LEGO Iconic VIP Set (40178) Unboxing & Exploration

Hey everyone! JAYSTEPHER with VIP Set by Lego. Set number 40178. Contains 205 pieces. Recommended building
ages are 8 and up. Looks like one interesting build. It is packaged in a polybag. One of the largest polybags
that I have in my collection. Nice colorful print work. Let’s open up the bag. I wish this set was packed
in a box for it’s size because I do collect the
special promo sets. We have several bags
of bricks and plates a folded instruction manual, and a set of stickers. I was hoping the graphics
were printed on the bricks. Looks like a nice selection of parts. Let’s take a closer look at the VIP Set. The VIP Set all assembled. It does come with two minifigures. Here’s the store clerk I believe. He is holding a package or a bag. Nice torso with the LEGO® logo in the back. It does have a single-sided head. On the VIP plaque, we have a red minifigure. I like the plaque. Really nice! It does detach off to the side. It’s rather stiff to detach and reattach. On the right, we have a small portion of a Lego Store. These tiles were suppose to have stickers that I choose not to put on. Here’s the sticker sheet. This would have been awesome
if the graphics were printed. I can just set the sheet
of stickers right there. Now I have stickers on my Lego. Right? I like the “Pick & Build” wall. I’m guessing this is suppose
to be the Pick A Brick wall. I like the little dragon peeking around the corner. Here’s the classic red 2 by 4 brick. Not much with the back. Here’s the side. So the dragon is merged in with the wall. It is a cute little set. It was fun to construct. Bright and colorful. We do have a register inside The graphics are printed
on the 1 by 2 slope. This set retails for $19.99, however it was a free promotional
offer from the Lego store. I’m not sure as to why this set was
packaged inside of a polybag. It would have been neat if
it was packaged in a box like a limited edition collector’s box. Nonetheless, this will make a great
addition for any Lego collector. This concludes the review for The VIP Set by Lego. Set number 40178. Thank you for watching!

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