LEGO Marvel Avengers Iron Man & Dum-E polybag review! 30452

hello hello this is one more Lego
Avengers endgame set it’s in the poly bag featuring Iron Man and dummy and
it’s called Iron Man and dummy as you see here the sets actually better than
it appears on the package because it includes a clear stand for Iron Man and
it actually has some good stability and some good height do more of this please
Lego this is just great to see and it’s funny to see in a cheap little poly bag
when we don’t get things like this frequently in bigger sets it’s also
interesting that there’s this painted bright metallic silver piece on the back
there I don’t know if that’s a creative a bit of creative Liberty taken by the
Lego designer there just to add something more interesting to cover up
the studs there if that represents something that’ll actually be attached
to Iron Man in the movie we shall see this is the only set to feature Iron Man
in a quantum realm suit though you could always just put an Iron Man head on any
of the other Avengers heroes from this wave because they do have all the exact
same torsos and hip and leg pieces except for Rocket Raccoon it’s the short
legs I think it’s a very fine looking suit with some nice printing in there
and some pretty fine detail looks a little bit awkward possibly with the oh
maybe there’s a little bit of iron patriot look to it just in in really
small form with the standard Iron Man current Iron Man head on there and this
is the modern type has the flip up mask and you get two faces for Tony Stark
there so you also get the one with the the projection that’s shown on them I
think still think that looks a little bit too white should’ve been more blue
maybe a little bit darker and there’s what the quantum realm suit looks like
from behind notice there is some pretty nice bright metallic silver there so
when the light hits it right it really shines dummy this time instead of using
his original his/her/its original fire extinguisher attachment
this time actually has a blowtorch there so instead of putting out fires it will
be creating the fire it will be bringing the fire I think this is a little bit
different builder than ones that we’ve previously and recently as well I think
it looks perfectly fine these wheels that are just studs on top
of half technic pins actually can kind of spin which is kind of cool
see the sort of sideways construction there you build that first at first part
of the the arm like this and then you fold it all the way back and then you
get some articulation out of this which is good so I think that for a dummy
there we go it is perfectly fine funny enough this
thirty eight piece set comes with eight spares
that’s just it for this set though not a lot to see not a lot to talk about so I
will move on to the next video and talk to you in soon

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92 thoughts on “LEGO Marvel Avengers Iron Man & Dum-E polybag review! 30452

  1. If I get this polybag I might swap the iron man helmet for the white helmet from the 2015 captain marvel jet set, last looks a lot cooler.

  2. Is this an exclusive to an event or can you buy this on amazon or in stores if it is on amazon can some get me a link?

  3. I would swap that blow torch for a hand like piece.
    You know, LEGO should probably make a collectable version of Dum-E, seriously☺😊

  4. Honestly if I bought this i would just throw the iron man in my bin of minifig parts without even putting him together because lets be honest, Dum-E is the reason we're all here. He is my favorite Character,

  5. This is pretty cool! And if you have the Hall of Armor, you can add this Iron Man to the set! Lego should make more Iron Man polybags of different Marks, that would be amazing!

  6. Still feel like this polybag should have been the only set to feature the white suits. If people really wanted all the avengers to have them, buy 8 of these poly bags and scrap the pieces. Would have rather had the normal suits in the sets

  7. I think the Image on the bag does justice to how good of a set this is. They barely included the valuable stand on the image

  8. I figured this would be a good cheap way to get a dum-e build plus an extra Quantum Realm suit. But it looks like they have more going on then I expected.

  9. If the quantum suits are in the movie for more than 5 minutes, I’m gonna be extremely disappointed, especially for a 3 hour movie

  10. XD what a worth less set you can easily make that same minifig with a iron man head and then the standerd relm thing shirt

  11. hey Jang. I so wish we could buy polybags in New Zealand, I don't understand why we don't, mind you this is one a part of what we miss out on down here.

  12. I think the Iron man in this and war machine in the war machine buster could have recolored armor instead of the same body as everybody else

  13. JANG I'm kinda annoyed. You should have had a spoilers warning label for the video. I didn't want to know what the white suits were for. Besides that, I do like and support what you are doing with the channel.

  14. Is this exclusive or can I still purchase it without spending more to get it for free?

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