LEGO Justice League sets – My Thoughts!

Hello, just2good here, and From Bricks to Bothans has revealed the
official images and release information for the LEGO Justice
League 2017 movie sets. These will all release Augsut 1st. Since these have been shown numerous times
in leaks and such, I will be expressing my thoughts. The smallest is the Battle for Atlantis, which is $20 dollars with 197 pieces, and includes four minifigures: Aquaman, a Parademon, and 2 Atlantean guards. The smallest set is very impressive – I mean, it’s a 20 dollar licensed set with
four minifigures. That’s a darn good deal, since I usually expect 20 dollar sets to have
three. That set is definitely my favorite, since the build is a neat small playset with some nice colors and pieces, and the Aquaman figure looks great. I mean, he comes with a great new hair piece. I loveeeee new hair pieces. The Atlantean Guard have a nice new helmet
mould as well. I appreciate the design of the Parademons, since they have these bright colors – something I don’t expect from the DC Extended
Universe. This one is yellow, which I really like. Next is the Knightcrawler Tunnel Attack, which is $50 dollars with 622 pieces, and includes four minifigures as well: Batman, The Flash, and two Parademons. This set has grown on me since the initial
leak, I mean the price is great, since the size of the vehicle feels like a
50 dollar set, and the piece count is very high for one. I like the Flash figure a lot for the sheer
detailing all across, and it’s neat that there’s a new Batman design, finally with a beard. The two Paredemons here a green – again, a great color choice, but I wish they had different face prints
for each, but that’s a very minor complaint. The build itself is weird, but it looks fun to play around with, which I think draws me into this set. I dunno. I like the build now, definitely. And finally, the biggest set is the Flying Fox: Batmobile
Airlift Attack, which is $130 dollars for 955 pieces, and includes six minifigures: Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, and two parademons, as well as a big fig Steppenwolf. This… is my least faovrite set of the three,
though. I mean, the size is good for the price, but if you look at the price per piece ratio, it’s pretty weak. But really, the main thing killing it for me is the Flying
Fox. And it’s not necessarily the fault of the
build, but this year there’s just2many incredible, colorful sets over $100 dollars that this big black ship for $130 just looks
boring, despite the new smol Batmobile looking cool. Either way, Cyborg looks neat – hopefully he gets released on Bricks and Pieces. Steppenwolf looks interesting as well, and the same goes for the armored Batman. And I guess Superman is back from the dead,
ay? Notice how the set includes the two Parademons found in the two smaller sets. Y’know, it would’ve been cool if it included
the two JLA members found in the smaller sets… but I understand why they didn’t. They want our money, which is okay, but that means if you want to get all of the DCEU versions of the Justice League, you have to buy each set. Wonder Woman is also just thrown in here, and it’s the same one from the biggest Batman
V Superman set, and it seems like the same could be said with
Superman… except he doesn’t have his dual moulded legs. Lame! Anyways, what do you guys think? I mean, this is pretty short for a thoughts
video but I don’t have too much to say for these
sets. Will you get any of these? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. I’ll see you guys later. Peace out. Bye.

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28 thoughts on “LEGO Justice League sets – My Thoughts!

  1. I will get the knight crawler tunnel attack for the flash mini fig because the flying fox is terrible the figs are crap

  2. I got the aqua man one it’s is actully the best has good details on the guards helmets. It also could know down figures. if

  3. I'm hoping to get all of these sets. the movie was ok. I like the flying fox. I have the batwing and this looks cool. the flying fox is like a a drop ship. I like the new flash. the knight kralwer is ok the build just looks just2 repetitive( cringe joke). the atlantis just looks cool. aqua man looks like he has a great new hair mold. the guards are ok. although probably not going to get this set

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