LEGO Ideas Dinosaur Fossils Quick review + extended thoughts! 21320

hey everyone this is the Lego ideas dinosaur
fossil set what I’m gonna do here is give you a quick review of everything
that you get in the set everything that you build up now I’ll come back and
spend a little more quality time on some of the specific details and also sharing
my personal thoughts first though by way of disclaimer I do want to let you know
that I am NOT a paleontologist nor do I pretend to be one on the internet so I’m
going to be looking at these models from the perspective of someone who’s a
pretty serious fan of Lego but at best at best a very very casual fan of dinos
and other prehistoric animals I’m going to start with the smallest simplest
model the Pteranodon longus eps here which technically was not a dinosaur at
all it was contemporary with many dinosaurs we know of but you know I’m
gonna let that slide because I am NOT a paleontologist I think this is a pretty
cool-looking little model let me show you what all you can do with this
because it actually does have a fair amount of articulation each of these
models comes with a stand and this one has a long vertical section to make it
look like it’s standing up air in flight you know it’s in the air off the ground
you can rotate this from side to side you can angle it back and forth you can
angle the legs up and down rotate the feet just a little bit the neck has a
good amount of articulation because there are ball joint well there is a
ball joint right there so you can move that around move it up and down you also
turn the head up and down you can open and close the beak there you can flap
the wings however you want them to be independently and you can also change
the angles of these little bits out here the end fingers as as they are and
that’s pretty much it for this one take a look at what they did for that eye
that’s my favorite part just how they shaped up the eye for this design and
overall it works out pretty well I’m just going to give you a quick
comparison we’ll come back to later but against one of the the pre-built Lego
Pteranodon like things that they’ve done previously so you see that
the bony model is a bit larger but overall compatible in scale next up
Triceratops horrid this I’m going to keep putting that minifigure in frame
just for the sake of scale and we’ll take a closer look at the minifig a
little bit later on as well as one little bonus one obviously a
significantly larger more complex build here it has a fairly large frill and
kind of looks like a a relatively young kind of design of skeleton like it was a
young adult at most when it was alive interestingly this is very much built
into its base so the base has some serious thickness to it and it has some
Technic pieces that are connected very securely inside to keep this really in
place nevertheless you do still have some articulation here where you can
move the head around a bit so we can go up and down you can also rotate it which
is very useful on this one the jaw does not open the tail is able to move around
a bit you have sorry once opposed to that you do have some ball joint so you
can move it side to side move this up and down curl this around bring this up
a little bit if you want probably not the most realistic thing but yeah that’s
pretty much it for what you can do to to move this
around some of the bony bits can be changed in there their pose just a
little bit but for the most part this stuff here is pretty solid it’s very
secure to its base so you can pick this up you can move it around and not worry
about it falling apart anything the least durable things on any of these
models are the horns these longer horns which can sometimes fall out a little
bit but it’s really not a big deal notice those are also used for the rib
cage here and later on we’ll take a closer look at some of the interesting
building techniques that were used for each of these models and finally here’s
the one that most people are most familiar with t-rex this is a very
interesting skeleton because it’s built up very differently from anything that
Lego has done before the legs are similar in their builds to what they did
for the the Triceratops to get this actually attached to the base but look
at this head all the openings that they have in it
that’s actually pretty nice-looking and again there is some articulation here
not as much as it appears though because the head is fairly heavy and so some of
these joints are are forced by gravity and forced by all the weight to just sit
in their most downward position you can adjust this one here to bring the head
up to bringing the neck up a bit if you want and you can also rotate the head
around which is nice for expressiveness there’s a lot of range there you can
open the jaw quite wide on this one that is good to see and then you have the
little kind of useless arms which can be articulated quite a bit with the ball
joint at the shoulder and then hinge here you can also move the little fun
lenses just a little bit little fingers around and beyond that there is the tail
which has a bunch of hinge joints in it you can bring this down bring these up
curl it around a little bit in different ways and then closer to the end you get
into some ball joints which allow you to rotate these around there are some some
parts some sub assemblies here that can’t fall off if you grab on to them
that’s just something to be aware of you know they’re they’re not going to get
lost too easily but you probably want to grab this from the main structure of the
upper part of the tail then you can pop it right off just like that come on
there we go turn this around you know curl it up in different ways
there’s nothing really that you can do with the the legs on this one because
again they are structural members for this entire display they hold it all up
which is pretty important actually so it’s good that they did that again
that’s the structure there is embedded into the base the base of this one is
actually not that large but it works very effectively and again
there’s no concern even though this is fairly small of a base there’s no
concern of this this model falling off or breaking off from that is one other
thing you can do you can adjust these toes just ever so slightly a bit if it
if it matters to you just imagine this tapping a toe you know waiting for
somebody to do something waiting for me to finish this part of the review I
suppose but yeah there’s your t-rex and let’s
look at some of the smaller things that also come in this set so this is a thing
Lego sapiens the human minifig fossil display of sorts little skeleton this is
great because it’s just something to remind us that you don’t have to take
lego super super seriously as a matter of fact is recommended that you don’t
that you instead have some fun with it sometimes do things because you can and
the lego designer here did just that and i like it here’s an extant lego sapiens
a specimen actually Jang it’s pronounced extant with the dual molded legs and
existing print for the torso there comes with a small bone piece and also a
working magnifying glass always a nice low accessories yet because you can
actually play with it actually use it dark brown color for the hair not the
most common of hair pieces no alternate face for this figure and you get a
matching print for the back of the torso nothing too fancy here and then here’s a
crate of stuff for your minifigs so I’ll just dump all this stuff out you can see
what’s inside it’s just a medium nougat color crate there and some stuff is
trying to roll away so that’s just another small bone piece there’s also a
single egg supposed to represent a dinosaur egg of course a couple of tools
they actually give you a full set of tools but officially you only use these
two that represent a hammer and chisel it’s actually a screwdriver but they’re
supposed to be archaic tools for archeology
archaeological work I don’t want to be a little little careful with those this is
supposed to represent just a pen for taking notes it’s a black lipstick piece
gotta have coffee mug because it is a Lego set and you know minifigures neat
they’re coffee always released their coffee mugs and then this is a book you
open it up and there is a little diagram showing some some readings some
measurements and notes taken about a specific bone that
was found in the field and finally here are the leftovers or the extras for the
set quite a few pieces here because like I said you do get a full Lego tool kit
in this set and you only use two of the tools so you get a bunch of extra medium
silver-colored tools to use for whatever you like
and there are some nice little pieces in here they’re pretty useful you know some
some extras of the special shaped tiles bone pieces horn or claw pieces the
black pneumatic T an extra black lipstick you know piece and everything
so yeah you know small pieces but some useful stuff here as far as value is
concerned with say 910 piece set for $60 u.s. and I cannot complain about that at
all because once you actually put everything together the volume of stuff
that you get here is actually very impressive it’s it’s a set that does
have a lot of small pieces a lot of 1 by 1’s a lot of 1 by 2’s modified plate
type things and tiles modified tiles and such but ultimately once everything is
actually built up the scale is impressive I think that the amount of
stuff that you get here is very good compared to many other LEGO sets that
are available today by the way my apologies for showing you the pteranodon
comparison for a lego pre-built Dino and not the other two let me fix that right
now so here’s the Triceratops compared to one of the two Triceratops that Lego
has made in recent years they need larger ones I made some smaller ones
before as well and here’s a modern t-rex comparison so they’ve done a number of
color schemes for this set of molds and you can see there’s a pretty significant
difference in size I do want to quickly address a couple of
the major concerns that I’ve seen posted up by various LEGO fans regarding this
set one major thing is the choice of color the main choice of color the
original ideas fans submission that was turned into this set featured fossils
that were fossil casts were rendered in tan but those pictures
were all digital images that featured a ton of pieces that didn’t even exist in
those colors or that only existed in those colors for a short period of time
it would not have been at all feasible to make these all tan and personally I
think they look good in mostly white and they do have some tan in them as well as
some grays and the poor Pteranodon over here does have just a little bit of blue
once again sticking through just those those darn technic axle pins not too bad
in this case at least but I personally just have no issue with this you know
looking at them as the toys that they are I think they are super realistic for
Lego toys I think the the overall building techniques that were used here
and the care that was given to B to be correct to the B current the current
status of what science believes to have been the shapes of these animal and I
think is is very admirable here stickers were used for these little plaques and I
don’t think that’s problem at all either I mean they’re just a little plaques and
yeah I personally just don’t have a problem with that
the selection of animals used here is another thing that has been asked about
and has been questioned quite a bit the original idea submission had a wide
variety of different animals and on the original submission t-rex was not even
included there but later on as part of the development of the ideas project
there the original fan designer did add in a t-rex because everybody likes t-rex
you ask anybody to name a dinosaur quick most people are going to name t-rex
first most people in the world so it totally made sense to include t-rex I
think it would have been a mistake to not include it I think this is done just
so well I think that again just great respect was given to the science of it
one thing that I don’t like or at least one thing that I like the least here out
of everything that I see in terms of how the individual bones were represented is
here on the head the snout of the Triceratops there’s a huge open nasal
cavity gap and I don’t know the scientific names for these things but
you just look at any pictures of them there’s a big gap right in there and
that is not depicted here and that’s too bad you know they have just a small hole
but I feel like that needed to be larger if it was possible at all maybe it
wasn’t but I feel like something could have been done there to to open that up
using some clear pieces or something I don’t know the the ocular cavities are
are good but also I think this frill does look a little bit tall personally
but it’s not too bad these legs you know they work really
well to hold these these models together to hold them on to their their bases
they definitely make them quite sturdy it’s it’s impressive I mean if this had
been made the way no no disrespect to the original fan designer but if this
had been made the way was originally designed with no change by you know no
redesign by the lego designer it would not have been that good of a lego model
honestly this is just on a different level of being able to put the thing
together following instructions with success we’ll add in another exception
to that these are ribs oh let me tell you these ribs are annoying they are so
easy so easy to offset if you want them to be roughly evenly spaced even close
you really need to have a gentle touch I think there’s actually something wrong
with the mold for these long horn pieces it might be an older mold or something
because they do fit fairly fairly loose not super loose I mean they will hold
their position but it’s more loose than I would like into a bar shaped hole
where they actually connect up and as a result you really do not want to grab
the Triceratops or the t-rex anywhere near the rib cage for the for either of
them just pick them up by their bases have to worry about anything you know
these this this is a good example right here you can see how it’s it’s able to
move just you know too easily it’s not popping out it’s not falling out it just
doesn’t have that that axial friction unfortunately in there there are a
couple spots where it gets a little more friction than it gets loose again so I
don’t like that think that they do need to to fix that mold you know just
freshen it up redo it a bit so you definitely are not perfect and those
legs yeah they’re not not ideal and how they look but I don’t know I think that
compromise there might be okay just because of the the strength that they
provide coming over to this one again don’t touch the ribs get them exactly
where you want mine are not exactly where I want them right now but get them
where you want and never touch them again you can pick up either of these
larger models by the legs no problem there again great sturdiness there or
just you know focus on on the base this looks so good to me though just overall
I like this I used to have some some small dinosaur wood built snap-together
slot it you know die-cut models from Bob at a museum gift store my parents bought
for me had a museum gift store this reminds me of those but it’s just so
much better because it’s so 3d oh yeah notice that piece that’s that’s in there
the tan piece that the ribs are attached to is the same piece that’s used for the
Triceratops it’s interesting that’s it’s a a part that’s used for connecting
horses to carriages and they’ve just done it here in a tan color I think
they’ve done tan in the past but long in the past and it just gives you that nice
subtle angle with a bar that’s at a very subtle angle it really fits in there and
allows you to to you know have the the ribs attached in a line but at that
angle and not just straight across and not having to use any additional
adapters or spacers so I think that’s done pretty well now the head on this
one notice this all the spaces in there it might not be
100% scientifically correct but gosh it’s so good nice part usage just nice
three-dimensional shaping I hate I hate to say I always hate to say when when
multiple models are included in a single set I hate to say that the biggest one
is my favorite but here the biggest one is my favorite not just because of its
size but because of how it looks overall and how it some building techniques that
were used for it I think this is also pretty cool that there’s so much weight
here and yet it doesn’t hang down yeah just it just it just works
my second favorite of these three is the little one mostly because of the eyes
just the parts that were used for those eyes it’s just perfect it’s a nice look
that one could have had a little bit more and then we have openings up in the
in the beak area a bit but not not too much and you know there’s some
suggestion of shape in there by using the rounded 1 by 2 plate right there
just overall this thing I like the little feet the legs I think they’re
pretty close to perfect length and just the rendering of it there is so good one
other thing that I forgot to mention is you can actually rotate the wing bones
as well forward and back a bit to help with your your posing this is such a
simple thing but it’s nicely done I love when a small number of pieces turns into
something that all together feels right I may have had the crest a little bit
high earlier on maybe it should be a bit a bit lower just in my demonstrations
but yeah other than that there’s nothing else major that I wanted to talk about
about these models you know they I think they’re significantly better than the
original fan designs much much appreciation to the original fan
designer for getting this to to be available at all if anybody has any
questions about or any concerns about the viability of this as a set as a Lego
product store manager where at the Lego store I bought this I already mentioned
that these are selling very very quickly they got a bunch of
in there selling quickly fortunately a lot of people like these adults and kids
alike may see you always see a preponderance of negative comments on on
the internet because people tend to speak up when they have criticism to
share and a lot of that criticism is completely valid but you know take it
for take it for what it is don’t assume that just because you see a lot of
criticism that it means that the set itself is bad or is not going to sell
this is actually doing pretty well and I personally think that it is a very good
deal and just overall it just looks it just looks nice I wish they would do
more at the scale as well to be able to extend this out to expand this out I
think that it’s a good a good thing that they didn’t make this set larger by
including additional animals in it it would have been significantly more
expensive and that would not have been good but as it is right now it’s a good
package I think that it’s good that they just stopped right here and left it just
like this there are so many things that could have been done to change it to
make it bigger to make it maybe more interesting more detailed change the
scale up recolor a bunch of pieces but so many things I fear would just
increase the price and push it out of the realm of of purchase ability for so
many people just as it is I think overall it’s a good thing it’s not
perfect but it’s pretty dang good and I’m happy with it if you want to see how
all of these individual models went together I’ve got the real-time build
that I’ve done for the entire set and I also have the speed build those those
two videos are up on their respective channels you can check them out right
now they well you should be able to check them out right now if they’re not
up as of the time of you watching this video they will be up very soon so look
for those thank you very much for watching let me know if you have any
comments or questions about this set I’ll touch again as soon as I can

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88 thoughts on “LEGO Ideas Dinosaur Fossils Quick review + extended thoughts! 21320

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    Edit: By the way, the giant hole in the middle of their skulls is called the antorbital fenestra, just giving you some extra knowledge!

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  7. I consider Lego very similar to paleontology.
    Digging through Lego box for pieces= digging for fossils
    Dusting Lego = Dusting fossils
    Posing Lego= Putting fossils together

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  18. Will anyone please share with me how to identify the minifigure here so I can find it on BrickLink?
    EDIT: Nvm! Just looked up the set's inventory—all's well :3

  19. Great video! It is rare that a complete skeleton is unearthed in its entirety and reassembled adding supports and armatures to connect the bones which in most instances are castings of the actual found artifacts or speculative man-made interpretations of a missing bone. That’s why the odd colour pieces here and there should be openly accepted as these are merely interpretive builds using LEGO.

  20. Thanks a lot for showing the comparison with the saurian figures. I was asking me how they scale for a while.
    I think the weaknesses of the set are the color and even more the size of some bones (e.g., the legs you've mentioned). After seeing your review, I'm not as concerned about the white color as before. You really did a good job in showing it in detail. I got a better idea of it than in other reviews. Regarding the bone size, the original design looked far more realistic and I think for an ideas set sturdiness is not such a key factor, since it will mainly be displayed and not really played with. I will probably still get it though, since it fits so good into the natural history museum of my city.

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