LEGO Incredibles 2 sets pictures!

Walmart’s website has revealed two of the three LEGO Incredibles 2 sets – the 25 dollar Underminer Bank Heist, and the 30 Great Home Escape set. What do I think of these? Well, I’m hyped for both of these because
of the minifigures. Like, the Great Home Escape is a strange build since it’s like a corner of the inside of
the house, but since it’s Juniors, there’s great printed pieces. I love Violet’s new hair piece, Dash looks perfect, but I really wish Jack Jack had the one strand of hair instead
of none. The Underminer set also has good exclusive
prints. The Underminer minifigure has a nose which LEGO minifigures aren’t supposed to
have, but it is his defining feature, so I’m conflicted. I’m glad Mr. Incredible is different from
the Disney CMF, and Elastigirl’s looks spot on, I especially adore the new hair mould. I never cover these Walmart reveals but I’m getting sick and tired of these so called leakers posting them with no source to get their one minute of fame. So screw it, let everyone see the Walmart
HD images that are put up first. You can check out the full sites in the description
below. I’ll see you guys later, peace out, bye.

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Incredibles 2 sets pictures!

  1. Jurassic world/ park, infinity war, star wars and incredibles lego sets, I will suffering a lot having to chose wich sets to buy

  2. I just wish it wasnt juniors, because the sets are too simple like the cars 3 sets. But they still look good. I hope the toy story 4 sets ARENT JUNIORS

  3. I think they should have made mr. Incredible an almost big fig, like axl from nexo knights, he’s got the big upper body and normal legs and lower body! But this works well I guess 😕

  4. Pretty mad that these are juniors sets, since 90% of the audience is probably above the age of 13. It makes absolutely no sense. Just because it's an animated movie doesn't mean it's for little kids, Lego needs to understand that most of the people that would be buying sets based off of the incredibles are probably adults.

  5. I still remember having nightmares after seeing the under miner. There's just something so creepy about the way the helmet rests over his eyes.

  6. Hmm Mr Incredible still looks off to me, they should have made him a big fig. The face makes him look less recognizable

  7. Dash, a character which can run in unbelievable speeds

    can't even move his legs in this Lego set, how ironic.

  8. What are you talking about ? All lego have noses .. it's the front view so you really can't see .. it's imaginative play! you clearly aren't a big jangbricks fan, he's always talking bout using the imagination !! underminer has a printed nose because that's a distinct feature that they can't just sculpt out ! But every minifig has a nose but not visible because it's the front view.. look at Batman's cowl pieces

  9. They really should make an incredibles 1 wave.. the incredible car would've been cool .. a UCS syndrome base would be cool!!

  10. Yes, it is about time for some new male and female domino mask heads!!! I can’t wait to pick these up for the figures, and I’m actually surprised by how good these look for being so inexpensive and Juniors sets too!

  11. These sets aren't the best in my opinion. The minifigs are cool… I guess, but they don't really look like the characters from the movie. BTW, I love the videos where you show the newly released sets and your opinion on them. You are an AMAZING YouTuber! 😀

  12. i want Lego to do Zootopia Lego sets if they continue to do Disney. it would also be cool to see an Oswald the lucky rabbit Minifigure

  13. Nice looking set with some great minifigures. The build is small and ok. I like the living room area a lot. Not much to say here, maybe I will have more thoughts when better pictures come out. This will probably be the only Incredibles set I buy as I am expecting the other Elstagirl set to have a crappy build. The Underminer set does look really good though. The combo of Mr. Incredible and Mrs. Incredible is awesome and the builds are not bad too. Just not as cool as the house. The small helicopter set is probably going to be bland but we shall see.

  14. God! I hope they release them in my country, I have action figures of the entire family and would love to own them as Lego. I think they should make some interesting builds even if its for juniors, they seem very random and not interesting at all…

  15. I despise the fact that these are juniors. Mark my words, I’ll eventually get them before the holidays hit, but why not a whole pixar theme?

  16. These aren’t as good as the Cars 3 sets. I don’t see why films like moana get real sets while Pixar (Apart from Cars 2 😒) are forced to get juniors.

  17. I just want these for the minifigures. Also shouldn’t LEGO know that there are adult fans of The Incredibles?! I mean seriously why are they putting these under Juniors. At least I don’t have to spend $80 to get Mr. Incredible!

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