LEGO Hidden Side Shrimp Boat & Graveyard Mystery reviews! 70419 + 70420

hello again two more Lego hidden side
sets to look at here with the record shrimp boat which doesn’t look
particularly wrecked to me and then the graveyard mystery I’m going to show you
our mented reality app gameplay for each of these sets with the hidden side app
but first let’s look at the more traditional stuff just the physical Lego
products that you can get starting with this graveyard mystery looking at the
figures quickly here our Parker and Jack the two main recurring protagonist
characters from the series each one has their own unique version of a smartphone
device showing a ghost on it there are two variants of each of these characters
in this first season at least of hidden side sets is my favorite version of
Parker not my favorite version of Jack but both of them are pretty good and
each one has an alternate face for a side character the figure of mr. Branson
there on the left who is the gardener slash groundskeeper for the graveyard
looks fantastic with really really good prints I like the face I like the choice
of hair to go with them and I especially like the torso print the hip and leg
pieces are done pretty well also but I think the I think the torso piece is my
favorite thing here on the right is just a regular skeleton and he comes with a
key which in the in the app represents something special it’s for unlocking the
the boss fight for this specific set but in physical form it’s just a key I guess
you can call it a skeleton key if the skeleton is keeping it and there’s that
back print for that torso also looks good and another face which is not too
extreme you know just a little bit subtle it’s nice to get expressions that
aren’t completely over-the-top every once a while makes them more useful I
think outside of the context of the specific character or the specific theme
that came in there’s also a Spencer the Friendly Ghost dog there with the two
colors molded together and I swapped mr. Branson over to the right hand side to
accentuate the fact that he has changed he’s no longer the same the set includes
the extra head piece and also the extra hairpiece
so that he can become possessed by a ghost there’s also some print on the
back of this headpiece you know the head itself and the hair is
pretty intricate in how it’s molded up so that’s pretty cool though not the
most useful color the graveyard scene is set up pretty nicely it’s enclosed
around the back for the most part and then suggests that you’re looking at it
kind of cut open so the property line would probably continue on towards you
out in this direction so I think that’s fine to have the layout this way but
they do suggest a proper entranceway for it with the gate over here with the
wrought iron bar style design and there are some stickers in this set such as
this one right here there’s also one on the other side and I think that the
graphic design for the stickers in this set is great possibly even a little bit
too good because as we go farther in here you come up to this statue which
has something down at the base of it it’s just I just looks really really
good at almost it’s it seems to me like it’s done by the same graphic designer
who did some of the stuff for the DCE you sets just really fine work fine
little stone type designs totally not a weeping angel here this is actually part
of the mechanism for interacting with the game this is done pretty well I mean
you can see the colors right there but how this is all put together you know to
change to the different colors that you use to scan with your phone or tablet to
change modes to change spectra as you search for different ghostly things and
this tomb is able to open up again see the graphics are just so fine so finely
detailed there’s another one stick her on the top partly obscured there but all
of this is able to open up you could just push from back here and there’s
plenty of space in there to put a figure in or to put the skeleton you know drop
the skeleton down in there with or without the tacky as something that you
can find and then there’s another color that shows up so this is something that
would also be use in the app during some sequences as
you search for things as you search for mysteries and you know different
artifacts and such and then another of those great stickers over here just
really fine quality work I’ll stop talking about that but of course I have
gotten through with all the stickers now so that’s that this living haunted tree
is a very interesting build it’s it’s different and you see the eyes there the
way that this is set up is actually pretty cool because the the suggestion
of almost eyebrows I guess move the way that they’ve said this up so the whole
thing is able to switch back and forth just a little bit I don’t know how
intentional that was but it does bring a little bit of life to the scene and then
you have just these branches that move up and down you can do them together or
independently with just some small little actuators on the back which don’t
stick out too much I don’t like the bright red right there but overall the
the design here is pretty good and you have this crypt down below I guess this
it’s either a crypt or a maintenance maintenance shed more likely maintenance
shed and you open it up you got some water that’s dripping there the app can
recognize that as something to scan for because it’s got the bright distinct
color and around the back yeah it is a maintenance shed isn’t it yeah if you
leave that out then maybe it’s not now just some some tools in there and you
can take this out so you recognize what tools those actually are and looking
around the back of this oh yeah some some roots growing out down the side of
this structure and looking around the back it you know it doesn’t look so bad
around the back either a little bit of foliage there the colors are somewhat
consistent you know still mostly earthy and/or gray so it kind of works I think
the overall design of this is good oh yeah I forgot to show you there are a
couple of things on the ledge inside of this small structure I guess you could
see those as cleaning products maybe one of them is like flour food you know
plant food unless you do want to see this structure as a crypt in which case
these could represent urns here’re this sets extra pieces there’s
not a lot to talk about here so hit pause if you need to the hidden side app
gameplay for this set is pretty much all that I would expect and all that I would
ask for the layout of this set is very conducive to the main types of gameplay
patterns that have been revealed so far in terms of searching around the place
and scanning in different parts also they do give you plenty of expanded
digital space behind the set and or and around it too you know just augments the
whole the whole experience really graveyard mystery is 335 pieces for $30
us and even at that default suggested retail price I feel like the value here
is pretty good the thing plays well with the app it plays well without the app
just the traditional Lego play experience it looks pretty good and I
think it’ll integrate in well with things outside of the context of hidden
side if you want you know if you don’t really care about hidden side
specifically you can put other figures with this you can put it into a town
expand it out modify it comes with good parts has good builds even the stickers
I think are good things so overall this is one of the good ones if you ask me
and then there’s the wrecked shrimp boat set and no the shrimp boat does not look
particularly wrecked but I will soon change that interestingly one of the
things that I’ve seen a lot of people most interested in within this set is
not any of this stuff here but that thing over there it’s an albino form of
what I call a crocker Gator croc or Gator some people like to really get
into the details of the width of the snouts and the proportions of the body
and whatnot and others just look at it and say oh that’s an alligator or oh
that’s a crocodile whichever you choose dude that’s all good whatever makes you
happy I’m I’m perfectly fine with kids looking at this and and deciding it to
be whatever they want it to be you can call it a caiman if you want just a
really fat oversized monster of a caiman it’s done in tan and has their red
eyes and I think this doesn’t even look like a ghost
Crocker Gator to me it just looks like an albino croc or Gator and I’m not
going to use it within the hidden side theme beyond the the end of this review
I’ll stick it into my rebuilt Zoo at some point the set has almost the exact
same versions of Parker and Jack as the graveyard mystery that we just looked at
the difference here being the faces so the head pieces are different for each
of these just slightly different smile expressions for these main expressions
here but then the alternates are quite a bit different so a subtle confused or
worried look for Parker and a very frightened startled scared look for Jack
these fisherman figures are new for this set and I think they look fantastic
especially the one on the left whose name is captain Jonas that mean that
looks like it could easily be a collectible minifigure series figure
just give it some good accessories and he’s good to go on the right is Jonas
jr. so the son and this one has no alternate face either even though they
could have put one under there they could not have put an alternate face on
Jonas jr. because of the choice of headgear check out the ghost possessed
form of Captain Jonas with the Cutlass there and also the different head and
this back piece which looks like it has four legs from an octopus some kind of
mollusk but only four of them I thought that was going to be a very soft piece I
thought I was going to become squishy but it’s not it’s somewhat firm it’s
it’s flexible enough to not break easily but yeah just for the look of it with
the transparent translucent color I thought it was going to be more silicone
like but that’s that let’s move on to the actual builds the shrimp boat itself
I think is a fantastic build it has like creator expert level of detail and
uniqueness just in a small size and it went together fairly easily has a lot of
interesting building techniques you know it’s fully built up doesn’t
use anything in the way of large preformed parts I mean there are some
large dish pieces I mean this especially here I guess that does count but still
so much goes in into that within it and upon it that it feels like a proper Lego
build you know it doesn’t feel like anything was was cheated here it does
rely pretty heavily on stickers for the smaller details
I don’t mind those details at all one thing that I do mind that that really
did bug me while I was putting this together is that this uses a clear
backed sticker sheet which which is fine in and of itself it allows you to go
against different colors very effectively including putting details in
Windows but I feel like they’ve either changed the adhesive itself that’s used
on the clear backed stickers to be a little bit a little bit thinner making
it more self-healing or the die cut process is not cutting quite deep enough
it’s not cutting through the adhesive itself possibly it’s even a combination
of the two because for mine and I’m I’m pretty careful with stickers and I have
not had trouble with clear backed stickers in the past especially small
ones like this but you can see on many of mine the edges are just not right
because the adhesive itself some of it stuck to the original sheet here wasn’t
cleanly cut around its edges I’m talking about just the sticky stuff the the goo
on the back and like that one there in the center against the 1 by 2 dark blue
tile really really bugs me and the name plates really bugged me that I just
wasn’t able to get the type of quality of finish that that I’m used to in that
that wood plank detail they’re all around the edges it’s just not good and
it’s it’s a change I don’t know exactly when that happened but it’s a change in
process and or material that is not good I don’t mind stickers that much and I
have personally not had trouble with clear back to stickers in the past but I
definitely had trouble with it in this case and there just wasn’t anything that
I could do to fix it there’s another sticker up there on top but it’s just an
issue with the production process of the stickers themselves perhaps if I went
around and tried to individually cut like recut the outlines of each that
might solve some of these problems but I should not have to do that so I just
wanted to to share that because it really did bug me as I was building this
otherwise awesome looking thing that doesn’t look quite as awesome as it
should in the finished product due to no fault of of my own I have to say I’m
swimming this is supposed to be a single net trawler design and so this is the
the net drum back here and it does double duty as the thing that you
interact with for the app you rotate this around and exposes large patches of
color which the the Apple then recognize to change your active spectra for
scanning for gloom and ghosts and such a couple more things here first of all
actual shrimp fantastic design so simple but I love it it’s just two stacked
hollow studs with a barb at the end and they’re they’re great just just
wonderful also get a couple fish there and as for this being a wrecked shrimp
boat no it’s not yes it is now it is a wrecked boat
you can’t pull those pins out the way that you’re supposed to put the thing
together because the stopper portion is inside there so it’s always going to
stay makes it easier to put it back together build it differently if you
want to be able to remove those and not see them but there you go
wrecked shrimp boat now you can take the wrecking a little bit farther by going
out to the shore so this is a bit of terrain build which looks pretty good
you know you’ve got some foliage out by the edges some possible roots that were
growing down and you know some rock work and stuff and this is intended to be a
little place where you can suggest a possession within the earth
itself just flip that up and you get this funny-looking monster it’s very
comical those are printed eyes which are pretty cool but yeah it’s just a thing
you know if you don’t like it just never flip it up or don’t put those brighter
colored pieces on there still looks just fine like this so it gives you the
options which is cool doesn’t look don’t look bad around the
back cept you do get a lot of that brightness showing through so again if
you really don’t want to see that just you know don’t build it in simple enough
to leave that stuff out you can go a step farther with the the wreckage also
by connecting some things looks like this can fit right about in there and if
I get the right spot I should be able to get this to fit somewhere around there
or so then you have a properly beached and direct shrimp boat and I mean you
don’t have to put this here you can put it over there you can swap them around
this can be facing away from you you know how to set that up however you want
they have a certain specific way that they suggest but you can do it however
you want to do it and you know it just allows you to to set up a slightly
different scene take some of the details off break it a little bit if you want
make it look a little bit more distressed that’s that so it comes with
a kayak for Parker and Jack to use hopefully they will not use this around
a croc or Gator because it’s not going to provide them very much protection but
you know that adds to the suspense of the scene it’s mostly just one piece
with the PAL or add it on to the back these will float a little bit as long as
there’s not too much weight in them and if you cover up the undersides then they
will float a little bit better but technically they don’t float that well
so Lego will say does not float it’s not entirely true the shrimp boat set also
comes with a Spencer who’s the same as always and here are the leftover spares
gameplay for this one is pretty normal it has a nice expansive background the
one disappointment is that only the boat actually gets scanned into the app so it
doesn’t matter any of the other stuff from the set that you
include you know physically in front of you it will only scan the boat and it
won’t show you anything else that actually exists there in real life
everything else in the background gets replaced with digital overlays and it
doesn’t matter where you put anything none of that relates to the physical
world but the gameplay itself is fine the background I think looks pretty cool
like say it’s very expansive to be sure and there are no particular special
quirks with this one do be sure that if you want to experience the augmented
reality play you find out in advance of actually purchasing any of the physical
set whether or not the app will play on your device just go to whatever App
Store is is used on your device and try to download now let’s search for lego
hidden side if it downloads to your device
and installs and you can open it then you’re good to go
it’ll run everything there are also some modes there’s one main mode that you can
play without even having any of the the physical sets and there are no in-app
purchases you know no micro transactions or anything like that it’s 100% free and
as far as privacy is concerned stuff like that it will attach optionally to
your safe Lego ID if you have one and if you choose otherwise it’ll just play in
a pretty normal basic locally sandbox to offline mode the rekt shrekt boat is
another slightly over 300 piece $30 us set and it’s another one that I think
gives you good value for what you pay even at the suggested retail price if
you can get it at a little bit of a discount all the better more certainly
my favorite things here by far or the albino crocker gator and the two
fisherman figures but the rest of the stuff is good too I just don’t like the
quality of the stickers these days it’s a relatively minor issue to me though as
usual I have published full real-time builds for each of these sets on my pure
builds channel and have also done sped up versions speed build versions over on
the Jiang build it channel so you can check out whichever
of those you are most interested in if you haven’t already I will link to at
least a couple of them in the end screen coming right up
thank you very much for watching I hope you’ve enjoyed this and I’ll talk to you
again as soon as I can you

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