LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie (Mickey Mouse anniversary) review! 21317

hello everyone this is the Lego ideas
Steamboat Willie set and it is shockingly colorful on the inside it’s
also a much much larger set than I ever expected it to be originally like all
Lego ideas sets this is derived from a fan design a fan submitted design that
got a lot of votes on the Lego ideas website the original design was
something significantly smaller something that would have been just a
nice little desk model something that you could have put anywhere as a little
memorabilia piece or a little memory piece to celebrate the anniversary of
the creation of of Mickey Mouse in the first film that Mickey Mouse came it
came out in that had synchronized sound that was called Steamboat Willie and it
revolved around a ship like this the lego designer assigned to this project
to make it into a real set tried different sizes tried different scales
and eventually settled on this size in order to be able to put a minifig
representation of Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse in the wheelhouse to actually fit
right down in there and be able to put the roof over that so that is why this
ended up being so large and check that out Oh check that out too so as you move
this back and forth thanks to a very efficient gearing system little
mechanism that you build up early on in the build of this you get the paddle
wheels actually spinning around and just like in the cartoon you get the two
smokestacks alternating up and down which is a really nice surprise
it really goes above and beyond what was necessary to turn this into a proper set
it does require a little bit of of care as you put this together to make sure
that there isn’t too much friction in there and all the mechanisms that
involve sliding and moving the cams up and down as I turn this upside down you
can see some of the color that’s built into the the main chassis underneath
there you can see some of the gears and the cam system with the
the lime-green color as you can see back inside of there it works pretty nicely
and it just feels pretty right a lot of studs on the side Construction is used
here I like the bow and stern pieces which are actually large windscreen
pieces molded in black gives a nice shape there everything feels fairly
consistent around it’s not the not the roundest of shaping but it’s pretty good
and it allows the design to have rounding and and sloping on multiple
axes in a fairly small space now let’s get the little rudder back here but you
can’t turn that it’s just done a lot of hands just to get it into place for deck
details you have the bucket down there they actually reveal that the original
worthy one was Mickey Mouse he has Mjolnir there the potato bin is from
part of the at the end of the cartoon and it’s being used as just a box that
you can transport around with this crane in the cartoon it’s it’s presented a
little bit differently it’s it’s just a little area down below deck but you know
obviously you can rotate this around you can use it to pick that up you can pick
up the other things that are on the deck over here this has the longest I believe
of strings that Lego makes so you spend quite some time winding that up and if
you want to have this on a very high shelf you can reach down all the way to
the ground get a couple of pots a pot and pan back there this appears to be a
door that can be opened by pushing that in but there’s stuff behind there so
that’s just really there for the sake of texture the lower deck windows are
closed up or blocked off so that you don’t see the minik the mechanisms
inside which i think is perfectly fine again here at the front another
suggestion of a door or entryway and the bird here is a recolor of a friend’s
mold that has been in circulation for a while just trying to do something that’s
you know that kind of has some extra personality to it it’s not quite what
was in the actual cartoon but I think is a lot better than using for instance the
lego standard system parrot piece and beyond that yeah I mean we’ve got a
couple of sticker doors ensue me not sticker printed pieces used on the sides
here so that’s directly from the cartoon it’s the nameplate
that’s done actually in silver 1928 is the year of publication of the original
original cartoon itself got the three steam whistles or horns I guess they’re
whistles up on the top that do cool little skit early on and inside the
wheelhouse itself there’s not a lot of space but you can spin the wheel around
it’s just free spinning and you have a couple of life preserver rings in there
and also a bell off to the side I think that’s supposed to be a bell and not a
lamp and that’s pretty much it for the build it looks pretty nice I
kind of liked the original size this seems like something that just has so
much bulk to it that it becomes a little bit more difficult to display for folks
who just want to have a little something off to the side to accent a minifigure
or two but it is very very well built very well designed and I love that
feature right there all that integration like I said it’s completely unnecessary
but it adds a lot to the character of the entire set the Mickey Mouse
minifigure is black and white inspired but actually has quite a bit of silver
in his color scheme with the brights metallic silver actually painted on to
make it extra bright and special that makes it exclusive you can also see some
of that on his hat which is a removable piece just a small accessory with a mini
peg hole on the base of it they made this exclusive by using the the silver
colors in there or the silver applications of paint over
the metallic silver underneath in and some places as you can see around the
dual molded legs from the back the the second Disney minifigure collectible
series at he has a version of this that looks very
similar but it uses grey instead of the sower so if you get this set you spend
for the entire thing with the build then you’re getting a pair actually of
minifigures that you won’t be able to get anywhere else
the other figure is Minnie and she comes with the acoustic guitar based in white
also with some bright metallic silver painting on it and she has the sheet
music which is a printed to a two tile with Turkey and the straw showing the
actual proper musical notes from that original cartoon and it shows the goat
on it it’s unfortunate that they were not able to just reuse the existing goat
mold Lego has totally underused their goats the official Lego system minifig
scaled goat this would have been a great opportunity but they didn’t bring one in
for this set so they put the goat on the sheet music instead of having the go
being able to eat the sheet music I have a little bit of printing error or paint
application error with this many around the nose as a lot of bleeding of the
black around there’s also something around the top that you’re not seeing
right now for bright metallic silver applications he has some for her shoes
and also for the skirt piece that’s actually a light gray skirt piece that
she has on and it’s just printed printed and painted over the top there’s also
some printing on the front of the legs there there’s a better look at her from
the front and she also has a little bit of the metallic silver bright metallic
silver color up on the top of her hat there which is a little bit out of focus
but there you can see that and that’s again another removable piece and you
can see how there’s more more of an issue with the paint applications there
just didn’t mask off all that well not everybody will have that problem but you
will see some production variations sometimes last thing in the set is this
plaque which has another of the 1928 prints on there this exact same piece 1
by 3 tile that’s used on the boat so I didn’t make another one just for this
this is a nice little mouse silhouette thing and it stands up pretty
nicely basically they just had some extra
production budget you know kind of had the the budget set for for the entire
set itself and then went ahead and built it with all the pieces that it needed
and had a little bit left over a little bit of wiggle room it’s too bad that
they didn’t replace all this with just the goat I think a lot of people would
have preferred to go to this but this is a nice thing see this is a nice small
size thing to use as an accent on a desk for a couple of figures whereas the the
ship itself may be a little bit large for some people in like office settings
you know cubicles and things it also take that back kind of kickstand off and
just use it this way you can also put the figures a little bit forward you
know it’s just another option for having a small display to focus on the figures
amongst the spare or leftover pieces that you get with this set are a few
nice little parts to get in black and also one of the set exclusive pieces you
get an extra one of minis hats all told it’s a pretty nice set I really respect
the lego designer who who made this thing from scratch you know designed it
completely new from the ground up and used a lot of really nice techniques and
that mechanism in there is is really really good stuff
my biggest mom really my only problem with this set is its price the price
apart ratio I think is is okay looking considering that there are a fair number
of fairly large pieces in there and I think these cost a little bit more to
produce also all these they stacked up cylinder style pieces in in technique
but when I look at the total volume of stuff the total size of the set it just
doesn’t look like it’s worth $90 to me a lot of people will very easily be able
to just say well it’s the Disney tax but there have been plenty of Disney themed
or Disney sub themed sets that have better value than this and you see it
all the time it’s very frequent and it’s pretty well established from from data
and from just looking at the the reality of sets over time across the different
themes that Lego spread their licensing costs across multiple
themes across multiple sets I just feel like they arbitrarily set this one to be
more expensive than it ought to be and being an idea set there are less chances
than normal that you’ll be able to find this on discount so that is a bit
unfortunate you know that you’re not able to get this set for what I consider
to be a reasonable price and the large size does require that it be much more
expensive than the original ideas submission the fan submission would have
been had it been just converted at that scale to an official lego model even if
it was completely redesigned still you got to pay for size I just feel like
you’re paying too much for this size here also of course this is not for
everybody you know not everybody’s gonna appreciate something that’s in black and
white just like you can easily say not
everybody’s gonna appreciate Mickey Mouse in general but for folks who do if
you can get over the price I think you will be very delighted if you put this
set together yourself it’s a very nice experience all together and once it’s
done it’s very good as well if you want to see how this went together I’m giving
you two options this time around if you want to see a speed build with music you
can check that out and that experience is something like this or another option that I’ve just gotten
set up to offer is a real-time build with no music and just the sounds of
clicking if you want to see either of those I
will put them up as little clickable panels on screen in just a few moments
thank you very much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video and if you check
out one of the builds I hope you enjoy those as well talk to you later

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie (Mickey Mouse anniversary) review! 21317

  1. Speed build with music:
    Pure build, real-time, no music:
    Just offering the choice! If you dislike either or both, don't feel any pressure to watch them!

  2. What a delightful set! I wasn't expecting much as the theme is not something I'm really interested in, but I AM impressed. $90 is a bit much though.

  3. I'd rather have a goat and an actual boat haul so it'd float instead of having the extra pieces inside to make everything move

  4. Just wanted to say that steamboat willie wasn’t the first Mickey Mouse cartoon, plane crazy was. But steamboat willie was the first cartoon with sound. I also think the Mickey Mouse plaque should’ve been the steamboat dock but that’s just me

  5. 120.00$ CAD without taxes, way too expensive for what it is. At that price, I could easily get the Saturn V, another Ideas set, but without the Disney "tax"

  6. The paint bleed on Minnie’s nose is unfortunate. Isn’t it possible to claim it as “broken” pieces?

  7. Nice set! Thanks for the review 👍 Do you think the white is going to be yellow after a decade like 1990´s white bricks?

  8. Super-sizing the model feels like a betrayal of what people voted for. They didn't vote for a model you really couldn't keep on your desk at work, they wanted a smaller model. I think this set is fine, but I wish they'd taken that into account.

  9. great review, jang. it is expensive, but such a great set. i wonder if the heads will be the same as the CMF, and if you could swap minnies head? i also had a couple of issues with my set, the worst being mickeys legs. the hip seam isnt straight, so the right leg is skewed and the printing is off as a result. also one of the white tiles has a black paint rub on it. lego are sending replacements of both.

  10. One of the most unique Lego Ideas I've seen! (When you think about it, they're all unique! LOL) It's quite cool, but I'm gonna pass on this one, not a big fan of Mickey Mouse anyway, and it's a bit expensive for my taste.

  11. I love Mickey Mouse and all but $90 is quite expensive for this. I probably won't get but still a great review.

  12. Excellent review, I love this set and ordered as soon as came available. It is pricey, but for me worth every penny. The design is so well done and put together that to me, it feels worth it for the time and design that went in as well as the build and final finish. If anyone struggles to justify the cost I understand but if you do decide to buy, I feel the fun of the build and the look of it, and the talking point it is when others see it for the first time, you should hopefully not regret it.

  13. Thank you for showing the original Lego IDEAS submission. I love to see how the designers enhance the ideas. I've been waiting for your review on this. There were 2 other Lego channels that reviewed this and they were first and they were okay, but you have a real gift for thoughtful commentary and videography. I enjoy your videos ❤

  14. I dont like three things about this good looking set
    No Goat (Even if it was leaked!)
    Parrot is not system piece
    NO BIG FIG PIT for this price?!

  15. This is an absolutely amazing set! The figures are fantastic, however i believe some of the other characters should have been included to make 4 figures. I also can’t justify that price for the # of pieces included

  16. I do not know why, but that looks like offbrand in my eyes bc of the many white parts while I know it's really legos.

  17. I’d prefer Ideas produce more sets that don’t trade off a license. The upcoming Treehouse, as well as the Pop-Up Book and the Old Fishing Store are examples of where this platform shines. Really interesting builds as opposed to “hey look, it’s Flintstones/Friends/Adventure Time/Big Bang Theory/Doctor Who/etc. etc. etc. in LEGO!” Nostalgia just doesn’t do it for me I’m afraid.

  18. Wow….1928 this show originally came out. I was always under the impression that S.S. Willie came in the 1940s 🤯🤯👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼👍🏼✌🏼

  19. Probably a little unfair to compare sets but as they were announced at around the same time I'm going to.

    The Flinstones set, 3 pieces less, 2 more mini figs, a car AND a house… £25 cheaper. I couldn't believe it when I went into my local Lego Store today and saw it was £80. Not a set I was interested in anyway (and seeing it built up didn't change that) but even with the mechanism and larger pieces no way does it feel like it should be so much more expensive.

    Happy for those who have it / are interested in owning it and are willing to pay the asking price but I feel like Lego are taking the you know what here. I'm usually a defender of their pricing especially against those who would complain about it being "So expensive nowadays" but I couldn't begin to here.

  20. Love this video. Do more of these. I too like the sounds of the bricks clicking together. And if it’s a tricky build it’s easy to see.

  21. Honestly, it looks like a nice build and I do like the action feature. However, WAY over-priced. In Canada $120 !! Consider The Flintstones set from just a month ago (another issue entirely) had 748 pieces and was $80 Canadian and for THREE extra pieces you pay 50% more? !. I don’t think so. This will NOT grace my Lego Ideas shelf. Waiting for 75244 Tantive IV on May 4th.

  22. It would have been cool if they decided to leave all the mechanisms on the inside in the black and white scheme

  23. One missing thing your hands aren’t black and grey and inside/ underneath the build plus we’re I live it cost $120 I can easily get it for cheaper online but it’s better to go to a LEGO store than an online website like amazon

  24. this set isn't even needed since disney series 2 has the figures, just without silver, which silver isn't black and white accurate

  25. To be honest the Lego Ideas sets lately are too different from the original designs, I wonder how the original designers end up feeling about this.

  26. Regardless of value, I think they made a mistake by scaling it up. I'd wager there are many fans of Mickey and Minnie – or just the history of animation – who would gladly pick up a Steamboat Willie set to display. But this price and size make it less attractive. However I wouldn't be surprised if part of that was the licensing fees – I could see Disney charging them completely separately for the license to this in a way they couldn't spread across unrelated sets. In that case the increased fees might be a more reasonable percentage of a larger set's price. It might also be why they added the same characters into the new minifigure collection without any changes – that and an excuse to use custom molds in an Ideas set.

  27. 3:04 New theory: In endgame he will steal stormbreaker and become the true king of Asgard. Don’t mess with the mouse!

  28. For those saying it's not worth $90, how many other sets do you think these black/white/silver Mickey's and Minny's will be in? You are paying for the mini figs also.

  29. This is a great looking set! It almost plays a trick on your visual senses being (almost) all black and white. Fantastic review as always!

  30. Bought it this past weekend but didn't start assembling it yet. The size and level of detail is definitely better than the original proposal, but I did think at first that there are a few things missing. I certainly didn't expect Pete, but the goat should have definitely been there otherwise it just doesn't cut it as a pure Steamboat Willie set. #moregoat

    Still, a great review as always, Jang. Greetings from Dubai!

  31. when you compare this with other $90 sets, I'd say it's fair. Lots of R&D went into this for that neat feature. I'd say you get a lot more value from this than other sets at the same ballpark price.

  32. I want it but I don't like ordering online, i don't have a Lego store anywhere near me I just have chapters and toys r us. Just a set I'll never get I guess such a shame

  33. I just got this, now building it. Being a large, classic Disney fan, this was a must have! My Aunt's Aunt works for Lego, so not only did she get it for 50% off, but I got it for free!

  34. I just built mine but for some reason the front steam pipe will NOT go up and down. It’s stuck. I took it apart and rebuilt it three times but I just can’t seem to figure out the issue. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  35. Not sure if you realized but Lego accidentally printed this as Lego ideas 24 when it should of been Lego idea 25. Lego idea 24 is the Flintstones. As far as the price, the mis print could out weight it over time.

  36. Jang and anyone else, in the steamboat willie review you mentioned that the cam on the smoke stack can get stuck, that's what mine is doing. Any ideas on how to loosen it up?

  37. Outside of the princess line lego has oneley done this' the Disney casstle and two minifigure serirs. I want something like Agribah market' Pride rock or Tarzan's treehouse.

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