LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle 2018 full review! 71043

hello everyone this is Legos Harry
Potter Hogwarts castle set for 2018 this being the second most complex Lego set
released to date as of the time of the recording of this video this is going to
be a long video and there’s a ton of detail there are a lot of specific movie
references and such just strewn all about this entire build so there will be
a lot of hard core very nerdy little encyclopedic style information that I
need to convey so before I get to all that let’s just kind of appreciate the
entire set and look at it and consider it on the whole first of all this
measures approximately 75 centimeters across the widest way and is about 60
centimeters tall which is roughly 30 inches by 23 the set includes just four
minifigures but it’s mostly made to accommodate these nano figures which
themselves were originally designed to be trophy accessories for many things
however the castle is definitely not scaled to these nano figs these figures
are just able to fit into some of the scenes
unlike minifigs also this is nowhere near a complete depiction of Hogwarts
castle look at any wide shot of the castle grounds from any of the films
which this is based on the film had app tations and you’ll see that there’s a
ton of structure that’s missing out here towards the right there’s a ton of
structure that’s missing out towards the back there’s no hospital there is no
Astronomy tower no Dark Arts no central tower no bell towers no representation
of any of the greenhouses not to mention the howl ree the Quidditch pitch you
know much of the the interior grounds this is just a very limited selection of
structures very near the entrance given the complexity and seriousness of the
sets those glaring omissions definitely disappoint me personally right from the
outset the structures that are included here have no backs so you get very easy
and immediate access from around the rear to all
the interior details you can see them you can place figures upon them you can
appreciate them but if you want it to have a similar level of completeness to
the view of this from around the back as you see from the front that’s just not
going to happen it would take a significant amount of customization and
a significant investment in additional parts to make that happen now throughout
this review I’m going to be placing these nano figs in different rooms to
give you a consistent sense of scale so let’s go ahead and see who we have here
I’m doing it live and I’m very nervous so wish me luck
we’ve got Dumbledore Snape McGonagall Lupin Filch Umbridge you shall not be
named Bellatrix Lestrange Harry Ron Hermione
Neville I’m gonna call this one Susan bones and this one
Padma Patil but these two are not official and then on the back row the
only figure that’s officially named is Draco Malfoy right at the start followed
by three supposedly just generic Slytherin students you can assign names
to them as you wish our identities you get three supposedly generic Hufflepuff
students and three supposedly generic ravenclaw students though I’m gonna go
ahead and call this one Luna Lovegood the set picks up students as first-year
journeys on the lake with these five identical boat builds they’re a little
bit clever and how they’re put together with the sideways attached arched window
pieces which are held on with just friction on the sides of the studs on
the modified plate that’s used for the base each of these holds only one single
figure though you cannot fit a boat into the boathouse unless you break it down
quite a bit but I like the design of this it’s simple but it looks pretty
proper to me and it has a little bit more detail than is needed see all the
way back inside there they’ve used a sticker to show the house crests and a
little bit of wall texture there’s then a small and very basic suggestion of the
stairway that takes you up to the entrance courtyard that courtyard is
lined with an existing mould of small window frames with the arched shape but
that’s a new in for the glass piece a new print and
that’s based on the standardized rectangular small window frame designed
so it’ll work with regular shaped windows as well
I like the curved gray inner roof overhangs and especially how the corners
are pretty smooth and that’s supposed to be the location of the caretakers office
off to the side the Great Hall has the clock up above and behind that a sticker
for a grating style of texture on the left there is a statue representing the
architect of Hogwarts and you also get a couple stickers for the large wooden
doors which open inward the Great Hall building itself I think is very well
proportioned and the texture builds that they’ve done on it I have a lot of depth
so everything looks and feels very present it doesn’t feel like just a thin
facade that’s applied over a very otherwise plain building you’ve got some
Dementors flying around five of them the clear stands are included they’re
obviously looking for the Prisoner of Azkaban they are represented by just
black recolors of the pre-existing Emperor Palpatine hologram nano figure
those are actually a little bit larger than the students nano nano figures
included in this set which seems appropriate to me it’s a little bit of
detailing around the back here with some more of the stained glass texture again
that looks best from the inside with some light coming through it and I don’t
want to pass over the terrain bill that goes around the entire exterior of this
with a fair range of different colors looks fairly organic they do use some
big ugly rock pieces the large preformed parts and they don’t cover all of the
exposed studs on them but it looks organic enough to me from a distance and
if it really bugs you I know it bugs some folks to see the exposed hollow
studs especially the ones like this that have the shelves on the sides of them
it’s very easy to cover up a handful of ones that are left exposed and I do like
this small conifer build the evergreen tree build which is just using the most
recent version of a flower stem piece stacked up three times up
down on top of a bar for each inside the Great Hall all four of the House banners
are flying up above with single-sided flags you can see there are four rows of
tables only the outermost ones are able to accommodate figures being attached to
studded bases so they will stay there the rest of them are all just sitting on
top of tiles you see a single sticker back there at the back on the left to
represent all the proclamations and decrees under the reign of umbrage they
use the newest version or the new version I should say of a flame piece
the smallest one that’s used for the tips of candles to good effect with the
torches on the walls there and they have the raised section for the staff seating
including the larger Headmaster’s chair it’s a little bit actually even more
difficult to pose these figures the staff figures in place because they do
have to stand on top of a bracket piece which leaves just a little bit of the
top of a jumper just showing through there and you get a little bit of
centering action but it’s just not as secure of a placement there are some
stickers for detail on the wall back there as well and I’m not worried about
the fact that I have not properly arranged all the figures in this it’s
all just for scale here’s a quick clip from early on in the building process
showing how simple the stained-glass effects window build starts out it’s
very straight forward however it does get capped off with a couple of
brand-new pieces to allow this one-by-one arch shape to fit in there
these new pieces take the form of 1 by 1 bricks each but each one hangs off the
edge the open arch edge by 1/2 a stud so you put two of them one stud apart and
they create that perfect arch shape in between and you can go on long straight
runs you can turn corners and there’s enough hollow space on the underside of
the arch to hold a tile or grill piece directly beneath the Great Hall floor is
the Chamber of Secrets and I think this is a very good
use of this space I think the proportions here feel right has just the
the right amount of ominous claustrophobia but it still has that
grandeur at the same time the snake sculpture is coming in from the sides
are not the most accurate depictions they’re you know should have been mostly
just big heads sticking out but I think is a very good use of those pieces in
Lego that are available I think it’s an appropriate use of them the Nagini snake
piece from the collectible minifigure series has been recolored here to sand
green and that’s probably going to remain an exclusive color for this set
for a while though they may use it again in the future but that’s representing
the basilisk here and the the Salazar sculpture on the back wall has six
stickers on it I feel like that face looks just a little bit too dead or a
little bit too clown like needed just a little bit more work with the brows to
to really bring some more anger into it there’s also the the single one-by-one
black tile piece on the ground there that represents Tom Riddle’s diary
moving over to the grand staircase tower I’m actually going to take you on a
brief detour underground first to show you the the inner entrance to the
Chamber of Secrets looking at the photos I originally thought this was going to
be something you could actually open up but in fact you cannot it is just a
static display there however the stair cases themselves the
individual sub assemblies there can be rotating around and that’s nice you know
just to give you that suggestion of their movement it’s smooth enough I like
how the rotation is centered there from the centerline just makes it look
interesting and allows you to see all of the stickers with the the moving
portraits that are shown on on the wall there because a lot of them will be
blocked by the stairs and you need to move this around those stickers are a
pain to apply because they are rather large in there against a concave surface
in there and it’s difficult to figure out exactly where they’re going to
Center and also requires a little bit of patience and trial and error but
there’s a lot to see back there here’s the second level of the same with more
different stickers to have a look at showing different portraits I kind of
wish that this was a little bit smoother and how it moves it feels a little bit
wobbly just because they’re using a no friction turntable piece under there
it’s not it’s not a big deal though you cannot really put any figures on this
unfortunately that’s the one thing that’s a little bit of a miss there
directly above the stairs in probably not a good placement certainly not an
accurate placement is a bathroom and this is mostly representing moaning
myrtles bathroom with the central cluster of fountains or sinks there with
the white based build and it also shows of course Moaning Myrtle herself on the
sticker in the background and also some of these stalls back there but then they
somewhat hybridize the whole thing with the prefix bathroom showing the mer
person stained glass effect window which is animated
I also took a quick shot of this tower as I was building it to show you how
it’s built really with two layers the inner layer that supports most of those
stickers just uses large curved panel pieces and then with studs on the side
construction you attach some large plate and curve based assemblies to give you
the outside exterior texture and shape here’s an admirable very small build
representing the Griffon statue at the top of the automated staircase to take
you up to Dumbledore’s office and above that well you know it’s Dumbledore’s
office itself this should be in one of these small towers off the side of this
main tower but they needed the space and this is a pretty compact space as it is
they just used stickers for all of the wall detail and texture including even
Foxx on his perch there got the Sword of Gryffindor depict it in another sticker
on the side and finally up above all that is yet another sticker with some
more photo laughs this gives me a good opportunity
to show you the exterior detail of the top of the grand staircase tower there
with the San Green elements just at the very very very tip and some of the half
round tiles used for texture in the medium silver color this is shaped up
pretty well the section just below this section is a little bit squarish you
know this is a flat space here this is a flat space on the side but honestly it
doesn’t bug me that much I very much like the texture and shaping all down
here this technically should be thicker I believe it should be wider for its
scale but I do like the shaping so I think it may be a good compromise
perhaps going to a slightly smaller Soumya slightly larger size would have
compromised that shape a little bit too much and look who’s sticking to the side
of the tower over there it’s the hungarian horntail let me take
that off actually so a little Goblet of Fire reference here this is actually a
pretty nice build for its size you know uses a lot of really small
pieces and there’s a lot of articulation here with the wings able to flap you can
also rotate them maybe this the neck goes up and down the legs go forward and
back there’s the ability to bend kind of at the hip there the tail can move up
and down you can also reverse a bunch of these joints here and just take pieces
off and move them around so I think this is really really good for its size and
scale to me I think this section in here is the
least visually interesting of all of the sub assemblies on the exterior view you
know the front view of this castle this personal opinion although the build of
this I believe it’s the Stonebridge tower here on the inside of it is
actually pretty well done especially how they’ve done that the curved shaping
around the turret it’s not perfect and I might have slightly misaligned some
things you can probably make that look just a little bit better but it went
together pretty well I don’t like the gap over on this side ah that’s not
connected while there at all we’ll see a little bit more about that a little bit
later on but there is some nice to rain down there and the viaduct looks
pretty good and that also went together fairly quickly so I just made it feel
good you know to to make some good fast progress on this most of it was a very
very slow and methodical slog I like some of the stuff that’s going on around
the back of this part of the build though starting with the very very very
pink um bridges office there with the white
studs on the wall representing her decorative plates I think that was nice
to actually be able to build that up rather than relying upon another sticker
for the detail along the wall there and this space has enough room to pose a
number of additional figures so that’s a good use of that very small space there
this is the Transfiguration classroom and I believe I have the correct staff
in place for this scene this one does rely in my opinion very strongly upon
the stickers to give it its detail and kind of its character to make it
recognizable for what it is but the layout is pretty good especially with
the small one by two tables that I have a total of six students in here possibly
more if you want to bring some up to the front a little bit but yeah just a good
utilization of this space but really does rely on those stickers this next
level down is to me again relatively uninteresting much like the front of the
build of this portion of the structure but this is an importance will plot
piece here with the writing on the wall from the Chamber of Secrets the
formatting I think of the text is a little bit different than it was in the
movie but you know it gets the point across and it’s nice and clear and
honestly the shaping of this corridor it is just fine there’s nothing wrong with
this they’ve got the little tour chairs they’re just very small basic builds
that sticker right there stumped me for the longest time I believe it is the
activated door to the Room of Requirement
when Nevel finally got it opened it showed a pattern like that so I believe
that’s what that is supposed to represent let’s go down to the lowest
level in this section okay this is actually pretty cool to me again
this is the room with the we need keys and to represent the flying keys they
just have you set up some 1 by 2 tiles in various places with clear back
stickers on them and then they have the large sticker in the background so again
a lot of reliance on stickers but there’s not too much that you can do to
represent really small scale keys I’m glad that they didn’t try to use just
some minifig scale ones which would be just absolutely huge for this scene I
think that this is actually captured pretty well and is a good use of a very
small space in this case that is a representation of a nano scale broom
down there on the ground it’s just a minifig scale paintbrush piece in brown
with absolutely no paint on it so it’s just plain brown plastic and then next
to that room well this is the chessboard room this pretty much speaks for itself
they have one large sticker that’s used in the background there just to kind of
help set the scene but that’s not critical in this case because there’s a
very good small scale physical build here for the chessboard itself and the
pieces of course it’s not going to show the entire chessboard it’s just a slice
of it but the use of pieces is very good and it just I think captures the scene
well had a pretty proper scale for the Nano figures because they even include a
couple of chess pieces and I’m assuming representing the Kings there as nano
things the little trophy pieces in simply plain white and plain black not
sure if we’ve ever gotten that piece in black before so I’m happy with this this
small in-between corner section which is directly beneath the stone bridge build
is the room with the mirror of Erised set and it is represented as a sticker a
good looking sticker on a 1×2 gold
tile which is I think pretty perfect and they’ve done nice things with the
torches on the sides so again this just works and obviously that’s supposed to
represent the sorcerers or Philosopher’s Stone
I think this final section over here the viaduct entrance complex is my
favourites major section of this entire build it’s not perfect it’s definitely
cut off significantly from the back as I mentioned before there should be many
more structures behind this and there is quite a bit of symmetry at least from
the outside but there’s a lot of variety in the types of building techniques that
are used here and I just like the finished product I like all of this
terrain space how the viaduct bridge system comes right up to it has a little
bit of a landing there as well the depth of all of this the colorfulness of it
with more of the stained-glass technique that’s used all throughout the front of
it another stained-glass ailment up above in the circular opening
with a studs on the side construction there this has in the towers more of the
new printed glass piece so it has some flat segments but overall the whole
thing feels rounded off well enough from any sort of reasonable distance I like
the terrain off to the side has some of the foliage in it that brings in a
little bit of that greenery for a little bit more life and it even has a couple
more of the doors with the nice large stickers that just very look very regal
and grand and those will open towards the inside just a little bit of gapping
in between them but oh just pretty much everything about this I like the look of
and I like the feel of it making matters even better this continues to look
interesting to me around the side and there’s a lot of detail in the interior
and a lot of variety over here on the right is the Gryffindor common room with
some comfy couches and ottoman there and also a chair back in the background in
the corner and over on the left a very large fireplace light does not come
through that very well so you don’t really get a glow in the fire but
there’s a nice hood up above it and it just looks like a good little space the
entryway hall itself is very plain just a couple stickers on either side but
then over here you get a section of library now I think that neither of
these is in the correct location I think neither of these belong anywhere near
this space from what I know of the anatomy of of Hogwarts castle but this
just is a nice looking space it’s very difficult to work at this scale but I
think they did a pretty good job with the stacks representing books and
getting some different texture onto the bookcase there in the center and they’ve
got the chairs that have been pulled up fully underneath I probably would have
gone for tiles for the books that are just sitting out on top but in all it’s
just another good-looking space in my opinion and here again we get the
stained glass effect for the windows which looks absolutely wonderful I think
this actually looks better than the the effect did in the Great Hall because you
can open up those doors and see right through you know it just I don’t know
gives the whole thing a little bit more perspective makes it feel bigger and
makes it feel like there’s more going on that you’re not even seeing right now um
maybe this is part of the reason I felt there was more than you could see
because there is more than you can see you just have to go down a little bit
beneath the Gryffindor common room area this is the potions classroom and I’m
happy that this uses a lot of genuine building this does not rely heavily upon
the stickers that are in the background there the stickers are good the stickers
definitely add but they just add they are not key parts of the the look and
feel and appearance of all of this it’s very funny to me just how much the
nano figures are dwarfed by individual single stud pieces here they look like
they’re huge just he enormous bulk containers or something and the cauldron
is something that could be used as a spa for I don’t know two or three people or
something but now this is good with all the different colors of transparent stud
pieces lined up in the back and everything plenty of seating table space
and you can still get figures in there you mean you do want to have pretty
small fingers to be able to pose nano figures anywhere but the space is open
enough and is definitely usable and last up here is the Room of Requirement
and the key feature here is the vanishing cabinet that is suggested with
just a couple of pieces in black there I think that shape is excellent it’s a
shame that you can’t open that up at all and there’s no hollow space in there to
kind of simulate the action of that mechanism but that’s okay you know I
think that they got enough different stuff in here enough different texture
and if kind of greevil sort of elements and things that represent the exact
items that were seen in these scenes that this is pretty successful the
sticker and the background are the two stickers excuse me three stickers in the
background is one off to the left I forgot about that it’s just a little bit
relatively difficult to see once all everything else is in there those add to
the scene but they’re not key the stars of this scene to me are the physical
pieces and that’s important to me in Lego and I’m glad that they were able to
pull that off and I think this is another well used space that definitely
adds to the appearance of the whole build from the back um a word if I may
about practicality and transportation of this set
you essentially cannot take up the whole thing and move it somewhere that’s not
necessarily that thing it’s a feature not a bug the
designer actually created two structures here on fairly solid basis each they’re
not even connected in the middle with Technic pins there are no pins in there
just some axial pins with the axial sections sticking out so that slot into
some Technic holes on the opposite side you can add in pins if you want to make
this a little bit more secure but they’re still not going to be good
structural strength through that connection no matter what you do unless
you start doing some custom connections up above and quite a lot of it so this
is how this is designed to be managed and it’s great because you can very
easily pick up all of this and move it around you can very easily pick up all
this and move it around neither of them is as strong as a cinder block or
anything you can’t just toss them around there are a lot of small things you can
easily knock off and if you try to grab it from you know either section from
just one corner you’re not going to do well you try to grab it from here no but
you grab it from the base you know just be somewhat reasonable about it and it’s
no problem I had no issues taking this up fly stairs down fly stairs across an
entire house no worries whatsoever it’s pretty easy to move around actually
thanks to this smart design choice splitting it apart also reveals an
easter egg a bonafide easter egg with the devil’s snare back
there i thought originally that death devil snare was going to be behind the
seal for the Chamber of Secrets which is on the other segment but now they just
put it behind this big ugly rock piece because there was a big open space there
and the designer was like hmm let me do something with that
so made a bit of a scene from one of the movies and that’s smart you can’t really
do too much with that a guess you could pose a figure in there if you want
there’s no other access to it but it’s cool I said as an easter egg
there is one thing here that’s not so cool though I am pretty certain that
this viaduct is placed here with an illegal building
technique one that Lego itself does not allow I believe the viaduct itself which
is a sub assembly you do on its own and then place into the rest of the model is
slightly longer than the gap that it fills when I placed it here I had to
actually wedge everything else apart and then when I got it into its final
location everything sprung back together and it was extremely firm much more firm
than seems a reasonable range of tolerance I think a lot of elements are
actually being stressed to get that to fit in there and that’s a bit naughty
this set has a couple of detached bonus builds this is obviously a bit of
Hagrid’s hut and a little bit of his land a little bit of his yard there with
the melon patch and this is nice because it’s well detailed it doesn’t look like
just a couple of nondescript cylinders which easily could have
I appreciate the texture that goes into this and the number of different colors
that are involved even though it’s all mostly earthy and stony and that’s
supposed to represent Eragon there was looking very very pale what happened to
you Aragog then they also did this whomping willow this is pretty cool as
well it’s much more complex then it needed to
be and I appreciate the fact that the complexity is useful you can make this
spin around you can articulate each of the major Bowes the major you know
branches there and you can spin these ends so it kind of can do just about
everything it needs to to have its realistic amount of articulation and it
holds pretty well the Weasleys flying car there represented in the smallest
possible scale pretty much that is very convincing actually surprisingly no it’s
just that the most basic of devil notch triple box car designs it works
for sure this is definitely exceeding
expectations by quite a bit for especially such a small thing they do
have a little suggestion of the entrance to the shrieking Shack on one side I
mentioned early in the video that the set does come with some minifigures and
now we’re going to take a look at those they have this nice little collectible
platform with sticker plaques to show what house each represents because these
are the founders of Hogwarts that gave the houses their names
this is Godric Gryffindor with the sword held that way to represent it being
sheathed with hand on hilt I think it’s a decent look but you can set it up
however you want very good looking figure with you know print across the
hip and legs looks to be pretty well lined up as a strong expression even
with so much of the face being hidden by facial hair hairpiece looks very good in
that dark orange and those the older style of cape and they’re pretty much
gonna leave it on all the time there’s actually some print on the back of the
torso huh alright well that’s cool for something that’s this collectible right
there is a possibility that they will never make a Godric Gryffindor figure
again ever you know it’s it’s possible so I feel like there’s a lot of
collectability to this figure and I’m glad that it’s pretty well done the same
can probably be said for Helga Hufflepuff here out of the four I think
this is my personal favorite I really like the colors for the body and also on
the lower leg slash dress piece you know it’s the more recent parts that they
came out with it attaches better than just a regular slope piece and allows
the legs to be the same length as standard minifig legs Plus this one
around the back is significantly printed that is very nice I appreciate the print
being applied to the concave shaped surface yeah and yet two faces two
useful faces for this character a little bit more of a smile there a little bit
less but still both you know positive this looks good
my Salazar Slytherin figure is missing a piece yes and that does bother me and
I’m not happy about it but it happens I have contacted customer support and
hopefully they’ll be able to send me a replacement caller he’s supposed to have
a basically very very small Cape piece same material separate piece brand-new
cut I believe in black to give him the evil evil collar the evil looking collar
another good-looking figure although with that much beard you do miss a lot
of the torso print actually the hip and leg prints are lined up pretty well on
this one yeah this is this is done pretty well I just wish that I had
gotten all the parts I am gonna call this my personal least favorite of the
four but not by a significant margin and not because he’s Salazar Slytherin it’s
just not as interesting looking of a figure as the others to me just visually
good face though that’s my favorite thing about this figure is the face
print and last up this is Rowena Ravenclaw another well printed one with
the double-sided printing for the robe or dress leg piece with some metallic
printing here as well looks to be lined up pretty well and looks pretty good
from around the back a little bit scuffed in this case but you know that
just happens from stuff moving around in very large boxes with lots and lots of
pieces mm-hmm this looks pretty good the torso print on the back is not of the
utmost quality highest quality but the print for the alternate face looks very
good very and for the main face as well yeah the
torso print is just a little bit off needed a little bit better coverage for
the lighter sections of it but otherwise still a well-designed figure for sure so
is this a pretty impressive set yes is it as good as it could have been no I am
again most disappointed that so little of the key architectural bulk of
Hogwarts castle has been captured at this small scale I really wish that
there was less interior detail I actually could have gone for no interior
detail personally if things were just closed up and maybe 2/3 this size or
this scale rather maybe even half the scale to get a lot more of the actual
structures included so is this gonna be worth your money well your mileage will
of course vary the price part ratio is fantastic on this very difficult to
complain about that although that does have to be tempered with the observation
that there are a ton of 1×1 pieces in this set and not just 1 by 1 bricks but
1 by 1 plates and tiles and such so you know the actual value the actual volume
of stuff that you get relative to what you pay is not as fantastic as the price
part ratio itself suggests in a vacuum but it’s still pretty good compared to
you know other very large models you know collector focused models that we’ve
gotten in recent in recent memory I’m very happy with some of the new pieces
and new prints that we got I love nano figs so I’m just ecstatic to have a
whole handful of new ones of those I think the minifigures that are included
here though they don’t really go you know obviously in terms of scale with
the main build I still think they’re very collectible
we’ll be worth much of the value of the set in the future much of today’s value
of the set in the future will be covered by the prices values of just those many
figures in the future yeah overall I have very mixed feelings about this on
the whole you know individual sections are done very nicely there’s a lot of
good stuff here to be sure a lot of stuff that I’m not so happy with
including the reliance upon so many stickers you know for a $400 u.s. set to
come with so many stickers I get it I understand but I wish I didn’t have to
apply something like 17 it was over 70 stickers in this many of them being
those larger panel pieces I’ll be much happier if Lego eventually comes out
with a Hogwarts castle completion kit that is similar in parts count in order
to give you the rest of the major most important stuff that was intentionally
left out of this one you know like for people who want to
have a model Lego Hogwarts castle to display the whole thing or at least most
of it the build was not too arduous there were some sections that involved a
fair amount of repetition with small pieces that’s annoying to the fingertips
but there wasn’t too much of that there weren’t a lot of really fancy building
techniques that just made me go ah I have learned something today you know
the new pieces certainly helped quite a bit but for the most part it’s mostly
straightforward stuff just takes forever because there are so many pieces I think
I’ve covered most of my initial thoughts about this set at least let me know in
the comments if you have any specific questions about this because there’s
obviously so much to see here so much to think about
there may be enough open questions from viewers that will warrant more follow-up
from me if you know I can do a video that that kind of adds on to this one as
as just an additional you know answer to your questions little session I’d be
happy to do that if there’s a lot of open interest in that otherwise hope
that you’ve enjoyed this look at this set I hope that I have done a decent job
of showing it to you and I’ll be talking to you again soon in my next video bye
for now you

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100 thoughts on “LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle 2018 full review! 71043

  1. Don't have 40 minutes for this video? See the entire castle in just over 5 minutes in my quick overview instead:
    3:03 NOT SUSAN BONES that's an outright mistake by me, wrong house, plain & simple.
    16:23 Is apparently Defense Against Dark Arts, not Transfiguration. Both were moved around & presented differently throughout the movie series and I got twisted up thinking of the huge gramophone used by McGonagal in the traditional transfiguration classroom with the narrow, long table layout as seen in this build (that was in Goblet of Fire). The other props, however, suggest it's specifically Lupin's DADA class from PoA, with the structure just left of the gramophone representing the boggart cabinet. Lupin turns on a smaller gramophone while teaching Riddikulus.
    29:46 I specifically paused & avoided saying "pumpkin" since this is a fictional universe and what he was growing may not have qualified as true pumpkins (Cucurbita pepo cultivars), but may in fact have been convergent varieties from a similar species. I should have said "squash" though instead of "melon." Both are in the same family (which I was banking on), and there are overlaps in characteristics between individuals of the two groups, but both the true and false pumpkins are squash while melons fall under two different genera (which I was not aware of at the time).
    Throughout: THERE IS ONE PIECE MISSING! PART MISSING! One tall cylinder/astromech body in tan fell off the side extension of the Stone Bridge tower in transit and is missing in most of the review as it was so insignificant I didn't notice it.

    Wish the castle was minifig scale? The world's largest Hogwarts MOC used ~400,000 pieces & was 13 feet long per side, but wasn't even 1/2 minifig scale!

    Curious about the viaduct length issue I show at 29:00? Think I must have assembled the whole castle wrong? See this follow-up with proof of the fundamental geometric problem:

    Looking forward to hearing others' thoughts about this 6,000+ piece set!

  2. Wow great video!! And the information about this Lego is very useful 😉 I wonder if u keep this Legos like this!! Cause some of them are huge!! I guess u have enough space at home lol 😁

  3. I told my mom i want this and all about this then she shouted…"WE DONT HAVE ENOUGH MONEY IF WE WILL HAVE MONEY YOU CAN BUY EVERYTHING OR ANYTHING YOU WANT…" im actually confused if im gonna believe that or not but im gonna believe it now you know maybe it will happen😊😊😊🤗🤗🤗my quote for my self…,,,"Believe in myself and you can get everything and anything you want especially that lego harry potter set or more than that…,,,EVERY HARRY POTTER PRODUCTS AND TOYS EVEN THOUGH IM 13 YEARS OLD HARRY POTTER WILL NEVER BE TO CHILDISH FOR ME…,,, HARRY POTTER WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEAD AND IN MY LIFE LIKE MY COMMENT IF YOU LIKE TO BE LIKE ME😊😊😊😊😊😊🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  4. Remember they have to keep the cost down so if they use a part just for one per pose they will have to increase the cost but if they use a part that can be used for a few different areas it would keep the price down

  5. Heyo! I bought this set at the Lego Store at Oakridge Centre, and it looks AWESOME. It probably took a week, but I really recommend asking it for Christmas (which it is today) next year! It has lots of detail and brings everything from the films to this castle. But Umbridge’s office is what I feel like has most detail like there’s Lupin in the set, but Umbridge’s office is still there. I recommend buying this (350 or 400 USD and 500 CAD) now, I bought the 500 CAD one, but you lucky ducks who live in “cheap America” (what we maple syrup people call, or just me.) get to buy it for 100 or 150 less! Put this on your Christmas list for Santa, or your parents. But hey, worth it. It’s really awesome, the detail is amazing with the stained glass and it’s sort of like a mini build. Stickers, design, etc. I’d say 4.5 out of 5 stars since I didn’t get all the mountain pieces the build the rock/dirt thing outside, but with extra lego to use, it wasn’t a big deal. But usually they probably don’t give missing pieces. And lego fans can just use extra lego. 🤷‍♀️But thats not a problem, it’s still a awesome set.

  6. The bathroom at the top of the tower was actually the prefect's bathroom. There is a sticker of a stain glass mermaid which is shown in the fourth book and movie.

  7. I got this set for Christmas and I’m still working on it. I started it yesterday and it looks amazing in real life!

  8. If LEGO did a full minifigure sized and full sized castle it would have 100,000 pieces and cost $5000 to buy and probably take 2 weeks to build.

  9. Hey jang. New subscriber here im done with the whole castle BUT the viaduct is giving me such a headache! Any tips on how to get it to fit??

  10. When I see microfig sets like this and the avengers hellicarrier, I just wonder if it's possible that they might make a set like this for the Death star.

  11. I always feel bad for the graphics designers whenever someone complains about stickers. Printed pieces are cool n all but they still worked really hard on them in order to bring the set that much more to life. I always thought of stickers to be a key part of the build when they started incorporating them into sets and I never really got annoyed by applying them.

  12. JANGBRiCKS, I love your channel, but it's that I feel you haven't even read the books and that the placement of everything (except the chamber of secrets) is accurate to the books and movies. Though they are missing all the house common rooms and dorms, everything is perfect and entirely accurate. So please stop saying that ti's isn't accurate. But you were right about the bathrooms and how LEGO mixed the prefect and revenclaw bathrooms together.

  13. 3:03 Wrong house. I (personally) think that's Ginny Weasley. I'm prepared for the SHE DOESN'T HAVE THE SAME HAIR COLOUR AS RON SO CAN'T BE A WEASLEY comments, but no one else really fits the nanofig representation and book description.
    3:05 That's (in my opinion) actually Parvati Patil, Padma's twin. Padma, although shown to be Gryffindor in the movies, is a Ravenclaw. It could be Dean, but you'll see why I say Parvati when I list the Ravenclaws.
    3:16 In order, those 3 Slytherins (in my opinion) are Gregory Goyle, Blaise Zabini, and Vincent Crabbe.
    3:22 In order, the Hufflepuffs (in my opinion) are Justin Finch-Fletchley, Ernie Macmillan and Cedric Diggory.
    3:26 I (personally) think that the 3 Ravenclaws, in order, are Luna Lovegood, Padma Patil (it makes sense to have both twins, which is why I assumed the other Gryffindor to be Parvati), and Cho Chang.

  14. I get that this is one of those mega sets that are super expensive, but this? for almost $500? Nah fam. It would honestly be more worth the $400 it if it was the entire castle and landscape.

  15. Jang, I just had to say, when I get a LEGO set I some reason want to watch someone reviewing the new LEGO I got. That why I’m glad you’re a youtuber. You are also child friendly and nice. Keep getting legos and a great job

  16. The room you assumed to be the transfiguration classroom is definitely intended to be Defense Against the Dark Arts. The stickers are representing the scene in the second Movie where the celebrity professor releases a bunch of Cornish Pixies, and even includes the dragon skeleton that Neville gets stuck on (if memory serves).

  17. I wonder if in future LEGO will release more of the castle and you'd be able to connect them together? Just a theory.

  18. I've wanted a complete hogwarts set since I was a kid. Perhaps this is the closest to "complete" we'll ever have, but I really wish they focused more on the exterior rather than adding awkward playset features. The abundance of stickers is a put off too. Not sure whether I should get it now.

  19. Disappointing by how incomplete it is, as a huge Lego and Harry Potter fan I would have loved to see accurate depictions. However just to gaze at it is magical

  20. This does not strike me as a 6,000 piece set… great price to part ratio but.. for the price you pay for this you could get the assembly square and another modular building eg. The Parisian restaurant, or the technic bugatti chiron (a stunning model with an awesome box buildng experience etc and a lot less fragilethan this)

  21. I managed to get this a week before release (Joined VIP club for the occasion) and built the set over several days, taking about 14 hours total. I've since dismantled it as there's nowhere for it to be in our crowded house, but once I put another shelf up, i'll be re-building it again. As for the build itself, I'd deviate from the method given, as the final pieces that go on are a little underwhelming. Instead, I'd use bag 1, book one (Founders & Boathouse), then set them aside, then do books 3+4, then go back & finish 1 & 2. This way, the final act is placing Dumbledore's office on top of the tower. Much for satisfying.

    Most of the criticisms about this set are both size & cost. Some are saying the set isn't big enough to properly depict Hogwarts, while others are saying the cost is prohibitive. Well, it's Lego. You can't have it both ways. It's the second largest set (in terms of pieces) they've ever made, second only to the UCS Falcon, so of course it's going to be pricey. You want a larger castle to accomodate full-sized minifigs and to properly depict the caste in its entirety? A set that size would be at least £1750 and no-one would buy it. You wouldn't even be able to lift the box!

    As pointed out, the model doesn;t seem to be complete, with large sections missing that would give an impression of a complete castle. Looking at the section of Castle under the common room/library, that section looks pretty much like the areas of both parts when they joing together (with some embellishments to give the appearance of being underground). I'm of the fervent hope that at some point add-on sets will be released that will complement the overall model, and would include sections omitted for space & cost. However, seeing as they did such a good job of fitting in as much as possible, i'm not sure how well an asdd-on set featuring just the Astronomy tower, greenhouses & possibly the Quidditch pitch, would sell as a set that exists to complement a set that some still see as being prohibitively expensive.

  22. I built a microscale Hogwarts in lego digital designer and it has everything seen in the movies theres even the womping willow located near Hagrids hut

  23. 36:00 The two castles next to each other look great, I'm actually trying to choose which one to buy! Probably going to go for the small one, as it's less than half the price

  24. If you look closely at the stickers you'll find the one he refers to as the transfiguration classroom is actually defence against the dark arts.

  25. This looks awesome to build! I build the castle when I was a kid was way smaller but I loved it. I always got Lego for my birthday as a kid my favourite were the Harry Potter sets wish I still had them no idea what happened to them! I had the Dursley house with the Weasley car was deff one of my favs. I kind of liked the castle I built cuz you could use the regular size figures. But this is definitely amazing

  26. I like this set but there is only a few things that aren't really good

    THE BIGGEST THING! 1. I think that there needs to be less stickers. Like on most of the classrooms the stickers detail the things I know that it is hard to make the details but I mean for a expensive set like this the details should be lego pieces as well. If lego gave those minor details without stickers I would be more willing to buy this set.

    Important!!!! 2. I think there should be more nano figs because and no hagrid?!? he is more important then those random students. Also they could add in more teachers and students because this castle is super big/massive.

    3. I know this is not that important but they could have added a small forest and nano figs that are themed like the giants/the half horse guys and etc.

    4. They need to add the hippogriff I mean they could have added more creatures in nano scale as well

    5. I think that they should color the basilisk as well

    6.They should make hatreds house a bit bigger so figs can fit in it! also next to the house could be the hippogriff and the forest

    7. The doors need to open! also they could make hallways more detailed

    8. The castle needs to be a bit bigger! I know this could sound stupid but I mean that they could add more details if they do that. It could make the price higher but I would rather pay more rather than paying less and getting a not so much detailed piece

    9. Also they could make most of the windows with clear plastic I like clear windows more than sticker windows

    10. not really needed but I think they should put a baseplate because when you are carrying this around the set can break

    11. probably the most hard one to do but they should make special props for the nano figs like in 24:12 look at the size of that potion bottle!

    12. Probably not many people would agree with me but they should make this mining scale! how cool would that be!

  27. The worst mistake ever in harry potter was jk Rowling's idea to include proffeser umbridge as a character

  28. They should make a cheaper part 2 set with the rest of the castle and the quidditch pitch etc, and they could make a forbidden Forest section to go with it and add mini creatures and a nano hagrid and more nano figures of named characters like Ginny, moody, etc.

  29. In honestly not impressed with this set. The only good thing is the exterior, I prefer the original hogwarts sets. Hate the microfigs

  30. I think the castle here is based on the official movie posters. I am looking at mine right now and it an almost perfect likeness. Only missing one tower from the official depictions in the movie posters.

  31. At 16:35 thats the dark arts classroom so its not set right but good try ;p awesome set love it really need to get it for myself

  32. Um, question people. If I got every LEGO Harry Potter set that had a part of hog warts, could I possibly make a mini figure scale hog warts?

  33. Having build this set over the last week, I don't recognize the issues you are mentioning with the viaduct. Maybe they have changed something since the release of this video? It definitely fitted just fine without any stress to the structure.

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