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hello everyone this is the Lego ideas
Voltron based on the classic 1980s cartoon series and if there are any
classic Voltron memorabilia collectors out there there’s something that I need
to show you right from the start for the sake of scale this is not the original
Bandai / Matchbox diecast lion forest Voltron this is the 1984 Panosh Place
version which is larger and for folks who aren’t Voltron nerds well there’s
something for scale this set has taken me on a whole rollercoaster of emotion
when it was first announced that it was going to be produced I was absolutely
ecstatic I was actually on the market for another Voltron collectible display
item for myself and a LEGO version seemed like the perfect way to fit that
bill then when Lego showed the final production version of this in pictures
and revealed that the articulation of the combination model would be limited
to just moving the arms back and forth this way and articulating slightly at
the elbows and just a little bit at the wrists and that’s just it while I was
very disappointed I mean technically you can move it head back and forth a little
bit too so that counts for something then I bought this thing and built it
and realized it was enormous and all the good feelings came rushing back so as
just a collectible go lion lion force Voltron this is very impressive to look
at if you’re not trying to play with it if you’re trying to play with it it’s
honestly not all that great in full Voltron form although it’s not too much
more limiting than the classic toys were but you are dealing with Lego here so
it’s not going to be quite as durable there are quite a number of small pieces
that can come off and also you have the legs of the Lions which are actually
better articulated than on a lot of the toys through history however in this
completed form all put together it is fairly sturdy it is not going to fall
over easily it has good good traction good friction with
the ground thanks to a tire that they place snugly in the the foot on each
side basically it’s not very visible here the legs are always splayed open
like that the joints at the hips that give you that angle right here are very
very rigid right in there they’ve got a lot of strengthening members in there to
make sure those do not move do not even flex a little bit as you stand this up
so the articulation is really just what I showed you but the wonderful thing
here is that not only can this be displayed in its full voltron form and
it has the star shield over here which has some new bright silver coloration
for some parts for the Nexo Knights Nexo Knights Nexo Knights introduced large
shield pieces with the bar on them and also these triangular basically street
sign pieces they also have the full sword here which can be taken out of the
hand right now it’s it’s connected at both ends of the hilts to make sure that
it will stay in place but you can take that out and they include the part
needed to make it whole as just its own thing with a complete hilt like that
pretty good but this is also comprised of the individual lions which can be
taken apart can be displayed on their own and can be played with actually now
what you’re gonna see here in this sped up footage is my personal first time
ever converting this model from full Voltron form back to the original Lions
you actually build the Lions one by one at the very start just following the
instructions you build the legs and then you build the Black Lion body and then
you build the arms and then at the very end they have you learn how to assemble
them all together being completely new to this process I do make a couple small
mistakes and I’m not very efficient at it yet but even at that
didn’t have that much trouble it’s a lot easier than my first time in my second
time and third and fourth and fifth time converting the Panosh Place version
back and forth in it’s a lot easier than for example converting back and forth a
good transformer to a you also kind of have to extend a little bit of kindness
with the understanding that this is Lego and they did not introduce any brand new
part molds for this this is only just using very standard very regular pieces
it uses all legal building techniques and it had to be designed to be easy to
put together by anyone just following the instructions and they were
successful at all of those things the yellow lion is the very first one
they have you build and that fire yellow orange orange yellow color the school
bus yellow kind of color really really pops it really stands out and just
screams toy to you in a very very good way this also immediately gives some
examples of some interesting part inclusions the eyes here are in the
recently resurrected teal color or turquoise color and a lot of the filler
pieces some of those smaller filler pieces throughout all of the Lions use
that color and the Lego designers have been consciously trying to use that as a
filler color in many places really just as a service to fans to allow more of
that color to get out there on the market quickly for a lot of folks who
missed it or who really liked that color also you can see the new printed piece
that’s used for the upper leg joints it’s just a round 2 by 2 tile but it’s
printed you don’t see light bluish gray piece and it’s printed with the bright
silver color do have some openings on this on various light lions in different
places as necessary for connection points but overall this is a very good
looking thing for how sturdy it is and just what all it has to do for the major
model I mean even the jaw done exceptionally well in my opinion
the blue lion came next and most of its structure is the same you know it’s the
same size and fits together in the main Voltron combination basically in the
same way but it’s just small details around the head that are different and
also back here a little bit back here doesn’t have the the extra fins but most
of this is the same in terms of its structure just small details have been
changed up you know the stuff on the outside really the story of the blue
lion and who piloted it when was really messed up in the western adaptation
going from go lions over to Voltron they they went back and forth several times
on it so it’s it’s kind of weird if you look back at the original series and a
lot of it doesn’t make sense because it was done out of order but fortunately
the newer Voltron series there’s a lot of that up and presents a new and much
more cohesive story in toys the Lions used for the arms have typically been
the most disappointing ones because you’ve been able to do the least with
them interestingly here in this Lego form you can do the most with these
because these do have the ability to rotate the heads back and forth and they
also have a little bit of waist articulation a fair amount you know that
turns into the elbows so that’s actually cool to see and all of these have the
ability to move their their legs forward and back and they also have the joint
there and there to allow you to pose in different ways and they have differing
levels of tail articulation nothing too impressive there these arm ones are not
able to open and close the the jaws though unfortunately so you do have some
pros and some cons but still a good looking thing for what it is not too
many compromises were made in terms of its functionality so overall again I
have to be pretty happy with this especially for something made of Lego
the heads are really done nicely I really like the shaping from any kind of
kind of distance they almost don’t look like they’re made of Leto you know you
have to be a real lego fan familiar with the pieces too
to pick out exactly what the techniques are and how they are used until you get
up a little bit closer and the colors from the outsides are good so I
mentioned that they use the turquoise a teal color for fillers they also use
pinks inside they use all kinds of colors on the inside when we come when
it comes to the exterior they did it right they don’t show any of that stuff
from any angle whatsoever it’s all hidden away I mean the worst things you
get her these these axles okay they’re in yellow booooo-whoo lers it kind of
goes just fine with the yellow colors of the intentional accents so again just
done well with you know hiding things that should not be seen the green lion
is very similar to the red one because this is the other arm so structurally
it’s the same and in terms of its articulation it’s the same but it looks
a good deal different by virtue of the shaping around the shoulders and you
know the four part of the body and it’s so rounded now also ends up looking a
lot taller than it really is just that proportions look significantly different
even though the actual size and shape and amount of space that’s used up is
very very similar so that’s that’s actually very nicely done and also just
how boxy the rear hips are for the red one versus how sleek they are for the
green it’s a very nice differentiation and this may be my favorite here it’s
it’s hard to say that against the yellow one the yellow one just has that that
fantastic color scheme but in terms of build and shaping I have to give the nod
to the green one this yeah this is very sleek and it just looks pretty proper
the worst thing about it is just looking directly from the side at the neck
you’ve got that Technic pin hole there I guess could be filled up with some
things and again there’s no ability to open and close the jaw on either of
these but everything else works with the with the legs
they’re very posable in that sense and you have the waist articulation and the
neck can turn just a bit ironically the black vole
Lions in toys have had a lot of historical compromises required just
like the little red and green armed ones even though this one is so much larger
the black one forms the body and therefore has had to be very strong it’s
had to have the connection points for everything else and you can definitely
feel that when you build this here again you know in in the Lego form you feel
the compromises and you can just see the limitations that were required the
designer again did I think a fantastic job of navigating those limitations and
making a very sturdy structure it is too bad that you’re not able to just rotate
the legs for example the lower legs back to conversion to the Voltron form this
is one where you do have to take things apart but it’s easy enough and that’s
that’s well done you just take this off and then rotate connect 90 degrees off
make sure that will actually go into the holes yeah that works that works okay
it’s not that big of a deal and then with the shoulders it’s a little bit
more of a of a change around because those come off completely again they use
clips and bars come off easily enough a there you can see some of the rainbow of
colors that are used inside and it gets much worse than that but again you know
they hide away that stuff most of the time this one to convert the Voltron
actually gets rotated around 180 degrees then it just gets clipped back in you
can see that starts to form that the chest there but that’s not that bad this
this feels okay it doesn’t feel like I’m disassembling a lego model to do that I
think it’s an okay compromise again for the sturdiness the worst thing here as I
mentioned earlier on in terms of compromises that you have this angle
that and that cannot be changed it’s it’s always going to be there so the
legs are always going to be kind of apart from each other and a lot of toys
over history have suffered from that in order to get certain poses you know
they’ve they’ve seemed rather static in their poses
and you know they’re just some things that you realistically have to live with
this one has a nice print right there for the head on that five sided tile
piece and also oh I guess I should have brought these think like so yeah I think
that’s how they go but the the actual Voltron head or Voltron face for this
one which is just inside the jar right there which is pretty proper does have
an exclusive printed one by three double inverted slope to get that that mouth on
there and I very much appreciate the inclusion of so many prints in this set
although the set does include a sticker sheet now I did not apply the stickers
here but they give you the numbers for each of the Lions and in the the Western
markets under the Voltron name not the original go lion name but as full time
they put these numbers on the Lions but in the original Japanese versions they
didn’t have them I should also point out that for the chest detail to get the
cross in there they have used a lug wrench and that is molded in the newer
version of pearl gold color it’s a little bit more yellowish than it used
to be a little bit more properly gold but to give you that piece they actually
include a full set of tools a little bag that they do they mold them all together
and this grille piece up here at the top represents the little bit of crown
detail in the emblem and you also get these painted bright metallic silver
colored tiles of different sizes and shapes a couple of those used for the
belts as well of course it would have been very nice to get some many figures
to go with this set that would have really upped the value and the
collectability but then I’m sure that a lot of us would have wanted those many
figures to actually fit into the the individual Lions in some kind of way
just like they could with the panache place version that I showed earlier and
there’s no way that the designer gotten that to work out while still
accommodating all of the the functions needed here and all the structure needed
to make the transformation and all the connections work while also keeping the
exterior nice and clean as it is so a fair compromise there still would be
nice if they offered up just a limited run of you know just a minifigure pack
to go with this just to have you know just to have the the team that could be
displayed there would be a nice add-on but as it is the price to part ratio for
this is excellent and it’s not artificially made to look good by the
inclusion of a ton of little 1 by 1 plates and tiles there are some of those
in here but on average this has a very average number of average sized pieces
some slightly larger some slightly smaller a good number of of actual
prints exclusive prints at that and yeah I’m and also re colors as well super
happy with this thing in the end even though it does have its limitations in
terms of poseability the size and the pop of the colors and this the
sturdiness of it all I think makes up for for any shortcomings so I am very
satisfied with this thing and we’ll be placing it on display long-term in my
personal collection and I hope that I’ve done a decent job of showing you what
this thing looks like and how it works in this video thank you very much for
watching and I’ll talk to you again soon you

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  3. Thanks for the video. Ordered my set online. I havnt played with Lego since the 70's/80's so a great way to come back to the hobby.

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  9. Initial impressions after having this….

    1. Assemble time may take half a day. No kidding. Make sure you have free time.
    2. There's good attention to detail here. Just ignore the somewhat cartoonish face.
    3. The toy is huge. Could be 14-16 inches tall. Bigger than a lot of other Voltron figures.
    4. Not really ideal for playing, but is really good for display.

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