LEGO has just done the IMPOSSIBLE.

Wow. WOW. They did the impossible. LEGO actually did it. The madmen. They… they made Bricktober… great again. [clapping] This is incredible. It’s a minifigure pack of four EXCLUSIVE LEGO
Batman suits. With new prints all over their legs and torso, new colors for some pieces, heck the bunny batsuit has a new face print. I mean, each of these look great. Okay, well, wizard Batman I think is the weakest but even his torso and legs looks funny. I loveeeee the money suit one, that’s hilarious, as is the bunny suit, which was teased for a while now. I’m amazed they’re just throwing it in this
throw away set. Even the Bat… spartan looks dope as heck. With the new colors for the helmet and the
shield. Wow. One thing I have to say is that the LEGO Batman Movie has become one of the themes with the most
unique minifigures in its one year. I mean, there’s the seventeen sets from this
year, a bunch of promo accessories and polybags, a friggin’ CMF line. And then next year, there’s even more sets, another CMF line of 20 unique minifigures
WOW. Either way, keep in mind this is one of four packs. CM4Sci claims on Reddit that one of them is
from the Ninjago Movie, so I can’t wait to see it. What do you guys think? Leavee your thoughts in the comments below, and a thanks to Promo Bricks for discovering
this. I’ll see you guys later. Peace out. Bye.

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99 thoughts on “LEGO has just done the IMPOSSIBLE.

  1. The only thing good about the last bricktober was the microscale train station for me but I didn't buy it cuz I wasn't gonna spend $15 for a microscale train station…

  2. Wizard Batman really needs a wide-brimmed hat with bat ears but that would be a new mold so it's understandable why they didn't go for that.

  3. Please, tell me where can european fan buy this (via international post)? This is amazing!! AMAAAAAAZIIIIIIIIIIING!

  4. It's a mixture of a spartan and a roman soldier the shield the legs and torso are roman the helmet is from a spartan I'm not sure about the sword tho

  5. they intentionally made a good Bricktober set, probably because they understood that the Lego community thought that the older Bricktober sets are boring and probably mainly due to the popularity of The Lego Batman Movie.

  6. I got it on my birthday in October 8 because I bought the destiny's boutney set form lego ninjago movie But I think I am going to sell the batman she to someone because I haven't opened it and it's worth a lot on eBay

  7. So glad I got that set too. My one wish is that Spartan and Bunny Batman had black printing all around their head, or just that their heads had been black with face printing. Would have been super useful to make a Space Ghost minifig.

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