LEGO Ideas Women of NASA review! set 21312

hello everyone this is a look at the
Lego ideas set called women of NASA it’s a much cooler set actually once I got my
hands on the pieces then I thought it was gonna be with this set you build
three little dioramas or vignettes that hold up four figures and the biggest
question asked here is why is Miss Catherine Johnson not included in the
set especially when she was designed to be included in the answer is simply a
matter of permissions and licensing Lego was not able to secure the license and
permission to include her likeness in this set the Margaret Hamilton scene is
based on a photograph of her which they have turned into 3d in a way it’s not an
exact replica of it but I think it makes for probably the least interesting build
although it’s not quite as boring as it appears I mean getting the stack of
books is no big deal but I actually like what they did with the wall and the
build for it and this uses prints so there’s a print for her nameplate and a
print for the blackboard on the back no stickers are included in the set
whatsoever actually I like how they attach to the wall back here just again
just a nice fairly simple technique and the vertical brown thing just represents
a coat hanger up close the figure has a squiggly pattern for the textile of her
garment which looks like it’s a little bit low in resolution to me a little bit
low in detail I wish they had gone with some finer lines to represent the
pattern but the face I think looks great I really like what they did for the
glasses and I think they captured her smile
pretty accurately actually so you think it kind of captures the character I
captures the the real person and they’ve also done a nice job with the legs going
down to the feet it’s just printed really well the level of production is
you know this is fine it’s it’s high-quality and does use dual moulded
legs it’s a good effect and that’s something
that should always be done whenever possible since they have the technology
and the technique available and this does have a second phase still happy and
smiling just a little bit more serious and looks pretty appropriate I think
this kind of captures her eyebrows a little bit better than the front version
if you’re a little bit let down by the build here though I do have to point out
that there have been much nicer Lego ideas builds that go with Margaret
Hamilton they just happen to come out in the set the head these two things as
software that she developed and or worked on substantively one way or
another went into making these things go where they were supposed to and bring
these little people back safely Nancy Roman is nicknamed the mother of Hubble
and she’s depicted here with her baby the Hubble telescope I’m actually gonna
move the figure out of the way for a moment and show you that close but focus
on the build here first which includes a large printed panel piece that
represents the photograph of the cone nebula was a picture taken in 2002 I
don’t know the significance of that one in particular and why they chose it over
or something that’s a little bit possibly more popular in in popular
culture or something but it is what it is it’s great to get yet another print
probably a lot of people will be just jumping down to the comment section to
say that I have built the telescope wrong or I’ve posed it wrong but I just
built and posed it the way they showed in the instructions the little stand is
on a hinge joint that allows you to turn this up and down you can also rotate it
around if you want to see the back end of it with the transceiver faces towards
Earth but this is supposed to represent kind of the business end of it that
faces out towards space and actually captures all the images this is
essentially the lens cap that comes down to protect it unfortunately that is not
able to close up in tirely but I like the way that it’s depicted here it’s
really funny that they used a garbage can but it’s a pretty perfect piece
there very perfect piece I haven’t gotten a
lot of those garbage cans in like gray out I remember the last set that had one
I think that’s a fairly rare color these panels solar panels are a new exclusive
print those are one by four tiles that they’ve got there and they also use this
relatively new piece up here which is an awesome awesome piece that I look
forward to absolutely hoarding they’re so so useful and they’ve stuck it into a
hollow stud there but yeah I just said incredibly useful piece but altogether
for the size of this build I think it looks great and I think it looks great
from every angle just so long as your brain doesn’t get caught up on the fact
that this is a trashcan here if you just look at the shapes then I think it’s
pretty brilliant I would say I think the figure of Miss Roman is a really nice
one as well I like the necklace I like the depth that they brought into the
torso with just a little bit of grey shadowing and also the creases you know
just has I think an appropriate Lego a vacation of this outfit and I like what
they did with the face – especially with the extra shaping around the eyes on the
underside and also the two-toned glasses the rims with the sand green and the
dark green that’s just really nice detailing just captured a really nice
expression here as well there’s a little bit more to see on that face especially
with the glasses with that hair removed but that just seems like a good a good
head a good face to have in Lego form period you know it just would look good
on many different custom characters and probably some other you know real life
based figures as well then here’s sort of the de-facto centerpiece of the set
with Sally Ride on the right ayran when she was making waves and headlines
she was America’s first woman in space and then May Jemison is on the left
she’s the first non Caucasian woman ever to go into space both of them served
with the space shuttle program thus there is a large depiction of a space
shuttle system that kind of dominates though the entire set not to mention
this vignette this is a really cool build that made some nice uses of pieces
and makes for a nice display piece just good uses of the wedge plates
especially nice shaping overall I think this is the first time that I’ve seen
the relatively new one round 1 by 1 plates with bar on side used in white
I’ll show you those a little bit better with thee the mounts for the main
engines but there is a major problem with this build here and that’s the
relative sizing between the shuttle itself the lander the orbiter / lander
and the rest of the system that the main big old fuel tank assembly is dwarfed
and the SRBs are looking pretty tiny so it’s kind of a super deformed representation that they have come up
with here with the shuttle you know getting most of most of the prominence
in this display kind of not realistic in that way but it still looks pretty cool
and you can take the individual components apart so the SRBs
are just attached with Technic pins from the sides so you can pull those out
sometimes pins want to stay behind but you don’t take those off and you put it
into its next state they do help to stabilize the entire build but they’re
not critical so just the orbiter Lander with the tanks
and then you can just discard the tanks by just pulling this entire assembly off
leaving behind the very nice shuttle which is definitely highlight to me of
the entire set too bad you can’t open up the cargo bay
that would have been extra nice but the proportions here look pretty good
especially like how they’ve attached the engines back here and down in there are
those one by one pieces that I mentioned they actually allow you to rotate these
from side to side ever so slightly you can also adjust the angles of the
engines overall if you want to bit so you can get that top one facing up that
works out well and just yeah just this is a nice mini model just by itself I
mean they could have sold this and maybe they will at some point in the future
sell just a slight revision of this as its own little you know $3.00 head or
something here’s a closer look at the figure for Sally Ride and I think her
torso has the best print in the set just a great level of detail there it has
depth but it has fine details and yet it doesn’t look like it’s trying to be too
realistic at the same time just you know has a very nice balance I think between
capturing some realism means keeping it in toy form that’s very compatible with
the looks of modern standard Lego figures and does have print on the back
which i think is equally good there’s not as much to see here but I think that
it’s appropriate and this is of course another figure that has a second face so
two possible expressions the most serious one here I think I think this is
a reused face I’m sure that I’ve seen this both faces for this head before the
other ones are actually new but I think that it works out okay the hairpiece I
think is fine not necessarily the very best match but
you know to reality but probably the closest match that Lego had available in
their inventory and then here is made Jemison who comes with her helmet I’ll
just take that out of her hand um Tara Lee it doesn’t really get held
there very well it’s kind of sitting in place but another really good torso here
with a good level of detail lots of depth in this one for sure lots and lots
of puff depth and another just good-looking figure a very pleasant face
again with similar detailing or similar shaping of the eyes to the Nancy Roman
figure at least the the main larger smiling face version of her and really
good detailing on the back here with the zipper and I like the two different
tones of the silver with the brighter color and also I guess they call it dark
pearl grey which is technically the gunmetal grey but here I think it’s
really just a couple of colors overlaid but whatever it is technically I think
it just looks really good and she does have an alternate face which is a
slightly more serious expression but I think still works out well like again
the shaping of the eyes works nicely and I do want to go ahead and put the helmet
on just so you can see the slightly more complete form that looks great to me
with the suit that goes together really really nicely I’m very happy to see that
this helmet and visor design that Legolas used for so many years would
work you know still in in a relatively realistic depiction of character so this
is nice so really an enjoyable high quality set I think it it definitely
exceeds my expectations quite significantly with the
figures and the builds alike I appreciate very much the inclusion of
all prints for everything with no stickers I think that just everything
here was done well it depicts things that are just very positive good
for education in general and I think it’s just all good in general however I
will address the elephant in the room that fuels discussion worldwide about
things like this the fact that Lego would obviously never
make a set called men of NASA because there would be riots and that’s a
problem that’s a problem for this set it’s a problem for the potential of that
set how people would respond to how the company would respond I think that
segregating the gender is out in in general is is a bad policy not in terms
of politics but just in terms of the progression of humanity I think there
are a plenty of scenarios where a gender does matter but in science technology
engineering and math I think it should not matter and in an ideal world
definitely I think that data would show unequivocally that the accomplishments
and contributions of women have been under represented and under celebrated
in modern society I think that that’s factual not an opinion I personally
believe that is wrong and needs to be fixed but I believe this is not the
right way to fix it you don’t combat inequality with more
inequality I’d like to see this be Legos last time separating people out by their
gender unnecessarily and I’d like to see them set a really positive example for
kids by showing that people are people and great contributions of people to the
progression of humanity technology and society should be celebrated
unequivocally and without conditions end of rant anyway thank you for tuning in I
hope that I showed you everything you wanted to see
this set and I hope to have a chance to talk to you in soon because I’m always
working on something new catch you later you

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Ideas Women of NASA review! set 21312

  1. I want to thank the wonderfully large number of viewers who have posted civil comments, especially those who disagree with things said by me or other commenters. I say that without any conditions or qualifiers. In my opinion, disagreement is an essential element of intelligent existence and respectful, constructive communication & iteration between disagreeing parties is one of the most elevated acts we can engage in as a species.

    Minor video correction: Hubble has two low-gain antennas on the end opposite the lens, where I referenced the "transceiver." However, more earthbound data transmission is conducted via the two high-gain antennas, one of which is represented by the newish black stud with axial bar sticking up on top. Only when the correctly-aligned high gain antenna is malfunctioning (as has occurred a number of times) do the low-gain units in the back become the primary communication conduits.

  2. I think equal amount of rant has been focused on the issue that this is basically a minifig pack. Although not explicitly stated, most fans expect lego ideas to be great builds! This IS NOT. Comparing it to others sets it has won against, this is a shame on lego ideas – in my opinion.

  3. I'm frustrated this is a set since it is hypocritical of the LEGO guidelines for their IDEAs submissions: " No Minifigure-only projects, Minifigure series proposals, or “battle packs.” So because it's "Women of NASA" they go around their own rules to make?

  4. I strongly disagree with your self described “rant” that this should be the last set that features women prominently or to the exclusion of men. The idea that excluding men automatically translates to a form of discrimination, of 2 wrongs making a right is misguided. Placing something in the spotlight— women here — not only celebrates 4 individual human accomplishments but starts conversations like this one when the group that has enjoyed privilege and power is seemingly excluded.
    It is ok for a group that has fought and struggled and continues to struggle to get an accolade. I am a white man and I do not need to get a participation trophy for not being personally discriminatory, for treating women as equals. Nothing would make me happier if a Lego set singling out 1/2 the worlds population reflects the cultural saturation of women’s triumph in getting equally standing in our society. That this this set would represent excess. It just isn’t. There continues to be too few boosters for women in Science and Tech. And the trolls, so many trolls. It is so nasty. Have you seen some of the early comments in the review on The website? You will see that average star ratings do not match up with the actual star ratings of reviews left up because Lego removed the nasty, vulgar, anti-women comments… but the deleted reviews still counted in the aggregate. I do not think you are a troll, but I also do not think you appreciate how far we still need to go for a “women of NASA” set to not make sense.

  5. I appreciate the professionalism of the language used in your videos. The commentary at the end of the video was handled very cautiously and well in my opinion and it really addressed some world problems in a compact monologue. Great video!

  6. Wow. I think a lot of people are way over thinking the whole gender nature of this set. Lego is a business. At the end of last year, there was a blockbuster movie, Hidden Figures that explored the contribution of black women to NASA, and how they had to deal racial discrimination while doing so. Lego figured that the timing was right for a set such as this. And, they were right. I bought multiple. Let's just say there was a target market for this product, and they sold to it. You don't like the set? Don't buy it.

    Now that being said, I do agree that it would have been an interesting set to combine both males and females in a set, and I would have bought that one as well. Would I buy an all male NASA set? Depends who would be in it. 🙂 Seriously, how many Lego sets DO have all male characters vs. all female characters? And, if you eliminate the Friends sets, I suspect the ratio gets even worse. I have worked decades in the IT industry and had to put up with some unspeakable situations, and I am supposed to feel bad because Lego comes out with an all female set for a technical industry? Pffftt. Not going to happen.

  7. If LEGO made a set that was titled MALES OF NASA, the media and liberals would flip out, call LEGO a sexist capitalistic “industrial complex” and the SPLC and ACLU would designate LEGO as a hate group.

  8. I don't think making a set called "Men of Nasa" would be a bad idea, not because of what you said about segregation but because maybe it would make sense because there have been men who studied about space and who have travelled on the moon a lot. That's not a bad thing (of course that's my opinion).

  9. I think we need more historical space sets like this and the Saturn V. Back in the early 2000s they had the Discovery license and produced quite a few ''real life' space exploration sets, and whoa boy, did kid me get a kick out of that. I think it would reinvigorate peoples fascination with the cosmos, kids and adult LEGO fans alike.

  10. Well said! 'You don't combat inequality with more inequality.' What you just said applies to so many issues beyond gender. This quote should be propagated for more to hear. Well said!

  11. Finally! Someone pointed out the major flaw in this set (the giant orbiter, or tiny fuel tank and booster assembly, however you look at it). Thank you for your amazing and sensible review Jang, and for making me feel less crazy about the sizing issue. I will not be purchasing this set, because as a space geek, I simply cannot get over that flaw (and trash can) 😉

  12. I debated whether to watch this video because I was highly disappointed when this set was chosen over (IMO) much more deserving set. At that time, the elephant in the room is indeed "Woman" in NASA. It is my firm believe that the set would not have been approved if it was "Man" in NASA. But now that the set has been released officially, I no longer think that's the elephant in the room. The elephant now (IMO) is the following: With so many significant changes in the set, can this still called an IDEA set? I do not believe it should be. There is much more interesting build (although some still fairly simple) in the official set vs the approved set. The biggest one is of course the shuttle.

    I can only hope that in the future, the LEGO team will select set base on its own merit. (i.e originality and technique) We will see what's the result of the next quarter. (I don't have much faith but I hope I am wrong.)

    Last but not least, always enjoy your channel.

  13. I wish it was just "Heroes of Nasa" and included more figures, including men, which are also very important in Nasa.

  14. I'm sorry Jang, but any social argument of "this should not be acceptable because if it was done to celebrate the majority (generally white male), it would not be acceptable" is a terrible one. Without really going down the rabbit hole of why or why not gender/racial specific objects/"celebrations" are good or not, let's look at this one. I think having just WOMEN of NASA is a good thing. STEM is a field that has actually aggressively excluded women on many levels. Women historically have not been encouraged to get into STEM fields growing up, so few even try. When they do try, they face discrimination, higher levels of sexual harassment than they would experience in many other fields, and in general have a tougher time advancing. The predominance of "Men of NASA" or any STEM field is disproportionately huge, and while there are many many problems that need solving to fix that, the first problem to solve it so encourage women to try… and one of the best ways to do that is to show them women that have succeeded. Role models are important, and sets like this show them that. So even if this set was politically motivated, still glad they made it. Plus I think the shuttle and the hubble telescope were done rather well. I do wish they figured out a way to use actual book pieces for the stack – I think it would have added a lot more visual interest to the Margaret Hamilton set.

  15. I feel the name of the set isn’t fair because they wouldn’t do a “men of nasa” set so why women? Still the set is very well designed and the firgures are very useful so it’s still a good set

  16. The squiggly line garment to me just represents a sweater in which the lines wouldn't be sharp considering the uneven surface of wool knitting.

  17. I have to disagree with JANG on this topic. I don't see this as fighting inequality, I just see it as celebrating a group of people who against the odds, contributed to the advancement of technology. I consider myself to be a politically correct person and even so, only one of these women did I know about, and now I know about all four. Humans need examples to inspire them. The knowledge I gained from seeing this set gives me hope for humanity. In my opinion, hope is what this is about, not battle tactics for fighting inequality.

  18. Glad you explained why Katherine Johnson was missing. I was wondering what happened to her. I still enjoy the set just the same!!

  19. Jang! I am very curious…. In calling the release of the "Women of Nasa" set inequality, how do you mean that? Surely you don't mean to say that you think men should have been included? The idea that most space sets only contain men, wouldn't the release of women only sets be evening out the inequality??? If we spend decades focusing on men, and then in an effort towards equality, focus on men AND women, without women ever getting their own focus, isn't that less equality rather than more?

  20. I don't know, as a white guy, I really don't see a problem. If things were the other way around, I were in a more female dominated society, I'd be thrilled to have something that made an effort to single out our contributions.

  21. Gender has never been LEGO's forte. I mean, there's a whole line made specifically for girls. I think their best first step would be fixing the gender ratio of characters in play themes. Ninjago is 5:1, Nexo Knights is 4:1, Bionicle was 5:1, and Chima was 7:1. If they stopped treating girls so differently they might be able to make everything appeal to both genders.

  22. I would have loved to see them name this [gender neutral whatever] of Nasa, with no changes in the line up. Pointing out that these people are women just adds to the notion that men are the norm.

    A good example of this is the fact that if, say a rock band, has only female members in it, it's bound to be referred to as an 'all girl rock band' or a 'girl band', while a rock band consisting of only men will be referred to as just a rock band.

    Great set though!

  23. perfectly said on the equality issue Jang! my only other issues with this set is that the other finalists, the Lamborghini Veneno and the UCS Landspeeder lost the spot because of this set. I would actually buy those.

  24. I think this set goes a long way to attracting women into science.  That is the major issue with science and technology today: we fail to enable fully half of the population into those fields.  Not due to  qualification at all, but due to how we raise our children.  Men are pushed into the sciences and women are not.  While the problem doesn't exist to the extent it once did, it permeates society and tech today, at all levels.

  25. I agree with what you said about it would be sexist if they put men of NASA however to me this wouldn’t be sexist. The ideas release of NASA has intrigued so many even me. I was never too interested in NASA until this wave of releases. Because of this review along with constantly checking it 21309 ever comes back in stock where I live, but I have just paid €59.99, £55, $65 for this set so I truly appreciate this theme of Lego and thank you for a great review

  26. I agree with your final statements in this video 100%. The best way to move forward is to quit the segregation and show that people can work together, regardless of race, gender, etc.

  27. Feminists complain about 'female achievements being suppressed by the evil patriarchy' and that's why we haven't heard of any of these 'women of NASA'. Well, how many 'men of NASA' have you heard about (that weren't astronauts, that is)? Because I haven't heard of any. No one's talking about them in the news. No one's making films about them. No one's making documentaries about them. No one's making LEGO sets about them.

    Feminists don't know how 'logic' works. All they know is how to play victims.

  28. my daughter is a huge fan of NASA and i was a little on the fence with this set.But i think you've reinforced my feelings a bit,think i'll hold out for a 'People of NASA' set. Looks nice though

  29. Thanks for the opinion. To each their own. But, women have been marginalized throughout history and I’m good with them getting the spotlight so to speak even if some find it ‘unfair.’

  30. My wife and I are definetily not going to buy this political statement from feminists to our daughters!
    BIG error, Lego!!!

  31. Buying three of this awesome set! One for my daughter, one for our high school science teacher and one for the awesome new face and clothing prints! And that printed Hubble Telescope pic! Swooon

  32. BrickLink doesn't have Sally Ride in their inventory but her more serious expression especially looks a bit like Princess Leia's more recent face from the imperial shuttle

  33. Sorry Jang, disagree with your rant.  Sometimes you have to call attention to something in life.  This is one of those times.  My teen daughter saw this set and was instantly drawn to it.  As a male professional in the tech industry, I can unequivocally say that more females are needed in the tech industry.  If Lego producing such a set inspires more females to take a STEM education plan, then that's wonderful.

  34. I can see where you are coming from with the "segregation" argument, perhaps starting a line of sets called "Heroes of NASA" or "People of NASA" where sets could have been made featuring figures of real people who were involved in the space program regardless of gender. But I still think this is a good set overall and looks great on the shelf next to my Lego Saturn 5 and Shuttle Expedition. I know you didn't say it was a bad set, but Lego I think missed an opportunity here to start a NASA theme, Yeah it might not sell as well as Ninjago or Star Wars but I think it would have still been a viable, profitable theme.

  35. THIS is a good argumentation, even if I don't completely agree with you. I can't have a stable opinion on "positive discrimination" or that kind of stuff. I think it can be helpful in some situations. It can "force" people to recognize that gender is not a barrier and it can introduce hidden talents.
    But this is not a perfect solution, there is importants defaults with positive discrimination, the most obvious being, like you said, fighting unequality with unequality.
    For exemple, this lego set can made some little kids discover those women, they can realize that women aren't condamned to cook nor being housewives, air hostesses or nurses.
    But again, "suppressing" men to help women is not the best solution, and I fear that the situation can be reversed. Imagine if that positive discrimination stuff goes too far, and then 20 years later or something like that, little girls mocking little boys for wanting to do scientist stuff.
    Okay, maybe I'm too pessimist with this prediction, but still, we must be careful with this. We know what propaganda can do, and feminism must not transform into some anti-man sexist propaganda (and then the army of trolls posted comments saying "duh that's already the case l0l" at the same time).
    So balance must be found. I think we can introduce girls into science, make them realise that they can be the new Einstein or Neil Armstrong, without discriminating men. I think positive discrimination CAN be envisaged, but only as a very very short term solution, just to rebalance the things.

    But for this lego set, I completely agree with you. Lego should've done an equilibrated set, with men and women who all done awesome things. Still, I like the builds, especially the shuttle.

    (sorry if my english isn't perfect, I'm french)

  36. I agree that they shouldn't segregate the genders or they should at least make a men of NASA too. Such a cool set, though!!!

  37. Just ordered this! It’s my first Ideas set ever and I’m really excited for it since I missed out on the Research Institute and I love space/NASA sets. I feel like Lego should just start their own NASA subtheme since so many Ideas projects are NASA related.

  38. I hate this set because its promoting women in science but it isn’t wide released, lego only released this set to avoid controversy, and this isn’t the first female teampack they did with ideas, there wasn’t really put much effort in making this set, there are so many inputs that are so much better, this is just awful

  39. Simple set,£20 is very fair.Now we have a £70 micro ship in a,very unconvincing,bottle.Looking forward to a decent Idea model,next time.

  40. For fear of turning this political. That's exatcly how you combat innequality. With innequality in the opposite direction until the 2 become equal again.

  41. I love how people are getting upset and arguing over A TOY! Lol, they’re just making a cool historical set that appeals to science and history fans

  42. I personally want to see some RFSA space stuff. Sputnik, Soyuz Rockets, Mir, anything. Its time to give Russia some love considering they have done more for space travel and exploration than any other country. Pretty much all space “firsts”, except humans on the moon, are purely russian.

  43. I completely agree with you Jang! The way to end this is to give people credit for what they did as oppose to what gender they were born as. All these people made great contributions, and deserve to be paired with the men of their time and equal achievement. Why is there a need to separate them? I can respect women's contributions to NASA without them being separate. Let's respect the people who contributed to NASA for their contributions, and not inflate or deflate the accomplishment of them simply because of the gender of the contributor. Make a set with the many of the best contributors to NASA; and if women are there, then great! But do not add or subtract someone from this honor simply because they are or aren't women. That's demeaning of the achievements these people collectively hold. Maybe a better idea would have been to make a set that included many of the most influential people from one or several of the Apollo missions, and even NASA in general, together in the control center, maybe with some info about who they were and what they did. That would have been awesome in my opinion, and a great way to highlight not only these women did, but what NASA collectively did together.

  44. This was the first set I purchased in about 20 years and i'm pretty glad they released this set. With so much male representation in this field, this and shows like Hidden Figures give a transparency for hopefully future youth to see and understand what women went through, with very little representation or equality (especially at this point). These women were just as and in some cases more important than their male counterparts. There is no "Elephant in the room" and do you have any basis for your opinion that LEGO would never make a men of NASA? I mean the Fallingwater set was pretty much dedicated to Frank Lloyd Wright minus a mini figure of him. Is that what you want? Because you have dozens of Architecture sets if you're thinking a male oriented set would cause riots. This is an important set, just like the architect sets and in some way, LEGO is helping equality… regardless what you say.

  45. Why don’t lego just make a ‘scientists’ set rather than focusing on just women and we could get some really well-known scientists?

  46. I loved this set. (I day this as a male who doesn't like the virwpoint of everyone can be anything). The builds may not be the biggest or most complex but I like it. The space shuttle and the hubble looks accurate at this scale. The recreation of the Margret Hamilton photos is awesome. The minigfigures had same cool printing. As for the subject matter: I feel that this set simply celebrates women who made contributions to the scientific field. That needs to happen mote. No matter what you say, our knowledge of space would be what it was toady without Margeret and Nancy. As for Sally and Mae, they beat the odds in a field where (at the time) woman weren't accept easily. They deserve recognition for that.

  47. I have this set. It’s sat on my windowsill and my cat is always jumping at it and nocking it off! Typical! (Amazing set)

  48. Oh boy are the neckbeards triggered about women getting there own LEGO set.. Watch out guys next they'll want to vote and drive cars!

  49. Ugh, I try to give Lego fans the benefit of the doubt by assuming they aren't woman hating losers, but then I see this. Inequality? Good lord.

  50. Did lego do this for publicity? Like the stpres stock 1 box. And its next to cinema and video game legos…you know. Exciting legos

  51. Gender inequality is real. Recognize women in these sets! I support it. Young girls need examples and they will not be highlighted or drawn out unless you recognize them. The majority of mini figures are men. Time to start creating sets that have just women. Just like many sets have just men mini figures

  52. Specifically celebrating disadvantaged groups is “segregation“ only in the pursuit of equality – and therefore not just okay, but even required. Of course nobody thinks it SHOULD be necessary to particularly highlight the achievements of women, but the fact of the matter is that it IS, and it will only change if we lift women up in fields where they are underrepresented or underappreciated. You said you hope this is the last set where that's needed – I would state it this way: I hope Lego continues doing that right up until it's no longer necessary!

  53. I myself think this is a great set.
    Getting 3 nice little mini displays of NASA tech is great.
    Getting 4 great, heavily detailed female figures, they're great on themselves, but for MOC figures they're also very useful parts wise.
    Now, to answer the simple question… Why no "Men of NASA?"
    Because the men of NASA simply already get an extreme amount of recognition. This is just a simple way to get more women interested in STEM fields and stuff, not that hard to figure out.

  54. as much as you dislike Margaret's build, I find a lot of sentimental value in the photograph it's based on. seeing her represented at all is incredible

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