LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Part 1. Kang o Rang. HD Gameplay Walkthrough [KM+Gaming S02E15)

Okay, next thing, I’m Drax Baby Groot, stand on that thing So I can attack this Hello everybody, welcome back to Kid Matters Plus TV Today we are playing Marvel Super Heroes 2 And we are good Let’s get to it Where’s Gabriel? And I see, (?) Hi, guys Other base…appears to be egging on…our ship (?) Aw, Baby Groot “Let’s go kick some Kang” Aie-yah Okay, the level’s started Uh, I’m going to be him I’m first person R2 Uh, you can’t play yet Oh, wait Oh wait…so.. Wait Oh, there we go But the one… This is my favorite character But when we had to do next mission…then…then…we will…and we will have baby groot (inaudible) Right now, kind of busy Anyways We haven’t seen that guy…thing I love that break Marcus: He was like this. Tragen: I think, I have to see the attic Let me do it Oh, an elevator Okay, we’re going down This is Drax’s day (?) I kind of want to be Spiderman Yeah, you can be Spiderman. I want to be Spiderman Spiderman’s my favorite character Um…Press the L, the L3 Oh, this would say something. Uh…Oh, I press L3 Ow, what’s that Anyways So, I bet we’re going down this portal After, we’re building I want…I…I’m going to do this. Oh There’s this (?) Oh Ew Eeya yuck watty I want to be… I want to be Baby Groot Then I’ll be Rocket Favorite character Yeah Second favorite to the guy with the… They did wrecked some stuff (?) Ooo…look I need…(inaudible) I can’t fly up That’s why you… That’s why you have to be him… Find the racoon after the…the… …the rest of the level first (?) Ow Up How Oh oh oh oh Too rough, too rough Oh my god. oh Gah But I has… But I have the ladder for you I’m going to…throw…you…in…the… Oh Okay, I’m going to throw him into…(inaudible) Oh (?) I should start to go Hey Marky, can I switch to climbing guy. Okay, get up there And try to find the switch Otherwise Tragen you have to do this See, Tragen, you have to use this thing to break stuff I can’t get in there No, that’s not the path Oh Up bada ba da ba bada Press square Ye-ah I want to pull I haven’t done one…you have (played level before) woo hoo uh…I’m going to do… Um, what do we do here? We build okay Me…because I haven’t… Because I haven’t got to play this (before) Whoa, cool I have to do that Who’s doing it? I though it was… Um…yeah, you While you are doing that, I’m going bash him into that Oh my gosh Eeh Okay closer L3 Oh, that’s cool Can we And then I’ll be him and you can be Oh, we need a green hulk guy. I think you can do this Woo-hoo Oh, gosh So, the circles are (?) Um… It’s a…a….a…wait.. Go off Yeah, a bit Okay Why would that robot…be…(?) Baby Groot I want to be Racoon…play I’m going to be I’m going to be Oh wait, I was him Turn big, so I can ride on your back Okay, we need to rescue. Get down there Okay Can you switch? (?) That’s… Uh… …Groot Wait, he can fly? Yeah Because I… Because you press X…and X…and he flies I’m Rocket…his name is Rocket I’m Baby Groot now I like Groot Which guy is this? Ah Oh, did you see that double jump? I did I’m Baby Groot And I’m Rocket I like…Rocket Of course you do Because, remember… …Baby Groot said… …that on the funny video, Baby Groot said… I like…Rocket That’s….that’s for me How can a racoon do it? Okay, dig Marcus, dig Oh, we make a bridge We save the people I don’t want to get on that bridge So….yeah. Where do we go next? Oh, we’re done? Once he showed up Only, I will still be Baby Groot Baby Groot? Yeah, of course you would be Baby Groot And you can do all the stuff you can do Tragen: I’m chaplain flash Marcus: Baby Groot grow Our ship seems to be built, at least I think that was our ship Oh, and it has turrents on the back Um…we’re going to …I’m going to climb up Woo ooo ooo Oh yeah I’m going to …I’m going to… Tragen: I can do this. Marcus: Do it Oh Need to get him down…the ship Tragen, you can do it Tragen: What if my ship breaks? Marcus: Tragen, you can do it Um….you’re defeated Okay…yes Shows what you are Boom Hehe, that’s broke Marcus: Woo-hoo. Tragen: It exploded Because it’s you…that does exploded that….bad guy okay Remember, it was for you Who is that? Um, me had guy picked sides before It’s like….is he on here [case cover for the game] Oh, of course they do just the heroes Oh, also is Baby Groot is on there. Oh Wait, you can see on the back of that? Baby Groot [to Dad] Well, there should be a screen behind there, so you can see what we’re actually Oh, no Oh, that’s some big robot Marcus: That’s a big… Tragen: Or is that a robot? Their secret What’s in there? Oh, it’s like some actual plasma That super weapon has a green heart There hearts are usually in the middle of their chest Eww… Yeah That’s…that’s for the chest, not the other stuff Because the heart is connected to the arm and [blood vessel wise] (audio cut off again) …here to go down to the legs Every part of my body And the organs Heart does most of that stuff Tragen: The brain does all of it. Marcus: Oh, no…the robot is coming! And part of the brain is actually how we… What feet do that robot, Tragen (meant they need to defeat the roboot?) Part of the brain gets us, like, breathing…so… I am going to throw him…at…that oh…my… It’s going all over again Ah….n…. ….no…you… Oh… Baby Groot Help me, Help me… Help me… Agh Agh Wow No Oh, that looks like… Whoa Ow… Baby Groot…Help me Ah…eee Yes… We did it Now L… O and square I forgot they had this… Mmmm Oh, yeah… Don’t tell me, he’s going to do that Well, that’s cool how they did that That’s cool that they get that Yeah What is that? Okay, I’m…I’m going to go in there. Okay? Yeah Because I’m the leader And I will go do…be Baby Groot Where’s the ship okay I’m in Going to attack No…ech Ah Baby Groot Okay Oh doh no… You have to be… You see that…that health bar? Oh, I just beat it…like pew pew pew pew How is somebody going to do that? Oh, my…. Oh great…now… Well, only you can step on the button Wait, let me be Drax Okay, I think I’m Drax Yeah, I’m Drax Me… Oh, wait…Marcus… Baby Groot Get on the arm of it. Go… Yes, stand on that thing So I can attack this Oh, that was a trampoline Okay… So, I’m going to need… This way Boom Oh, a generation pad I need to steer it Yes Did it Did it…yeah Oh, I like when robots go like…then nose down…like crash down The fire is burning the robots eyes Can I go in there? Mm-hmm But you…can’t Yeah, I can. It’s open Ooo Oh Yeah That’s why it’s for Rocket Wait, I have to be Rocket? Where’s Rocket? Rocket…oh good. oh. oh Baby Groot Marcus: I want to fight. Tragen: Oh, I didn’t know Groot… You could do this Boom, ah And Groot just hurts other bad guys Can I… There we go Well, how do we… Hey Groot Bad guy Bad guy Get to fire You have to do punch up (?), big brother It’s doing…eh Oh, it’s the inside of the heart. Look at that The hole opens, but who can do this? He can Can I be him again? There he is There he is Oh my gosh Okay, here we go in… Tragen: Wait, you can’t go inside of there? Marcus: Bad Guy….Bad Guy Ooo Be-um…bee O…square O…square O…square Oh Oh, thank you (to drax) okay I need to do it at right timing O…square Here we go Yes Ah, yeah Press O Oh oh Woo-hoo oh huh It won’t fall down Oh, it’s disappearing. I thought it was going to fall down, like… (?) Hehe Yay….Baby Groot…bye-bye That Groot (?) Is that? Whoa Oh my gosh It is? Yeah, it just left That not a good thing (?) Oh And look at this Wait, a comic book? That’s so cool Okay, that’s going to be it for today Hope you enjoyed And leave a like….and yeah Subscribe Hit the bell icon Bye

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