LEGO Haul And Unboxing JULY 2019!

Jo, what’s going on guys? Melhorar Productions here! Today I want to do a little bit of a different video I wanted to make a haul video, because I always think they’re very interesting And eh, let’s get to it So the first thing that I have is pretty big It’s this thing, it’s the “Lego Batman Batwing and The Riddler Heist” Pretty cool set I love the minifigures in here You have THE RIDDLER, SHAZAM COMMISSIONER GORDON AND BATMAN It’s a really cool batwing, they’ve really updated it since the 2012 version which I also have Then you’ve got a very cool helicopter, which design also came in the batcave from the 1960 set Also have this very cool police car, it’s pretty low It’s a really cool set, it retails for €50 something, and so I’am really interested in building this set So next up from LEGO Batman we have: Batmobile Pursuit Of The Joker I’ve got this a while ago, I’ve already opened it. But I felt like it had to be in this Haul video It’s also from the LEGO Batman line, really cool Batmobile against The Joker Although I feel like there’s missing something, I mean you have one vehicle and then you have The Joker just put in there I don’t know, I have to see it. The speedbuild of this is already done… (CLICK THE CARD ABOVE TO WATCH) I’m thinking about maybe doing a review of this set. I think it’s kinda cool to do reviews. So maybe I’ll do that someday So yeah, this is a really cool set, it’s put together already but I thought I should include this as well So next up: We have this. This is a Amazon Prime Day package Comes from Amazon Germany I’m gonna open it right now I don’t have a knife on me, only this thing So let’s open it *excited box cutting noises* Little bit hard to do There we go So in it, are 2 sets. Im going to put this box to the side First set we have is another anniversary set, but this time it’s from LEGO Star Wars So this is the Imperial Dropship from the 20th anniversary Comes in a really nice box, and it comes with a collectible minifigure So I’m really excited to build this one as well, because the original one was the first LEGO set I’ve ever had So its kinda nostalgic to me, to see what they’ve improved and what they’ve updated And I like the minifigure that comes with it, I really like the HAN SOLO one. And I kinda like these new helmets we have right now And I’m really excited to see the SHADOW TROOPER, because this is the old one If it will focus This is the old one from 2006 or something, and this is the new one, so same thing with the STORM TROOPERS So I’m really excited to build this one as well And then we have our last package Or our last set I should say Let me put this box aside And this is the DEATH STAR ESCAPE from LEGO Star Wars The reason I’ve bought this is because it was pretty cheap on Amazon. It was €20 While this normally goes €30-€35 I’m really excited to build this one as well, I’m actually excited to build everything ofcourse But, I really love the minifigures in here. Really love the hair piece on LUKE SKYWALKER. That’s why I got it actually It’s a little bit of a diorama something like thing, It’s not really a play set I think, I think it’s really like a vignette type thing you know? 3 characters, a STORM TROOPER, LUKE SKYWALKER and PRINCESS LEIA. And actually comes with the old blasters Which I really like, don’t really like the stud shooters I think no one does Comes with a couple of features like, it can swing open, the door can open/close, and the bridge can actually retract into the set. So I’m really excited to build this one as well. I’ve said that like a million times already but I’m just like a little kid right now So, these are the sets I’ve got in this HAUL of July Let me know down in the comments what you think of these sets, would you pick them up? I think they’re very cool, especially this one I love the LEGO Batman line, always loved them as a kid. Let me also know in the comments what you guys want. Do you guys want to see reviews of these sets? Do you want to see speedbuilds? I’m really interested, so let me know in the comments down below! Forgot to say goodbye so I had to make this end card. But don’t forget to like and subscribe to stay up to date with the stuff I make!

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  2. Yay im glad you got shazam you have really good videos i love them i hope you make more of your awesome videos !!!

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