LEGO Ideas 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay Revealed – NOT For Me.

It seems like LEGO loves revealing sets at
the worst possible time – when I’m sleeping. Sorry about being a little late, fine very
late, on this one, but hey, better late than never. LEGO Ideas 21322 Pirates of Baracuda
Bay contains 2545 prices and will retail for 200USD when it realises on April 1st. Unlike most LEGO YouTubers, I am a late 2000s
kid. Thus, Pirates is way before my time and I have no nostalgia at all for this theme.
In fact, I don’t even like the idea of pirates all that much (probably because I hate Pirates
of the Caribbean). I am definitely not the target demographic of this set, so take my
opinions with a giant mountain of salt and formulate your own. This set is a two in one. You can build the
wrecked ship or the pre-wrecked one. The better of the builds, in my opinion, is the pre-wrecked
one. All those smooth curves in the hull and the little metal awnings. Oddly enough, the
yellow doesn’t seem out of place and offers a nice splash of colour. It looks so perfect. I can’t say the same for the wrecked ship.
Keep in mind that this was the primary focus of the original submission. Look at how advanced
and interesting the original looked. Is it just me, or has the model been really dumbed
down for the actual set? In the original submission, everything had SNOT building, allowing for
intricate wooden details. Here, everything is just plates being stacked. That and the
way brighter colour scheme, and this build ends up looking like a UCS version of one
of those 2015 Junior Pirates sets. Some more fun facts about the set before I
wrap up (I am literally reading from the product description): The set will contain 8 minifigures
including Captain Redbeard, Lady Anchor, Robin Loot and twins Port and Starboard for pirate
role-play action, plus a shark, pig, 2 parrots, 3 crabs, 2 frogs and 2 skeleton figures. As you can probably tell, I have no interest
in this set. Not a Pirates guy, never grew up with the theme, never liked the idea. I
do think that this is a step in the right direction. LEGO should continue re-releasing
older themes (or at least Ideas submissions should) and hopefully, one day, there will
be a much-welcome, long-awaited return to Castle. But Pirates, meh? One of the builds
is perfect, but not 200USD perfect. An easy pass for me. That’s it for this video. If you want to
stay up-to-date on all news in the world of LEGO, please consider hitting that subscribe
button and turning on notifications. And whilst you’re there, give me a thumbs up and leave
a comment. It will be greatly appreciated. Till next time, bye, bye.

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One thought on “LEGO Ideas 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay Revealed – NOT For Me.

  1. Apparently, you can just take the wrecked ship off of the island, put the three hull pieces together and you'll get the pre-wrecked ship. So the wrecked ship isn't any less advanced than the pre-wrecked ship, but the bay still seems more basic to me. Could be how simple and Juniorised the island look.

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