LEGO Harry Potter Hungarian Horntail Triwizard Challenge review! 75946

hello this is the Lego Harry Potter
hungarian horntail Triwizard challenge is a rather long name for a set of a
modest size this is from Goblet of Fire that comes with four interesting good
new minifigures but the first thing we need to look at
is that hungarian horntail itself after filming the entire review I realized I
had missed these small brown hollow studs this doesn’t affect my view of the
set but I apologize for the small but surely egregious error
it comes with its chain and a little bit of terrain to attach it to to keep it
tethered down and also the nest where the golden egg is and this is the type
of egg that Lego initially introduced with the Angry Birds theme and here it
is painted so it has a very nice metallic sheen to it a couple of flame
pieces around it the animal itself is mostly built up using regular Lego
pieces with the notable exceptions of these big wings here and also the head
now the wings are a mold that has been around for some time now it’s pretty
familiar to many folks this is just dual moulded here with a nice interface
between the dark brown that’s used up at front and the translucent brown that’s
used at the rear this is also a fairly flexible material back here a little bit
stiffer at the front those actually look pretty good they’re only able to
articulate up and down to get you a nice flapping motion but that’s fine you can
actually cheat a little bit because of the flexibility of the material and
because of the pieces that are used to hold the wings on you can actually
rotate these wings up and down a fair amount which i think looks really good I
think really helps to get more movement in the appearance of the whole thing now
let’s talk about that head so this is not nearly as old of a mould it’s a
relatively recent design and I have a specialized print on there and I don’t
think I’ve seen that piece done in dark brown before don’t quote me on that but
I don’t think I’ve seen it in dark brown I’ve got tan for the lower jaw I have I
have a problem with this a major problem with
to me it doesn’t look like a hungarian horntail it really doesn’t it looks nice
but it doesn’t look like a hungarian horntail now I I do like the pointed
beak upper portion of the beak there now that’s angled down that’s pretty good
but the overall shape of this is just so sleek and so we’ve I previously
described it as avian is very bird-like it just doesn’t match the movie
depiction that this is supposed to represent this is all the Lego things
from from Harry Potter and the Wizarding World in general are based on the film
had up tations so we have reference material for what these things should
look like and it pains me to say this but I think the older one looked better
the less sophisticated much much older one that they didn’t that they used
previously looked much more like the animal is supposed to represent that’s
that’s too bad I just I’m just not feeling the the
anger here I’m not feeling that thick neck you know bulky more brawny
appearance it just it just just doesn’t say hungarian horntail to me personally
I would love to see more actual spikes around the head I’d love to see more
heft here love to see a thicker neck as well now with that articulated neck that
is built up with pieces it’s always nice to actually build things in Lego as
opposed to getting premade molds you know so there are definitely many things
about this that are better than the old hungarian horntail but yeah you can
articulate that around same thing with tail look at all these mixels style ball
joints you can really turn this around quite a bit you do have the proper horns
for the tail for the horn tail that’s just a single sticker use there no big
deal adds useful you I’d say just useful texture useful visual interests back
there a little bit funky shaping in here you can take off a couple of these
pieces a couple of these cheese wedges and then actually ride the thing if you
want but I’m glad that they didn’t just leave
flat see how flat surfers up there that would have been even more awkward I
actually like the the claws the feet here in general and those of course can
be articulated as well the legs can be moved back so for a a flight mode you
can do that and also have it looking like it’s about to really grab something
you can bring these apart as well which helps with different poses on the ground
and get kind of angle angle down to one side if it’s defending something or if
it’s you know it’s going after a minifigure that’s on the ground over
here you can get some interesting poses out of this for sure so all that is good
I just don’t like the head and it really it really bugs me this tent looks pretty
boring from the outside it’s just so plain but I think it’s I think it’s okay
I mean it could have used a little bit of texture for the camera I think those
were made or covered with with canvas something on the outside to help there
but I think the shaping is fine I think that the size is appropriate and you can
open this up and there’s bed over on one side and you do have to put the banners
in there or the the crests excuse me and there has stickers so two over there one
over here there’s not a whole lot that you can do in this space but I think I
think it’s fine for what it is I think that these would look pretty nice in in
a row you know having multiple Upton built up
it’s a fairly simple thing though it does look very place especially turn
around like this it looks so plain but I mean I really think the only thing that
could have reasonably made this better at this size I would have been stickers
for the outside and a lot of people would have balked at that perhaps if
they were able to do the corrugated steel style pieces but in tan that might
have actually helped to provide a little bit of texture here but it might have
been too much also would have prevented the use of stickers inside so for what
this is I think it’s okay here we have Triwizard challenge versions of Fleur
Delacour and Viktor Krum I like the torso prints for both I think that the
hairpiece hair he says work pretty well I think that
the vertical spacing in the face for Fluer is not quite right there just look
a little bit scrunched up and Viktor Krum just looks too happy-go-lucky again
it’s supposed to be based on being the actors you know the movie movie
depictions of the characters so I mean we know what these people are supposed
to look like and I think the Viktor figure just misses the mark I love the
print on the back of Flers torso especially that is really nice that is
really deluxe I guess that version of Viktor Krum face looks better see what
looks like framed up with the head yeah then that makes a little bit more
sense but his his smiling one is just a little bit a little bit too much Cedric
Diggory I’m showing by himself so that I could show Harry Potter by
himself for reasons you’ll see in just a moment this is a pretty good-looking
figure I appreciate the inclusion of the prints going through into the hips and
the legs the the distinction there is subtle enough that they didn’t need to
do that but I’m very glad that they did you know they could have just used plain
black legs and I’m glad they didn’t cheap out on that I think the hairpiece
and head you know the face actually looks pretty good for this character
that’s pretty proper there on the back notice that there is some actual print
of black on top of the black so you can see the difference between the the matte
area and glossy area which is which is interesting and I think I think it helps
with the definition a bit in real life and there’s his alternate face which
also looks pretty appropriate I think yeah this works this version of Harry
Potter looks good as well again a really nice torso print that is yeah that’s all
that I could ask for the colors here are nice and strong hairpiece works
medium sized legs always a good thing definitely appropriate for this age yep
that looks pretty good and maybe a little bit more brightness to the
lettering would have helped you know there’s a little more definition but
it’s it’s pretty close it’s pretty proper for what it’s supposed to be
here’s his alternate face now that gets framed up by the hair there’s only one
problem that I have with Harry Potter here and it has nothing to do with the
figure has everything to do with one of these accessories it’s got the
broomstick here and it has the the footholds on it foot pegs I guess I
appreciate the inclusion of that it’s a simple little build couple of pieces
makes it look fairly proper but the broom is black this is supposed to be
fire bolt in in the time of goblin fire fire bolt is mostly brown doing it in
black makes it look like a Nimbus 2001 to me I just can’t not see Nimbus 2001
they’re the kind that’s the Malfoy’s had early on yeah I just can’t get past it
they could have done it in dark brown that would have been ok with that but
even just a plain brown I would have been alright with this makes a look a
little more special but black just ain’t right to me so if you like this set you
must hate me right about now huh yeah I found a lot of things about it just
little things that bother me that bug me about it
there are a fair number of things that are very good about it but given that
again the main thing that you’re paying for is the the animal I don’t want to
say dragon even if the author of the entire series called it a dragon I don’t
why’s it say dragon because I’ll get a lot of people bent out of shape about
the number of legs and all but it just doesn’t it just doesn’t work for me most
of it does but the head just just kills it value here I think is okay all things
considered I mean if they had done this with specialized molds for the body you
know as a large animal style of build with just a minimum number of pieces
then the price would have made sense instead you know because the large
animals always cost a whole lot but instead they did it with an actual bill
the proper build which is the right decision I think generally speaking for
Lego you know you buy things in Lego to build them to
put them together not to have them pre-built and I think that’s a fine
substitution on level of value I wouldn’t mind seeing this discounted
five bucks in the US but as it is it’s it’s okay if you want to see how that
built up animal goes together as well as the rest of the set you can check out my
pure build which is in real-time or my speed build which is of course sped up
and with music in background I will link to both versions of my build on screen
for you right now and also in the pin coming thanks for watching
I will talk to gain very soon actually Jang it’s a wyvern

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