sanctorum showdown, and it’s got Doctor Strange, Ebony Man. This is Iron Spider, but it’s Spider-Man, it’s just, at the end of
Spider-Man: Homecoming, he got a new suit. In here is Peter Parker’s bedroom. Okay, and now, push him off, and he comes down off the roof. There’s also a trap door in here, so there’s a little thing you pull, and that comes in. And then you’re in this little room here, which is Spider-Man’s home, because it’s got his stuff in that box. – So this is the Hulkbuster Smash-Up set, where you get the Hulkbuster, the Outrider with his awesome cannon, Proxima Midnight, and Falcon
with his awesome wings. And you also get Bruce Banner! On the inside, hello,
my name is Bruce Banner. (electric charging noise) – This is Doctor Strange’s, like, office, and he has a desk. And he’s got some letters on the floor. Now, in here is a room with a chest in it. – So right now, we’re going
to show off some really cool slow motions shots that
demonstrate these toys in action. (snapping) Hulkbuster, here we go! (dramatic action music) (crashing) So now we’re gonna do a
little stunt of Outrider shooting a cannon at the Iron Spider. (theatrical chanting) (booming) (booming) – This is a scene that
we really want to be in Avengers: Infinity War movie, where the Hulkbuster suit loses control and smashes into the Sanctum. (crashing) (theatrical chanting) In this scene, Hulkbuster
and Cull Obsidian are gonna have a fight. (smashing) (dramatic action music) – We’ve just done a crazy scene where Falcon’s gonna fly over and Hulkbuster’s gonna
smash into the building. – Falcon’s on his way in. (climactic action music) (glass breaking) (smashing) – Thank you to Lego for
sponsoring this video. We have an awesome Lego
Marvel Super Heroes video coming up soon, where we go into the Lego world, and reinact with some of these sets. So be sure to subscribe to
see that upcoming video. Leave a like if you enjoyed it, and turn on notifications
so you know when we post. See you in the next video, good bye.

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