LEGO Jurassic World 2018 sets – My Thoughts!

Hello, just2good here, and thanks to the Brothers Brick we have pictures of all of the main wave of Jurassic World
The Fallen Kingdom 2018 sets. There’s some retail exclusives and Duplo sets
missing, but this is it. The biggest set only has a single image, the Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate. The design of the mansion’s exterior looks
so cool – you know I’m a sucker for playsets. But I really want to see the inside of the
mansion – the Brothers Brick mentions it having a lab
and bedroom. It comes with one thousand and nineteen pieces
for one hundred and thirty bucks. The second biggest is the Carnotaurus Gyrosphere
Escape, which is eighty bucks for 577 pieces. A bit pricey, but I still really want this
set since the Carnotaurus looks great, and I love the Gyrosphere station. But, I really don’t care for the truck that
takes up most of the build. The Franklin minifigure is so cool though, what a useful head piece. There’s Blue’s Helicopter Escape which we’ve
seen, Stygimoloch Breakout, which I’m sure I miss pronounced – but it’s basically a remake of the Raptor
Escape, though it looks better and is ten dollars
cheaper. I love that dino, and the new Dr. Wu minifigure
has a good new face print. The Pteranadon Escape is fine for twenty bucks. I think the 2015 one had a more interesting
build, but it’s a good cheap way to get Owen, and
a newly colored Pteranadon. Actually, they just reprinted the old one
in this twenty dollar Juniors set – that’s kinda lame. Would’ve been nice to get another new colored
Pteranadon. They do have an exclusive Raptor in this twenty
five dollar Juniors set, and it’s a decent build. And of course, we’ve seen this fifty dollar Jurassic World
Juniors set – which I think is cool, but overpriced. The only Duplo set revealed today is this
adorable Gentle Giants Petting Zoo for twenty bucks – why is Duplo getting herbivores and not the
regular LEGO System? We saw the other one that has a T-Rex earlier
this month. Anyways, again, there’s more Jurassic World
sets to be revealed but they’ll be store exclusives, and rumor has it we’ll be seeing a Direct
to Consumer Jurassic Park set soon enough – so stay tuned. I’ll see you guys later, peace out, bye.

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