Lego Jurassic Park III Full Movie (1080p HD)

Doctor Grant! I give you the resonating chamber a
Velociraptor. This is brilliant Billy, really it is, sad to say gonna have to pack up in 4 weeks. Doctor Grant? Paul Kirby. Kirby Enterprises. Amanda and I just love the outdoors! Heck, we’ve just about been on every adventure tour they can come up with! I’ve chartered an airplane to fly us
over Isla Sorna and we’d like you to be our guide. And of
course we’d love to make a contribution to your
research here. Wake me when we get there Unidentified aircraft approaching
Isla Sorna. You are flying in restricted air space. Alan! Alan! Doctor Grant? Alan! I think they’re looking for someone. What are they doing? They’re setting up a perimeter to make the place safe. Mr. Kirby, trust me, on this island there is no such thing as safe. We have to get back on that plane! Will you tell your wife to stop making that noise, that is a very very bad idea! Eric? Amanda! You really need to work on communication in your marriage Amanda, honey! Doctor Grant says that’s a bad idea! What? He says it’s a bad idea! What’s a bad idea? We have to get back on that plane! What about the other guy? Cooper’s a professional, he can handle himself! That’s Cooper! Who has the satellite phone? I do! Time you did some explaining Mr. Kirby. You let a 12-year-old go para-sailing
alone? No! He was with a friend of mine. Ben Hildebrand. How long have they been missing? 8 weeks. Almost 8 weeks. So why me? He said we needed someone who had been on the island before. I have never been on this island! Sure you have! That was Isla Nublar. This is Isla Sorna. Site B. Nobody move a muscle. We have to be quiet! It’s Doctor Grant! Come on! Lets move whilst they’re both busy. Mr. Kirby. There is no such thing as Kirby Enterprises, is there? It’s Kirby Paint & Tile Plus. The plus stands for bathroom fixtures, um, we’re in the Westgate shopping centre, Enid Oklahoma. Billy, we go back to the plane and salvage what we can. Then we make for the coast. Dr. Grant. We’re not leaving this island without our son. Then you can go and look for him. You’re not really a mercenary are you? I never said I was. So? What do we do? We search for your son. In the direction that they’re going. Excellent! Excellent! Eric! Eric! Eric! We’re gonna find him. You listening to me? We’re gonna find him. Hey there’s a parasail up! Dr. Grant: Can you fly one of those? Maybe. As long as the sail’s not torn. There’s a video camera! It’s pretty beat
up though. There’s a cliff! There’s a big cliff! Camera’s still on. He’s alive. I know he’s alive. ERIC!! Raptor! ERIC!! Eric! Paul! This is how you make dinosaurs? No. This is how you play God. Wow! Look at all things they were trying
to breed! I should get some shots of them. Isn’t there anything else to eat on this island?! Left! Go left! Why do they keep following us? Uh…pass! Hey! Over here! It’s locked! He’s calling for help! Come on! Udesky! They set a trap. They actually set
a trap! This way, it’s not safe, I know a place where we can hide. Thanks a lot Eric. You know who I am? Your parents are here. They’re looking for you. You’re Alan Grant. What are you doing here? Your parents…uh…invited me along. Be careful with that, T-Rex. Scares some of the smaller ones away but it attracts one really big one with a fin. Listen! Compys! Those Compys aren’t so bad on their own. If you meet a group it’s bad news. Luckily the T-Rex scares them off. That or they just don’t like the smell. Dr. Grant! There’s a boat! There’s a boat. Right alongside the bank. Looks in good shape. Listen. What? It’s my Dad’s satellite phone! Mom! Dad! Eric?! How did you know you we were? The phone! The stupid jingle from the store! I heard it! I don’t have it! I loaned it to Nash. He must have had it when he… Raptor eggs! I took them on a impulse. I thought that they would be worth a fortune. Enough to fund the dig site another ten more years. What if they catch us with them? What if they catch us without them? There’s a boat at the bottom, just downriver. Try to make it to the coast at least. What is it? It’s a birdcage! Eric! I can’t see him! I got this! Billy stop! Don’t BILLY! Hey, I can almost see my house from here! Eric! Jump! Jump! Let go now! Find a weapon! Yeah you got his attention all right. Dad! I’m not going anywhere! They want the eggs! Otherwise we would be dead already. No! No, no. Call for help! That’s a helicopter.

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  1. This is the niceist movie i ever see!!! I advise eveeeerybody to watcccch it ๐Ÿ™‚

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