LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Spider man Meets Spider Gwen

Game provided by Warner Bros. spider-woman but you can call me Gwen
Gwen okay I think there’s some guy I mentioned distorting going on here people at Manhattan
welcome to kanopolis those who might be shall be rewarded but those who will be
cast aside as we are so-called heroes they shall find life and challenge in my
world worlds now it’ll have to wait we’ve still got
bad guys to catch is that your goblin no looks from the future so what’s the
story here for the convention just let out you guys really missed a few marks
with those costumes huh but the swinging seems dead on how about
we take down the dodo here book you what are you doing hold on we just want some
autographs away from me stop that just go home all right now it’s long
down hope that’s how it’s done yeah I don’t
believe it where is that infernal Dublin time to
return to the nest yeah you’re starting to get a little too close for comfort
hey what’s the rush where should I go for lunch you’re stronger than you look seems to be working see you later losers yeah nasty spider I better head back what are you getting
this yeah looks like they came through some kind of portal picking up another
one what’s positive the rest of the Avengers need to work out why Kang’s
brought us here luckily we’ve got help this is quite a gathering yeah I should
have brought my new mixtape save it for later guys
we’ve got work to do what do you know about Kang all I need to he’s one
seriously bad dude and his accomplice Ravana rensler when Kang conquered her
kingdom she became his bride Doctor Strange could King be attacking multiple
time errors at once possible it needs further consultation two teams one to
chase down those Knights the other check out where claw 1 alright let’s go jump through some
mystical portals Boop everyone stay on your toes we don’t know
what might be waiting for us on the other side okay it’s do-or-die time let’s hope it’s
do I am Groot I say brave heroes might I request some
assistance is that tin-head talking to us looks like he’s in trouble
better go see what the problem is welcome to England travelers my name is
Sir Percy of scandia I wish your visit could be under brighter circumstances
but as you can see that fearsome cang has turned my castle into a den of evil
I beseech thee please aid me in overthrowing this
villain so that I might reclaim my kingdom and put an end to his tyranny wonderful the castle is this way follow
me so what can you tell us about this Kane character Kang is a warrior of the
most fearsome ability my Knights and I didn’t stand a chance against his might
well let’s hope we come out a little better more bad guys huh no sweat still around where Fandral gains such a
large following for his skills in archery hoping groped I believe they
called him watch out these beans are Kang’s allies yeah that was a little easy now that you
mention it I guess the real bad guys are waiting for us in the castle beware my
friend is more villains approach tis but a scratch we have arrived our foe awaits us inside
so please ready yourselves and let me know when you wish to storm the castle good day so there’s a new donut of a super
villain running around my city and thigh boots called himself bang who is this
clown I never heard of those other newly arrived space cowboys guardians of the
galaxy well they seem to be clueless to given one of them as a talking tree what
do you expect that raccoon thing did say Kang has an overinflated opinion of
himself and a huge sword shaped spaceship Kang also claims to have
transported Manhattan to his personal Ballerina called kanopolis
moves manhattan and was perfectly fine where was where was I oh yeah this car
novelist is apparently made up from the greatest realms across time and space
the Avengers are currently investigating these claims of tagging and if it’s
possible to leave Manhattan merry old England it’s a little merry old quiet
something’s not right enchantress madam I have returned with
light what witchcraft can you muster now I can offer due destruction
I speak Nathan Garrett I met captain Avalon on the way here he confirmed my
suspicions soon I will prove too kind that I am fit
to rule decide that classic diversionary tactic we gotta stop it Terry sire
for it is folly to rush it we’re trapped we need to get inside
you fools dare to face the Enchantress such a pity quickly we must find a way
inside I fear your friend is in great danger
whew castle siege

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