LEGO Jurassic World 2018 sets – They’re going all out!

The first batch of LEGO Jurassic World The
Fallen Kingdom sets has been revealed today, and there will be
seven System sets. But, we’re also getting three Juniors sets
and three Duplo sets, and the press release also say there will
be a Brick Headz set, books, clothing, and animated videos. Like wow. I knew the Jurassic World 2015 sets sold well, but LEGO is going all out here. I’ve never seen a movie get Juniors, Duplo, and regular System sets at the same time. Like, even Star Wars, which is LEGO’s most
popular licensed line, has never gotten Juniors or Duplo sets. Kids love dinos and LEGO knows this sells. Many of the other sets have leaked, but for the only three revealed today, the regular system set is a decent $40 set
for the value, I won’t get it though, since the Blue the
Raptor and the Ken Wheatley and Owen minifigures all come in the big Mansion set. Can’t wait for that one to be revealed sometime. The press release actually mentions that more
sets will be shown at the New York Toy Fair. The Juniors set is good for kids – the unknowing
parents will overlook its fifty price tag which is ridiculous for
150 pieces. At most, I’d like the set to be 40 bucks, considering the T-Rex is a big figure, but it still doesn’t look like enough play
for a fifty dollar set. It’s a shame since I think the build here
is really fun – it reminds me of this Jurassic Park 3 set
which I loved when I was younger, and the baby dino is so cute. The Duplo set is adorable, and a good deal
for thirty bucks. It’s so weird to see Owen as a Duplo minifigure, since he’s more of an adult character. I dunno. Little things to note – I guess Mattel owns
that cutesy Jurassic World kids logo, because LEGO is still using the main logo
that will probably scary away Duplo kids, and my gosh, the packaging is beautiful for
regular sets – the corner art is incredible. Still, it’s weird how the logo is just Jurassic
World, and not Jurassic World The Fallen Kingdom. The back of the box shows how you can build
hybrids, and it also shows which dinos come in which
sets – which is useless in my opinion, since it doesn’t count the two store exclusive
sets and the Juniors sets. Anyways, what do you guys think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. I’ll see you guys later. Peace out. Bye.

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Jurassic World 2018 sets – They’re going all out!

  1. I'm sad Ant-Man and the Wasp won't get any LEGO sets.
    Also, why are you reporting on this, but not the Infinity War sets??

  2. I love that they're making different types, finally I can actually get one of these that doesn't have an insane price

  3. I would buy the Juniors set because it have a lot of content but… huh… fifty bucks.
    Well, I think they did it perfectly. The new movie will EXPLODE the set buys. They would put it a better price, but Lego has many rich fans! XD

  4. I wanna get the juniors set and helicopter set but I am on a budget. Especially when I am saving up for ninjago city.

  5. Mattel have recently aquifer the rights to both Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, Hasbro no longer have the license

  6. I like the junior's set since its the cheapest way to get a T-rex. The other sets with one have always been to big to even think about getting, but when I saw this one I actually felt like getting it so I could have a trex finally. Now it is sad that it'll cost 50, but I'll wait for a sale for it and hopefully I can get it for less. The other set is cool but only has one dinosaur…


  8. I really wish Lego would make original Jurassic Park sets. I want an original jeep wrangler and explorer with all the original cast mini figures.

  9. Ive already shown people the mansion set in a video, but that video was taken down by LEGO Company! xD, Well here is the link:

  10. I really like the new design for Owen as well as the build for the helicopter. I'm surprised by how cool that set is but my priorities are definitely the mansion as well as the Infinity War sets.

  11. The one for Lego Juniors looks pretty cool.
    What was the info on building the Hybrid, is Lego doing something that some action figures collections do, get certain or all set's to get peaces to build a type of dino that would not be in a set by it self type of thing to build that figure? Just wondering.

  12. I would get the juniors set because look a t Rex for probably 16$ that's better than last time it was like 70$ for the t Rex set, it even may be 40$ but it seems around 29$

  13. I’m going to buy as many as I can, I only got one from the 2015 line up and enjoyed it, loved the movie as well.

  14. The pieces in the Juniors sets are always big and printed – that's what makes the price go up. I think $50 is ok for the volume of (printed) stuff you are getting 🙂

  15. Now the blue set has a great brick to price ratio it looks like a $50 set but it's $40 so that's great but the trex set is way too overpriced it's clearly a $20 set

  16. This will probably never happen in the Lego Movie 2 but I wish that maybe Owen from Jurassic World could appear in it as like I don't know one of the main characters and maybe when they meet Owen, Emmet and Owen could talk about how similar their voices are since both characters were played by Chris Pratt.

  17. I don't see how the $50 one isn't good value, but the $30 Duplo one is? The Duplo one seems to be equally as bad value if not worse to me!?

  18. I see the outline of a Carnostaurus on the back of "Blues Helicopter" set. OMG I'm so hyped! Carnostaurus is my favorite dinosaur!

  19. Plus there appears to be another dino I'm uncertain of which it may be. Judging by the feathers, it could be either an Allosaurus, a Dynonicus, or some type of hybrid.

  20. The helicopter looks great, and the minifigures that come with it are cool too. While some adults might not like it, the Juniors set looks great for kids, plus the T Rex and it's baby! The Duplo set is two words: AMAZINGLY ADORABLE.

  21. I will probably get all the system sets, the junior uhm i don't have the dino's so maybe but i mist on the JW sets in 2015 so yeh maybe some junior sets

  22. I really like the Blue helicopter one, because as of now I cannot get the mansion, but I really want Blue👍👍

  23. I would buy that T-rex juniors set just for the gates and that but its just a very over priced set

  24. Lego price is based on weight, so the juniors with almost be more expensive because of the bigger prices, same goes wirh regular jarrasic world dinosaurs

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