Today on REBRICKULOUS we’re taking over LEGO Headquarters. We are at LEGO Headquarters today which is the perfect opportunity
to pull some pranks. I’ve got the guys with me. I’ve got you with me. It’s gonna
be crazy time. Let’s go! GOOD MORNING! Have a good day! HEY! Excuse, me do you have a piece of gum? OH MY GOSH! What time is it? I completely overslept! The boys are on lookout right now. We are outside of Skip Kodak’s office. He’s the Senior VP of LEGO Americas. He’s in charge of a lot of stuff. We’re gonna
brick block his office. The brick block it’s gonna be right here, blocking his
office door. Are you guys all set? Let’s get out of here! All right, let’s go! It’s a good start to the day. Let’s get out of here. Yeah! That’d be great. Need to put it on top. Surprise! So, we’re here in the kitchen. We’re gonna
make some sandwiches that they order. But, then when we pull it out it’s gonna be a
brick filled sandwich, and we’re gonna see if they notice. Yeah! We got some dressings back here. Let me see… Does that look okay? Ohh, ok! That cranberry. Alright, sorry! It’s my first day, so just check and
make sure everything looks okay. Does that look okay? Another one? This guy’s hungry. … I’ll slice it for you real quick. How’s that look? Is that good? All right! Great, thank you! Yo! Let’s get this game started! RBKLS! I feel like this one’s a little deflated. D we have one minute! These guys have to work! Let me try this one. I got it! They have to work! No! That’s the wrong ball! We’ll get rebound! We’ll get rebound. We’ll come back up. All right, what score? Alright guys, around the corner is their
LEGO Store. I’m gonna go in and play a little prank on the lady working. Hey! How’s it going? I’m good! How are you? I’m doing well, thanks! I noticed the back, is that like a
different section or like a special? It’s the damaged section. So, like if the box is damaged I get a discount? That’s an incredible deal. Thank you so much for
letting me know. No, no, no, no! So, what does it come to now? Now you have to pay full price for that, ’cause it’s gotta be in there damage. Oh no! I’m so sorry! Well, it’s not even a discount if I’m
from REBRICKULOUS and that you’re on hidden camera? Thank you! I’m sorry to have horrified you! Wow! This place is amazing! I cannot even believe this is real. See you, little guy! You’re the best! Got a call! Thank you for calling the LEGO Group. This is Tyler, how can I help you? Absolutely! What is exactly not right about it, would you say? Oh wow! Some missing bags… I feel a little bit sad, because he did so well in school this week and he’s actually like really sad. I hate hear that! Let me ask you this, does Jimmy… Is he familiar with the LEGO YouTube
channel? I just, you know, thought of something that could maybe cheer him up. On LEGO’s YouTube channel there is this show called REBRICKULOUS. Um, yeah! That actually could be a good place to start. You know, there’s Easter eggs
hidden throughout the episodes of how you can get your replacement package. Watch more REBRICKULOUS! Who’s that? What’s happening? Is this the Call Center? This is the call center, yes. It’s, um,
today’s my first day. I’m so sorry! Is there a supervisor? There is. Let me just get you the supervisor. Hello! Alright, thank you so much for calling in today. And we’ll be working on that set. Appreciate you. Good bye! Hello! Hello! He hanged up! It’s alright! It’s just one call! I’ve got to ask you, after all this… watch more REBRICKULOUS, please.

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