LEGO Haul from LEGOLAND Windsor!

Hey YouTube, it’s Dunkster! Welcome to this,
this is is the LEGOLAND haul. Last week I was in LEGOLAND in Windosr in the UK and, yeah,
I got some stuff. So, when I went I decided to limit my self to
only but things I could only find in the LEGOLAND shop. I did break that rule once, but, well, I’ll
explain it once we go through the haul. First thing, I’ve never this this anywhere
else. This is a LEGOLAND family going into the LEGOLAND park. So, this is brick built
obviously. A nice little set, a nice little souvenir set from LEGOLAND. It’s pretty cool
there are two builds there as you can see which is pretty nice, pretty cool. Next up, this is the one, I got these, these
will be added to the railway. I don’t really find them in shops that much. You can obviously
get them on-line and from the LEGO but I bought them with a bit of a discount
because I have an annual pass. It’s quite good. They will be very useful. Give me more options
when building railways. OK, a mini-figure family. They’ve all got
the I Love LEGOLAND torso. One day if I get a city or a town built they will be able to
wander around. Probably hang out in the LEGO shop or something. And, a polybag! The Piece
of Resistance. You can probably find that in shops but I don’t tend to see polybags
around, well not in Scotland anyway. So that was by the till so I got it. Now for the big sets. In the park they have
a last chance shop. So when I saw this, I had seen it when it was out and I thought
it would be a really good set to get but never got around to buying it. I probably didn’t
have the money to buy it anyway, this time I was on holiday and I was ready! So, Lord
of the Rings Pirate Ship Ambush. This will go really well with all my Castle stuff as well. I will
probably modify it a bit but, yes! That is awesome! Very cool! Next two sets. I haven’t seen this in
the shops for a long time. It sold out of and is discontinued but, it was in
the Hard to Find section of the park shop. I was there, I managed to go for, I was visiting
family down there, and spent Tuesday through to Friday and by Friday this was no longer
in the Hard to Find section. So I got that. But on YouTube all the reviews are for just
one of these and it show on the back that you can put two of them together. So you can
put two of them together to make a bigger set. Everyone goes on about how amazing that
would be. I’ve never seen anyone do it on YouTube so…..because it was in the shop
and it was there and I’m a Castle fan, I had to get a second one. So, at the moment I’m trying to move house,
I don’t really have any space to set anything up. All the stuff I do have set up is probably
the max but I’m going to make an exception with this. I will probably build it and then
I will do a review of both of them put together. Not only that I will try and work out how
to get it into my Castle scene. I will do a time-lapse of setting up the Castle stuff.
So that was my LEGOLAND haul. That’s it! I’ll be doing a time-lapse of another
railway set up probably at some point soon, that video seems to be very popular. Anyway,
thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed this and click like if you liked it. Click Subscribe
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