LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Minifig and more! – Marvel Minute 2017

We’ve got news for that is GIANT, man. All coming up this week on
the Marvel Minute where I give you 60 seconds
of the biggest news in the Marvel Universe
each and every Monday. Cool comics hit stacks
this week. Daredevil, Jessica Jones,
Luke Cage, and Iron Fist come together in
DEFENDERS #1. Mutant madness hits
SECRET EMPIRE UNITED #1. And Logan confronts a
hulked out enemy from his past in
OLD MAN LOGAN #25. Secret Wars is about to
be not so darn secret! The animated series
all-new episodes. First the Avengers battle
against the Leader and his newly formed Cabal,
but then when the Earth’s Mightiest
Heroes hit trouble the Black Panther must
assemble a new team of Avengers to
save the day. Don’t miss it this
Saturday,June 17th on Disney XD
at 11:30AM. This next thing is a
little bit HUGE. Giant-Man promises to
play a monumental role in the story of LEGO®
MARVEL SUPER HEROES 2 and we’ve got the word
that he’ll be able to grow to giant size, shrink
to the size of an ant, as well as other cool
secret abilities that you can experience when you
get the game on November 14th. Or you can pre-order
LEGO® MARVEL SUPER HEROES 2 Deluxe Edition and with it
you can get a Giant-Man Minifig! Now that is big
relatively. But what may be even bigger
is that it’s E3 week. Which means you need to
keep your eyes peeled on for enormous
games reveals all week long. What games are you most wanting
to learn about at E3? Tell us down below and I’ll see
you next time, True Believers. I am Lorraine Cink for
Marvel, your universe.

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