Lego Marvel & DC Super Hero Minifigure Collection Tour – updated 2/26/2014

Voiceover: Hey guys, [friction pin]. Thought I’d do a quick video on my Lego super hero collection. I was adding the new figures
that I just got recently. And I thought well I’ll just
take em all out of the cases and kinda put em all together
and give you a group shot. So sorry the camera’s
shaky but I’m holding it cause it doesn’t, I can’t
get the right angle on em in the tripod so there
they all are except for some of the minor goons,
policemen, things like that. And I have a few of those things in there but mainly it’s just the super heroes. Got the new ones and the old ones. DC and Marvel are all in
there all mixed together. I got some of the giveaway
ones from SDCC, Comic-Con, both New York and the SDCC. Also the Toy Fair figures
are in there somewhere. I can say I kind of just mixed em all up just kinda did it random. Kinda give you an idea. Thought it would be neat to
get this group shot done. So I took a couple pictures,
posted it on Instagram but it’s pretty small, kinda hard to see. So I thought well I’ll
just do this quick video, kinda run through there
and kinda give you an idea of the figures that I
have in my collection. I’ll get these put back in the case. And I’ll do a little bit more
substantial video probably two; one for the Marvel figures and one for the DC figures here soon. But while I had em all out I
thought I’d do this group shot. Kind of see what you
guys thought about that. So let me know if you liked
it, thought it was interesting, put comments on the which
figure is your favorite. Just anything that you wanna let me know. So thanks for watching and
we’ll see you next time.

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