LEGO Life Master Builder box, unboxed! 📦

hello everyone this is a Lego life
master build promotional box that was sent to me by an agency working for Lego
or on behalf of Lego and this has within it a collection of parts just regular
Lego parts that were selected by an actual Lego master builder to see what I
could make out of it and I don’t know what the exact contents will be but
let’s find out let’s see what’s in here and it contains bubble wrap no no I’m
seeing some loose parts so that’s not a good sign
oh there are bunch of loose parts here there are bags in here put them in a
bunch of loose parts and these are wow I thought it might be a limited selection
go ahead nope I mean just from that first little handful this really varied
okay one of these plastic Lego brick boxes
cool that’s good packaging actually it’s just one of it there’s a bag inside
every one of them oh and there are a bunch of pieces and the rest of the
bubble wrap let’s see if I can just dump all this in there that’s cool a regular creative bucket
another one it’s actually a slight possibility that some of these may have
made their way out of the box or just just a little bit of space around the
edges it look like that is not fully sealed up but cool there is a note here
so just wanna check in advance to see if there’s anything that shouldn’t be here
I shouldn’t be shown cool and this is actually a hand Brittany ten written
note that’s very kind all right my life nice thank you guys this is quite a
selection of parts as is all of this in here is this honestly like stationary
stuff in there what is it what is this no no no no you
know no you’re kidding me that this is this is seriously this is too much this
is too much this is part of the the part of the gift they told me they were gonna
send a video with this and they actually sent me a link to the video in advance
it’s it’s something by the the guy who chose his parts a masterbuilder showing
what he made with some of them and just talking about basically the same stuff
that’s that’s shown here inspiring creativity and all but I thought they
were gonna send a thumb drive like one of those cool little you know Lego
shaped thumb drives or something I plug it into my computer and it would it
would play but they sent an actual iPad that’s it’s just it’s too much I mean I
I know you know big companies have like literally millions of dollars to spend
on marketing stuff but you know this is probably a drop in the bucket to them
but it’s not a drop in the bucket to me this is it’s an i it’s an iPad sorry I
lost a little bit razzled frazzled that’s that’s a big deal that’s humbling
I’m hitting the way ice itself is is wonderful case for the iPad this is
really cool see I would have been really thankful to to even get just this I mean
I don’t have a mini myself but just as something to do like that but they
actually get the actual device that’s just too much so the device has on it I
am assuming either a link either the video itself or a link that would go to
the the video that they described suggesting that I build some stuff and
then share oh this literally that classic pocket I wonder if it’s actually
if it’s actually one of these but I think this is additional stuff as well
and then a couple of these which you know that I want so from all these parts plus all these
parts they recommend that I build something so I’m going to build
something I’m not going to integrate the use of my existing parts I’m going to
keep these separated and I’m going to take on the challenge and I’m going to
take my time with it see just what I can come up with you know at least but
that’s the least I can do and banks is to actually you know put
some serious effort on just a lot of party a lot of very varied parts and I
really appreciate concluding in a bunch of plates to give you either a base or a
roof or multiple you know bases from which to work I mean this is a this is a
lot of parts some weight to all right so this is gonna take me a while you will
not be seeing a result for us anytime soon obviously of course I still have a
bunch of other stuff to do but many thanks to Lego Lego life team the
marketing company that put all this together the master builder who picked
out the parts and did the initial build to give an inspiration this is entirely
too much here with the iPad still a little bit uncomfortable about that
there’s just so much value there but I will I will use that and I’ve actually
been looking for additional devices to potentially put up like live billboards
in my my city so this may end up and believe it or not this may end up in my
lego city I try to try to make that make that happen it’s nice that it’s not at
least it’s not the bigger ones you know that would be just absolutely
overwhelming so yeah this is going to be an interesting challenge initially I
have no ideas I mean there are so many different types of hearts here even some
Technic stuff and so many colors that’s gonna be the biggest challenge is
dealing with some different colors of parts because I like to make things that
have like two colors you know a primary color a secondary color maybe just
something else your gray is kind of a background color
there’s there are so many different colors here this will be a really
interesting challenge to to figure out what exactly I’m gonna build from this
again yeah just huge thanks to Lego and
everyone involved in putting this together and hopefully I will do y’all
proud when I say y’all I mean not just them but you viewers give you something
entertaining to look at once I’m done so I’ll let you know once I’ve made a good
amount of progress on this and I’m gonna for now get back to work on some other
stuff and I’ll be talking to you again soon

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Life Master Builder box, unboxed! 📦

  1. To be honest, if I received a package like that I would be more excited about the Lego iPad case this box iPad came in.

    I mean iPads are ok, like them, have one, but they are just iPads, the other stuff is Lego stuff. 🙂

  2. you literally spend 5 times the price of an ipad on just one big haul… its just ipad, don't be to humbled by it

  3. Whats cool about it, is that most people here would be more exited about the LEGO than the IPad!
    IPad is ofcourse a very handy gift, but LEGO is what you eventually really love with all your heart.

  4. I totally understand why LEGO is sending you this box … and you certainly deserve this.

    Only question is if it wouldn't be more suitable to give such gifts to unknown YouTubers that do LEGO channels to support those.

  5. Don’t mean any hate but honestly just scrolling and seeing the little kids commenting “how can I get that” and “what did you build” is pretty ridiculous

  6. I have that lego set. I saw the lego classic booklet. The set is very nice, except they don't give large axles, only two stud ones.

  7. Huh over 5 years and I still watch these videos and I still never subscribed I think I’ll press it now he has earned himself a new subscriber but hero factory needs to return.

  8. I have seen lots of your videos, but after this one, all I wanted to do is subscribe. That is what I have just done now. 👍

  9. Jang, you deserve everything in that bin. You’ve done so much for the community, and spent so much on it, so it’s like Lego’s paying you back. Just be happy, it shows that Lego cares about you and it’s community greatly.

  10. I stumbled onto your channel a couple of weeks ago while looking for some inspiration for some children I work with and a box of Lego . I'm not embarrassed to admit that at 50 years old I've binged watch for days. I not only love your Lego builds I appreciate how good your videos are. In presentation and tone. If anyone deserves that box it's you.

  11. Older ipads are like what, $100 for 16GB ones, compared to larger sized lego sets that go 300+.

  12. Were those bricks and the Apple iPad Mini to keep, or do / did you have to send it all back to The LEGO Group?

  13. I think I HAVE this medium creative brick box… very interesting to see the default pieces hiding in there along with all the additions

  14. I know that you may think that them sending you an iPad is too much, but the work and effort you put into these videos every single day is utterly priceless.

  15. Jang you are so sweet. You deserve it and more! We have spent thousands on Lego based on your recommendations alone! We don’t buy a set until we see your review anymore 😂

    Do you know where/if you can get the box the iPad came in? X

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