LEGO Ideas International Space Station review! 21321

hello everyone this is the Lego ideas
International Space Station and I’m gonna do this review in a way that some
folks won’t like and I’m 100% at peace with that because I’m gonna review this
as exactly what I am a lego fan who does like space stuff but who is definitely
not a lifelong historian or scholar of International Space Station lore I don’t
know the in-service dates of any of the modules I don’t know any of the paint
codes I don’t know the names of any of the crew and I don’t have a page of
Wikipedia quotes here next to me so if you want Wikipedia quotes go to
Wikipedia or if you already know all the things well you already know all the
things and that’s great but I’m gonna tell you what I like about this as a set
and what I don’t like and go through the details of it which I think are actually
really interesting surprisingly so first up let’s just spend some quality moments
looking at the thing on the whole I will put a random minifigure into the scene
right at the base of it for the sake of scale the whole thing is significantly
larger than I actually expected it to be it’s about 49 centimeters wide or around
23 inches I believe that is it is actually the smaller of the two designs
or based on the smaller of two designs from a fan designer on Lego ideas his
original design was much larger and was able to get the required 10,000 votes to
be considered to be turned into a model and then it was rejected by Lego and
then he made this smaller or something similar to this you know a smaller one a
similar scale to this and that got 10,000 votes and then it got rejected by
Lego this is his third chance third time is a charm
Lego had a 10th anniversary but ideas set basically a competition of a poll
that they did a viewer poll or a fan poll to see which of a number of
pre-selected former possible winners so former fan designs that had gotten over
10,000 votes could actually get it second chance or in this case kind of
the third chance and be produced lo and behold this one one the fan vote for
that by a landslide and was finally made now this is not the actual original
design from the fan designer it is inspired by it it is based on it for
scale but the lego designer for this set did redo it from scratch and cleared
everything with the actual space agencies to ensure that every single
module was as close as reasonably possible to being realistic and properly
proportioned I personally much prefer this side of it
there’s a lot more going on here and this is really where everything is built
out with all the little modules that are attached I dunno just a few specific
things on this these represent the Soyuz modules this Soyuz spacecraft one of the
most important space related objects ever made one of the hardest working one
of the most successful used to transport crew as well as cargo there’s also
another module that is similar that we’ll see in a little bit
that is just for transporting cargo and then that strange ball back there the
the white ball is an experiment that they did it’s called Bheema
I don’t remember exactly what it stands for be EAM it’s actually an expandable
thing it’s inflatable it is delivered into orbit in a small little package and
then it fully inflates out almost buckyballs style but I think a little
bit more sophisticated than that actually and it’s just an experiment to
figure out ways to better package things you know in smaller ways now these white
things I did not know what these were so I had to look these up I had a guess
though based on their color things that are white are going to radiate a lot of
well radiation heat light you know all gets sent back go gets sent out from the
external surface if they were intended to be used as heaters then they would
have been black they’re the opposite they are radiators so that’s how all the
heat from the electronics it’s regulated and gets radiated out so
there are different ones and this just shows you the best there’s a slightly
different design it shows you the best approximation of the partly folded
design you can actually change the angles of those as well just a cool
little thing but by far most of the visual weight of this model is taken up
by what we mere mortals call solar panels the photovoltaic arrays and I am
very delighted to say that these are all prints so many of these pieces are
included with this set two types we’ve got the 1 by 4 tile that’s right here
and then these are the 2 by 3 modified tile with clips on the side I believe is
what they’re categorized as or flags and again anti studs on the other side and
these groupings can be rotated from side to side now there is one problem with
the design here that I’ll get back to later but this is nice that you can make
things look a little bit less boring you know not everything needs to be
perfectly aligned with your view and I think it it starts to get a lot more
interesting to look at when you change things up like that when you start to
angle things differently you can even rotate this entire section like so on
either side there’s a ball joint a large-sized construction like Hero
Factory c CBS character and creature building
system large ball joint inside but it’s sealed down very nicely and it has a
good amount of friction so you can rotate all of this and angle it just how
you want in addition to angling the entire photovoltaic arrays that’s very
important that the set included a stand and this is a pretty good one it gives
you plenty of clearance takes up basically just one bag of the build and
at the base of it there is another print so that placard there at the center is
an exclusive print just for this set and the whole thing is plenty stable and
looks nice the set comes with two plus one spare of the little astronaut nano
figures then on the left here is just one spare
module and that’s one of the so used style of Russian spacecraft that is just
used for cargo only so it does not have its it’s a disposable one it does not
have a crew reentry model on it there’s an old retired American space shuttle
back there we’ll get to in just a moment but here also is a crew return vehicle
which I believe is a different scale it just doesn’t seem to be scaled to the
rest of the model speaking of which I guess I’ll get to that right now
this is not scale into the rest of the model this is very very similar though
not identical to the build that was included in the Lego ideas women of NASA
set and as such it’s very nice I mean that one was good this one is good as
well I would say even a little bit better a little bit more detail uses a
few new pieces and or colors that I believe weren’t available at that time
but you know it looks pretty good the proportions are good the motor arrays
have some nice angling to them nice detailing yeah just in general it’s
pretty cool but houston you have a problem this thing is not scaled to the
rest so so much of this was done so carefully and so perfectly with its
proportionally given the constraints of LEGO pieces but the space shuttle should
be probably about one and a half times as large as it is here I think that
would be about appropriate maybe a little bit more maybe a little bit less
than that but very close to one and half times it should be close to the length
of one of these these photovoltaic arrays I didn’t look up the exact
numbers but I’ve looked at pictures of the thing so that’s weird why didn’t
they include just a handful of additional pieces to make a larger scale
of shuttle it’s a nice shuttle it is not set up to actually be docked anywhere
here we go this will work this will do the trick for sure
oh that’s pulling down I don’t like it but a lot of stress there it’s bending
this entire series of all these modules together so nah doesn’t work so well
together while I’m over here have a look at my personal favorite aspect of the
build of set all these little modules that
represent actual pieces of the ISS you build them up one at a time individually
and then you slide little adapters between them and then you put more of
them together and what it made me realize is just how much the real-life
International Space Station is real-life Lego in space it’s all these modules
with standard connectors or interfaces between standard connectors different of
different standards to make them all fit together and at different times of the
history of the station they’ve taken some apart you know while they’re
building it it took some apart and move them to different places to make space
for other things you know it’s it’s really real-life Lego in space and
that’s fascinating I had as someone who’s not dedicated to learning about
the ISS I had no idea just how much it was like this and it made me more
interested in the real thing which is fantastic I mean what more can you ask
for from a set than to you know provide enjoyment to look nice and also to
inspire at the same time it’s inspired me to look more into this so I just
found that to be really really cool and I liked it a lot yeah it’s it’s mostly
on the other side again where that occurs there’s a little bit of it here
as well oh yeah well I’m over here one last thing I
almost forgot to point out was the cannon arm which is this is supposed to
be candid arm number two they call it so this one can be moved all around in
different ways and whoops that’s what I get for trying to get at it from a weird
angle just snaps into a single spot but I wanted to point out here being a
little bit more careful hopefully is that this end bit intended to actually
grab a module that’s that’s coming in so you can hose one up however you want
there are supposed to be two candid arms I think the other one is is back here
it’s supposed to be folded up but there’s just one that you can actually
was on this model now let me talk about a couple of things that I do not like on
this build first of all right there center of the
screen blue Technic pins those one and a half long pins just completely break the
suspension of disbelief here with the stand supposedly being just space you
know just the darkness of space and you get those blue pieces they’re very
distinct they’re noticeable even from a distance and they’re on both sides and
that sucks I really wish they had done those as
black pieces or covered them up or something because yeah we all hate
exposed blue pins and also tan pins when they show up for axle pins and these
really really hurt in my opinion the visuals of it all and then the second
thing is that there’s some cheating involved in the build here strictly
speaking you can get this into a state you can get these photovoltaic arrays
into a state where they do not have any stress in them but by default just
building this according to the manual when you first put each of these units
together they they’re shorter here at the center than here so these are rays
which are plate built essentially you know using the B stud based system span
a slightly longer span than this technique based modulus based section
right here so you’ll notice there’s just a little bit of black showing up down
here at the base just a little bit of black over here that’s a gap that’s
necessary as this section had to expand out it had to be pulled out on its own
when you first put this together you know they have you assemble everything
so there is no gap down there at them at the base and it makes it difficult to
assemble it put stress on the elements which you’re not supposed to do and if
you just let it sit just the stress that’s there will start to relax and
it’ll start to open up that gap I strongly recommend that you take care to
open that gap up on your own just hold pieces apart to get everything
to relax and make sure that it shows up down here because there is an alternate
possibility I’ll do it on this one it can appear instead up high there we go
just made it happen and if you look there right up at the top now it is
yellow so yellow shows up because there’s a yellow axle inside of there I’d like it to be there that helps a
little bit that’s just unsightly if you’re looking closely at the model you
see the gap with the yellow in some places and then with the black in other
places the black you can miss the yellow kind of screams at you because there’s
nothing else officially yellow on the model so another thing that has to do
with color that doesn’t belong there in this case it has a little bit to do with
a at least temporarily I would call it illegal building technique you can fix
it it will kind of start to fix itself but be on the lookout for it if you are
building this thing and if you have any spare extra long black pins while
building this put them there on the on the stand on both sides you will thank
yourself later many times at the end of the day is this a good set yes it
absolutely is a good set it has a few flaws probably the most sizeable of
which being the small size of the space shuttle but it was really enjoyable in
general to put together it looks really cool on display it’s very posable you
know there are different ways that you can set it up to fit in at least
slightly different spaces it does take a fair amount of space and I’m gonna level
with you when it was announced that this was going to be the thing built for the
10th anniversary of Lego ideas I personally wasn’t that excited I thought
that it was worthy of the space on you know on the on the release schedule but
I kind of was in the camp of oh here we go another Lego ideas realistic space
craft you know sad there have been so many and
there are plenty of people who are kind of tired of those or feel like they’ve
gotten too much play in general and would like to see other themes thrive a
little bit more that that’s the camp that I was in as someone who kind of
likes space stuff but hasn’t been that excited about the realistic space stuff
to date for the most part but this really really changed my mind
once I started building it I had that same mind set up to the point when I had
this opened and I was beginning the building in my build studio but once I
actually started to put it together and got that oh this is like a lego model of
a lego model kind of feeling that it just it bright you’re really brightened
my day made me feel really good about it and I’m happy with the end result in
general with the exception of just those few little flaws there I don’t think I
showed you the back of the box hopefully you can see it there and as
usual you know these have a fancy fancier than usual instruction manual
which a lot of people like to make a big deal about I don’t it’s just a just a
collection of paper you know it has photographs in it that you can see on
the internet talks about the thing a little bit not that much a lot less than
you can learn about on the Internet you know so I personally don’t put a lot
of value in instructions in particular or packaging usually but speaking of
value I think the value for this is fantastic
given its price given its part count given the level of detail here the the
build process itself which in which I place a great amount of value with lego
sets you know it’s it’s an important part of the Lego experience is putting a
thing together and this was really enjoyable generally the build techniques
are good the parts are good lots and lots of pretty pieces even though most
of them are the same there are some smaller round tiles that are printed as
well you the Nano figures I need to show you the spare parts the left
parts as well and yeah it was it was good and it is definitely worth the
money and I feel like this one is gonna stick around for a while and will be
remembered even after it goes you know out of production and any hype of it
being a new release fades away I think this will will be remembered for some
time as a good Lego set that was good to produce and was well done in general so
you can check out the builds for this I have a pure build I also have a speed
build and I will end with a look at one additional thing which is just a little
gift with purchase that Lego had in there you know Lego store physical Lego
stores and also the online shop around the time of the release of this thing so
check out what that looks like thank you very much for watching I hope
you’ve enjoyed this video and I will talk to you in very soon

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Ideas International Space Station review! 21321

  1. Regarding the solar arrays: you can relax the tension a third way (which I chose.) Pulling the gray out from the top won’t show any gaps.

  2. Great review as usual! And you did align the blue pins horizontally 👏 Do you also take care on how to align the Lego brand on the studs too, or is it just random?

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  6. Given what yo usaid in the beginning, I was a little surprised to see you still putting so much effort into researching this set. The standard you seem to set for yourself seems astronomically (hehe) high, which makes your reviews and most of the other videos you do so amazing, so thank you very much for putting in all that effort.

    Regarding the space shuttle, the model that lego made for a 3 in 1 creator set (31091) is much closer to the size it's supposed to be, or so I've heard.

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  8. I will be honest I was giddy, especially seeing the shuttle with it, I’m not a space super fan but I do love it! And I grew up with the space shuttle being the only in service thing Canada (where I’m from) getting a ride up to space on, and seeing the shuttle be just small in scale really makes me… sad? Cause they were sooooooo close!!!

  9. I do really like this set and all, but there is something that I still like about my ISS from 2005 ish was it? It was more circular and modular looking. The only thing I do not like about this set is it looks so chunky or thick and kinda boxyhexagon. I'd rather they made it with more round parts. But still a great set that I'm thinking of getting.

  10. On the solar panel array, instead of creating the small gap between the two dark gray technic pieces, why could you keep those together and pull them toward the end of the long technic axles? There's usually a lot of axle inside the female axle housing.

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  12. The two extra spacecrafts are actually a SpaceX Dragon Crew (with solar panels) and a Boeing Starliner. Not a Soyuz and not a CRV. A few of the Soyuz modules on the ISS, are actually cargo vessels instead of a crew vessel. Soyuz crew and cargo look exactly the same, in LEGO and in real life.

    You can dock the Shuttle by removing the cargo door(s) (they would be open to dock in real life) and use one or 2 extra parts to dock from the front. Works great.

    There is only one Canadarm, Canadarm1 was used as a tool in the Shuttles, not on the ISS. The Shuttles retired and so dit Canadarm1.

    Personally I like the set, but I agree the Shuttle should have been bigger. The Technic pieces are ugly, but to be honost, they aren't bothering me. What I do miss is education of the modules in the booklet. You have to look up everything on the internet to find out what each module is. They could have added at least 1 or 2 pages with a simple explenation of the modules. Just a line and the name of the module would have been good enough already.

  13. Interestingly enough, the shuttle from the 31091 shuttle transporter set is nearly perfectly scaled to this ISS model. It's around half a stud too short IIRC, so that's pretty much as close to perfect as can be.

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  19. you’re literally the new bob ross. thank you for the quality content you provide to us. we all love you very much, and will support you no matter what.

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    Glad to see we are still having comments. I would like to see Canadian prices — I'm sure I'm not the only Canadian who watched your videos.


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  32. Nice to see a new format, Jang! Really hoping that LEGO might update the set with new modules that might be added in the future, as either a polybag add-on or a full set re-release.

  33. I think having subjectivity on this kind review is a-okay! This is not a scientific literature review, something where you are allowed to have were little subjective opinions without heavy reasoning. Also, people kinda expect subjectivity on review, Eljay (another legotuber) recieved some criticism on his choise for making his own reviews about objective factors. I also am lego and space fan, probably for a same time, almost my whole life 😛 Not specifically a fan of ISS, but generally everything about space. That is why I am sad that I missed some great space sets when I wasn't following lego activly (high school-time), like galaxy squad.

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