LEGO Hidden Side Lego-El Fuego’s Stunt Truck 70421 Unboxing

Hi, my name is Matthew! Before starting a video I have to excuse you. I’m sorry for not uploading YouTube videos for a long time. I’m sorry. Today, I’m going to unbox Hidden Side Lego. Look at this. This is Hidden Side Lego. I’m not sure if you know it or not, LEGO Hidden Sides can be played like a game after assembly. I’ll show you later. This model has a monster truck and a small motorcycle. This is the backside. Here is a description of what you can do with the monster truck and characters. Here is the character introduction. Now I’m going to unbox and build it. Now I’m going to build it. This is the first pack. There are two faces on the minifigure front, and back. I’ll put the angry face. This is Jack. Um, I need his pants. I got it. He has two faces that are calm and frighten. I’ll put the calm face. This phone is used to fight off ghosts when playing Hidden Side game. I’ll show you later. This is a selfie stick. There is an extra helmet. Because I’m a little lazy, instead of taking the minifigure’s helmet, I’ll put the monster version on the helmet. Now, I’ll start to build it. I will not film the process of assembling LEGO. See you soon, bye! I’m ready to show you. Please explain. This is a motorcycle for two passengers. This is Jack with a selfie stick and this doggy is Spencer. He is cute. The driver’s name is El Fuego. I realized that his name was printed on the truck. This is used to blast off ghosts. This is used to change the color in the game. Please show me how to play a game using a smartphone.

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