LEGO Marvel Studios Minifigures – CMF Draft!

Since the early years of the LEGO Minifigures
line, people have been asking for a Super Heroes
series. DC fans got their fix… twice, but we’ve never had a Marvel line. What if there was a Marvel line celebrating ten years of films, and it was released Fall 2018? Teaming up with Ashnflash, I drafted an entire Marvel Studios LEGO Minifigures Series – with twenty minifigures in total, one for each film in the first ten years. For 2008’s Iron Man, the first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, I chose the Iron Man Mark 1 outfit. We’ve never had it as a physical minifigure
before, and there would be a new mould for his helmet. I’m sure underneath would be a new Tony
Stark face print. Also, he has the new flame blast pieces and
holders for those as accessories. For the second movie, Incredible Hulk, we have the titular character. You’re going to notice a unique direction for this series – trying to capture the realism aspect, I chose to redo a lot of popular characters we already have minifigures of. I feel LEGO would do this if they ever did a Marvel Studios series, to draw in the kids. So yes, we’ve had minifigure-sized Hulks before, but none that were directly based off the
2008 movie. He would have a new hair mould, and much like the Disney Series, no accessory since he’s such a popular character. Iron Man 2’s main villain is next, Whiplash. It’s a shame we haven’t had a minifigure
version of him before – and his accessories would be his bird, and his electrocution wires – a resue of the vine piece LEGO has. Here’s the thing, some of these may look
familiar. That’s because Ashnflash has done two Marvel Studios series before, and I’ve chosen some designs from those to use in this series, with minor differences. Then we have Odin for the original Thor movie, with his staff as an accessory, which would be our first physical Odin minifig. There’s Agent Carter for Captain America:
The First Avenger, who would have a new hair and hat combo mould, her bag and a blaster as an accessory. Loki would be the representation for 2012’s
The Avengers, with a new updated helmet piece that finally has his hair sticking out, and his staff would be updated to use the small bulb piece to represent the
space stone. And, the Iron Man Mark 38 IGOR outfit will be the representation for Iron Man 3. The mould for the torso is similair to Axl’s
– as are the arms – but they’re both new. Igor is a very popular outfit that we never got in LEGO minifigure form. We’ll still have the basic Iron Man helmet, with no face printing underneath – showing how it’s a drone, like at the movie’s final battle. Malekith, one of the worst but coolest looking
villains, is the character for Thor The Dark World. His accessory are red power blasts, to represent the aether. Oh, and his helmet is a new mould. Black Widow is the representation for The
Winter Soldier, with a new color for the trendsetter hair, and a new disk key mould as the accessory. For Guardians of the Galaxy, we have prisoner Starlord – with new prints, and his accessory is that guy’s leg that he was told to steal
by Rocket Raccoon. Starlord isn’t in cheap sets on the current
market, and he is the main star of Guardians, which is why I chose to put out a new variant
in here. Age of Ultron has Nick Fury from the farm
scene, and the accessory – a pink slushee cup – is actually a reference to the LEGO Marvel
Avengers game. For Ant-Man, we have Hank Pym, with size disks as an accessory – simple 1×1 circular tiles. While Hank was in sets, the version had an inaccurate face and was never out of the costume, so this is a good fit. Civil war has a battle damaged Captain America from the final fight – finally, with boot printing, and a scratch on the shield. Pre-Infinity War Captain America isn’t on the shelves anymore, so this would be a good cheap way for kids to get their hands on them. Kaecilius is the representation for Doctor
Strange – since I think LEGO will want to keep that
updated version of Doctor Strange in the big Sanctorum, and there’s not much variation I could do. Kaecilius was the main villain of Doctor Strange, and he had a super cool design, so this will be the first time to get him
in LEGO. For Guardians 2, there’s Ego the Living
Planet, with a new hair piece and a ball of energy. We never got him in the sets, so this would be a perfect choice. For Spider-Man Homecoming, the variant of Spider-Man I chose was a popular outfit not in the sets – Peter Parker’s homemade suit. For Thor Ragnarok, I chose this version of
Thor from the end of the film… sort of. Realistically, if this WAS a Fall 2018 release
– I’m not sure they would choose this Thor. You see, the LEGO Infinity War version doesn’t have his missing eye due to when the sets were designed. So maybe this would be a way to make it happen? The accessories are actually from the first act of Ragnarok, in the arena clash scene… a new mould for the shield. An unmasked Killmonger is the representation for Black Panther, since the version we had all had masks on. This is from near the end of the film, and is also based off his appearance in the LEGO Marvel 2 DLC. There’s a new hair piece for him as well from that time in the movie. So, much like Hulk, since we get big fig versions
in the set, I thought it would be nice to include a minifigure Thanos here for Infinity
War. While we did have a Thanos minifigure before, it was a comic-based Mighty Micros version. This one would have a new Infinity Gauntlet
mould. Now, I didn’t include the helmet and shoulder
pad because I’m not sure how accurate they would
be in the movie, though the big fig did, so who knows. Here’s the thing. Realistically, LEGO would want a more balanced LEGO Minifigures
series in male and female characters. Now… there’s only been two girls in this
series – so I took who I can add for any possible female
spots that would make sense, and the final figure is Wasp from Ant-Man
and the Wasp. I know the version from the set has been revealed and it doesn’t look like this. This version is unmasked, so you also get her hair piece. The helmet in this version is a new mould that is much more accurate. Realistically, I doubt this would be the choice but I wanted to balance it out and we don’t know much about Ant-Man and the Wasp at this moment. So here’s the checklist for the series, again props to Ashnflash for the absolutely
incredible artwork. I wanted to differentiate the design from his own Marvel Studios series, but it was hard to find a background that would match the theme. We ended up using the Avengers Infinity War
initial poster, and the idea of a purple series theme sounds
delightful to me, so it all came together. For exclusions, one comes to mind. The original idea was to do figure twenty
as Stan Lee, but I saw this First 10 Years shirt made by
Marvel and they included Ant-Man and the Wasp. Since LEGO has recently been doing 20 minifigures for licensed series, I thought it would be
fitting to round it off with Ant-Man and the Wasp. Anyways, five dollar up Patreon supporters can vote on the next CMF draft, check out the card to go to the poll. Other options in the poll include a Harry
Potter Series, LEGO YouTubers, South Park, and more. But I also want to hear from you guys in the
comments – who was left out, and what accessories would you give them? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Peace out, bye.

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97 thoughts on “LEGO Marvel Studios Minifigures – CMF Draft!

  1. Canu make another CMF marvel studios seris or 2 One with a bunch of Ironman 3 suits and a updated one of this video no mk1 instead mk2 Like if u agree and plz show dis 2 JUST 2 Good! PLZ

  2. I think that now we have the mk 1 we should get the mk 2 for iron man since we don't have that yet
    and we also have the mk 38 so I think we should have any other mk that was in iron man 3 that we haven't got yet or is hard to get e.g The silver centurion

  3. If you did 22, 21 would be deadpool and 23 would be stan lee honourable mentions: venom, riot and ronin

  4. 66666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666

  5. I know I know that you only need one Spider-Man but you need more where are you consequences

  6. If lego saw it
    LEGO:mmm i think we should do that
    Everyone for lego marvel:yay
    Until reality :it doesn't look like it

  7. Iron Man Mark 38 Igor Iron Man Mark 1 Iron Man Mark 5 Iron Man Mark 41 are Lego characters in a new sets so why would you spend time making Mark 1 and Igor

  8. after end game i feel we should get pretty much every single marvel villain that has not been released yet in a long time

    as for iron man suits….honestly, you pretty much could make a line out of those suits entirely, though considering one of their last marvel sets containing a lot if iron man suits, i guess that one could wait ?

  9. My list of minifigs that I want in a series:
    2:Ivan Vanko(Whiplash)+his parrot;
    3:Betty Ross;
    4:Jane Foster;
    5:Erick Selvick(mind controlled);
    6:Harley Kenner(with his potato gun);
    7:Agent Sitwell;
    9:Nova Prime;
    10::Dr.List or Helen Cho(you decide);
    12:Thadeuss Ross(suit);
    13:Ego the Living Planet(human form);
    14:Ulysse Klauss;
    15:Cristine Palmer;
    16:Odin(start of Ragnarok);
    17:Janet Van Dyne;
    18:Gwen Stacy(Sorry,forgot about Spiderman:Homecoming);
    19:Bruce Banner;
    20:Ronnan the Acusser(Kree uniform);
    22:Michelle Jones(MJ).

    If I missed a movie,please tell me,okay?

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