LEGO Harry Potter 2018 Summer sets pictures!

Entertainment Weekly has revaled the LEGO Harry Potter sets for Summer 2018! There’s this surprising Hogwarts Express set, a Quidditch set that looks complete for once, and a better luck at that Whomping Willow
set. Add that to the Great Hall set that has been
revealed, and I think the only one missing is an unseen Direct to Consumer set. What do I think, more specifically? Well, the Hogwarts Express, I hope it’s around 80. I mean, I wish the train had more to it, but the inclusion of an actual platform 9
3 quarters is much welcome. I just love how the builds in this theme are more complete than some other licensed
themes – they’re fantastic and not cutting corners, it’s more akin to LEGO Batman Moviebuilds
than, say, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes builds. The Quidditch set seems to be around 40 bucks, and again, it’s surprising to see a full sized
version that isn’t just 20 bucks or less like the
older ones. I don’t like how it includes the same snape
and Hermoine as the Whomping Willow, and no Hooch! Like, what? Maybe she’s in the CMF series, but still. And for the better look at the Whomping Willow, as I said yeterday, it looks good! Not much else to say here – and correction on yesterday’s video – I get it, it’s Shaymus and Filch. I was thinking it was Filch yesterday, but when I was typing up the video, I saw something say Flinch and I was like, this is probably one I’ve been wrong about
my whole life. Anyways, what do you guys think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. I’ll see you guys later. Peace out, bye.

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