LEGO Incredibles 2 Minifigures (Custom Series) – My Thoughts!

Hello, just2good here, and my boy Ashnflash
made a custom LEGO Incredibles Minifigure Series. He also made a video describing his thought
process behind the series – so go check that out. I thought it would be cool to take a quick
look at this series saying which stand out, and what I would do differently if I had a
say in the creation of this series – which this was made all on his own. Basically a thoughts video, as if this was
an official release. Now, a lot of it is based off designs from
the LEGO Incredibles game. The new midfig moulds used in the Nintendo
series is also used for Mr. Incredible in this series here. I think it works with the suit in figure one,
but not so much when he’s out of the suit in figure twelve. I actually think mny favorite is the retro
Elastigirl figure, the colors on there are awesome. I also really like the Void figure, I wish
she came in the sets. The Reflux figure is pretty funny – he uses
this barf piece that attaches at the neck, asnd it’s great. Also, the Evelyn figure using Jay’s Ninjago
movie hair fits way better than what they did in the video game. It’s clever how he spread different Jack Jacks
across the series – the babysitter from the first has fire Jack Jack, Violet in her regular
outfit has a normal Jack Jack, stressed out Bob has laser eyes Jack Jack, and Lucious
has the creature Jack Jack – clever new mould there. Speaking of which, nice continuity Ash. He didn’t include a regular Frozone because
our Disney Series 2 has him. And that’s something Ashnflassh takes into
consideration – continuity. No figures from the sets appear in here. Hence why there’s no Edna… but, let’s be
realistic. If they made this, they would’ve had that
neat Edna foom the game, and the videogame promo would be different. Some things I’d do differently. Mirage’s hair… looks off I think. Bomb Voyage, while the hat piece is based
off the game, you know they’d just reuse the existing piece they have made for the baret. But, I think they would make a new piece for
a bomb. Anyways, that’s all I have to say about this
series. What do you guys think? Be sure to show Ashnflash some love to his
new YouTube channel, and no worries, a new CMF Draft releases on my channel at the end
of the week. We’re dropping off the battle bus once again…

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Incredibles 2 Minifigures (Custom Series) – My Thoughts!

  1. Can you please do a video on the LEGO set 76106 that has not been released yet I would love to know what’s going on with that set and you are extremely intuitive so I would love to hear your opinion

  2. I had a cool idea for a cmf draft. Power Rangers! So, mainly reoccurring monsters (Goldar, Rito, Lord Zedd, etc) as well as some other characters, such as Bulk and Skull, Alpha, Trey of Triforia, ninjor, the aquitar rangers, a megazord figure, and unmorphed rangers. Also, it would mainly focus around Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers, and Zeo.

  3. the should have put voyd in the great home escape instead of brick who they got his gender wrong and he was ment to be a big fig

  4. I just watched the "Top 10 Lego set Errors" video and realised that I have the "Sheild Eyes From Light" BTTF piece!

  5. If your friend "suddenly" disappears, you know Disney has seen this video and uhhh taken care of the situation. Nice vid BTW!

  6. Great video, for series 2 of this series, I would've made the rest of the Disney Pixar characters from the game (like Woody, Russell, Bing Bong, etc).

  7. Mirage looks odd in minifigure form

    Cause in the movie, her legs are 2 inches thick and her waist is 10 in thick

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